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Quant Network Weekly AMA – 10th of December 2018

Thank you to the team and community for participating and making
the weekly AMA an enjoyable and informative session for everyone!

Q: I have a question about Quants patents. Does anybody know how much of Quants competitive advantage do
they cover? I.e. how likely is it that a competitor could emerge with a different solution to the same problem at
some point? I am not well versed in the field of patents, but it is my basic understanding that patents are region or
country specific. How many regions do Quants patents cover?

A: Ah patents, in my opinion both the existing patents (we are about to do at least one more in the next month or
so) are the only way of achieving that which is required to carry out effective cross chain transactions. Be it the trust
tag tokenisation or the verification block, obviously dealing with cross chain transactions you always have the issue
that a particular transaction set may fork, the verification block fixes this in the only way beyond time locking cross
chain transaction.

Q: Feel free to elaborate on the future of Treaty contacts - I think the question was relating to its impact on the

A: Now what if we have thought of a way of not just doing a contract across the likes of Eth, Tron, EOS etc. But also
giving smart contract functionality across blockchains that don’t support smart contract. Wouldn't that be
something. BTC smart contracts without a fork ...hmmm.

Q: So execute the smart contracts on Overledger, and they do the handling towards the blockchain?

A: Yup.

Q: How is the developer strategy progressing with open source and TechStars-sponsored hackathons?

A: We are engaging a number of large development houses to test out our Hackathons in the first instance, we have
a couple booked for the new year and are looking to put some Quant Certification together.

Q: In October (we maybe) got a US bank client revealed. Two months later it did not happen, which is not a
problem. But is there an update on the situation? Thanks.

A: For those of you working in finance you will know how slow moving some of the internal wheels are at catching
up with the innovators, we are still working with them and are hoping to release the news soon. But we have not
been resting and have ALOT of other very high-profile partnerships in flight.
Q: Are you engaging a lot in China? I think China is adopting crypto pretty well, do you have some contact in China
on Enterprise or Governmental level. Thanks

A: We are engaged with a government project in China, hopefully that will move forward soon. That said we are now
looking at road mapping some of the China focussed DLTs.

Q: Has Quant considered adding Hedera Hashgraph on its roadmap?

A: We have indeed said that the pattern for our community developers to develop connectors will be out very soon,
so let’s build it together.

Q: Are there any Digital Singles from the EU that Quant is pursuing?

A: Gilbert is on the main EU Blockchain committee and is actively pursuing, helping them put their strategy in place.

Q: Is Quant aware of the MyHealthMyData project, could they see a potential collaboration?

A: My Health data is an amazing project we haven't approached them yet but who knows.

Q: GlobalEPIC is an up and coming international committee for cybersecurity initiatives. Do you have any feedback
on this?

A: Funnily enough we feel that a huge area for Overledger use (given our backgrounds) is cybersecurity. JP got over
to Black hat last week and noted the lack of Blockchain solutions. Needless to say, that right now you could use
Overledger to build a myriad of solutions.

Q: Has the team had or is looking to be involved with collaboration with Project Jasper, Ubin, Stela and Bank of
England’s trial for interoperability?

A: Not been involved in those but Gilbert is quite linked in to BoE , We are doing some things with other major
traditional exchanges though.

Q: Talking about health data, is quant planning to build a HL7 FHIR connector?

A: HL7 /FIHR has a number of standards we are looking at which best fits what we are trying to deliver. We may well
partner with existing HL7 providers to enable us to bring this to market in a more efficient way.

Q: Couple of months ago you guys talked about an upcoming Sky News segment, when can we expect more
information on this segment or the possible air date?

A: May be wrong but I believe Gilbert filmed this segment, will find out where they are with it ( as CTO I don’t get out
of the cellar much 🙂 ).
Q: Wow great stuff, any ETA on one of them being released (Partnerships) MOBI and AUCloud where big, and we,
the community loved them :).

A: Mobi is really amazing lots of challenges needing to be solved on that one and thankfully we have most of the

Q: We are aware that you guys have a strong team focused on providing the most seamless and efficient token
ecosystem - but is there any significant updates you can provide us on the details of the architecture? (A detailed
report with visuals would go a long way here) Thanks.

A: Obviously we have them internally, will look at what we can release bearing in mind the sensitivity.

Q: Thanks Colin - appreciate that. Just a bit of caution around the details amongst the community that is all. Have
faith in you guys. Cheers.

A: Sure, I get it. But we have some pretty big fish getting interested in what we are doing so want to retain the value
in our ecosystem 🙂.

Q: Australia is developing the Australian National Blockchain, collaborating with Data61, IBM and Redbelly. Is
there room for Quant to help facilitate cross industry communications, or is the chain purely relying upon the Red
Belly system?

A: Lol we are talking to Data 61 😉 hopefully we will have news soon. Gilbert is heading to Aus next week to finalise
a number of deals.

Q: There was mention of opening a US Office to meet client demand, is this still a priority? Also, you have spoken
about your Australian presence (as well as Loucineh heading there) can you give us some more information about
this? Is it a physical office or just easier to have a team member on the ground in Australia to help faciliate a lot of
Quant's involvement?

A: We are looking at potential US partners, on Aus it is an established office down there, we cover with local partners
and Gilbert spend a lot of time there.

Q: Will the MApp store convert Payments to Quant Tokens or will payments in €, $ etc bypass the quant token so
the token main utility will be ensuring a License to build MApps on Quant?

A: Interesting one we have been speaking to our Lawyers on increased utility, Fiat is a an obvious one, but we are
still working on the other.

Q: Objecttech has pretty solid connections. Putting SSI based solutions in everyday use. Their CEO is active within
the ISO standard. Has objecttech reached out to you? Or vice versa.

A: Not yet but we are at a BSI /ISO meeting tomorrow so will ask the question.
Q: Colin.. What's your favourite classic Nintendo game?

A: Nice, well yesterday I smashed Donkey Kong, but Duck Shoot was always a fave. Oh mand Manic Miner on the

Q: Calastone (based in London) announced in a recent press release they will shift their entire system to
blockchain in May 2019. The shift will see more than 9 million messages a month between those counterparties
completed on blockchain. Overledger would be a great use case for Calastone, de-risking future expenses of
shifting to other blockchains. Have you been in contact with Calastone, and if no, wouldn’t this be a great
opportunity for Overledger?

A: It Would 👍 Thank you for the heads up.

Q: Out of your clients so far, what would you say the most popular ledgers that they are using Bitcoin, Ethereum,
Ripple, Hyperledger, Quorum and IOTA?

A: A lot of them are still in the we don't know phase, although Corda and HL are what we are seeing a lot of.

Q: Colin how do you think Overledger can benefit that important sector for massification of blockchain use as is e-
gaming e-sports?

A: Heck yes would love a Decentralised MUD.

Q: Any more talks with Huobi recently?

A: Talks are still ongoing to be honest that is more in Gilberts realm, I am very tech focused as you may have

Q: With recent Corda Settler updates - does the team see this payment solution as a threat or possible
competitor? Or does Quant see an opportunity to get involved and improve the system?

A: Always see the opportunity, as we do with all the additional similar tech. One ring to bind them!

Q: For clients using Overledger with Ripple and utilising Interledger, what do they see as the main benefits for
doing this?

A: We see ourselves as the rails, the solutions could be many folds. My little black ideas book is overflowing with
potential use cases, but we are concentrating on OL right now. That said with our Dev engagement the use cases are
starting to emerge.
Q: What do you think about Mastercard filing patent on private crypto transactions? Can Overledger support

A: I plead the fifth on that one 😉.

Q: Didn’t you work for MasterCard Colin?

A: May have done 😉.

Q: Do you think the NHS in UK could benefit from use of Overledger to cut costs and improve the system as a

A: Funnily enough was chatting to a Head of IG (information Governance). on that very subject yesterday, not just
about reducing costs which it would but also potential income generation and efficiency benefits all came up.

Q: Last week Gilbert mentioned quantum security. Is this something you are working on atm? Are you familiar
with Quintessence Labs and can their solution work in concert with Overledger? So, bring quantum resilience to
the Overledger OS?

A: Now there is an interesting tie up not something I have looked at yet but wow that does raise some amazing

Q: If I enterprise wants to use Overledger to use blockchain A and Blockchain B. Does the enterprise now have to
hold Quant and also the tokens of said blockchains if said blockchains require you to hold a token for use of the

A: Yes. They need the transactional fee for the write in the underlying DLT although that may not be an issue on a
private chain but either way Quant is required.

Q: You guys had mentioned making a test Chain of your own a few months back. Was there any real need for this
chain, did it provide a solution? In regards to this Chain - is it possible we see the implementation of it
incorporated for Clients and possibly a token swap?

A: Yes, a lot of existing chains just don't have required space for storage of data, so our own chain is starting to look
more of a no brainer.

Q: Where do you see Overledger being useful in a military environment? Apart from security.

A: We can't say too much on this one but Military organisation are seeing the potential benefits. Hence recent
application as discussed previously by Gilbert.
Q: Would you guys be open to building your own exchange?

A: Not something for us at this point I don't think, but with our AML solution and our connectors would be pretty
easy for someone to at least put the functionality together.

Q: Also, second the " exchange " build an atomic swap DEX?

A: Hmm hadn't thought of that 😉.

Q: How are things progressing with Samsung, I know Gilbert mentioned them a couple of weeks ago being
possibly interested in Overledger?

A: Last time I spoke they were trying to organise bringing their team to the UK to speak to us.