Paperboards and Specialty Papers

ITC's Paperboards and Specialty Papers Division is India's largest, technologically advanced and most eco-friendly, paper and paperboards business. The business caters to a wide spectrum of packaging, graphic, communication, writing, printing and specialty paper requirements through its four world-class manufacturing units, 6 sales offices and a network of more than 50 dealers in India, along with an international trade network of 15 distributors / agents. Having pioneered many specialty applications like cigarette tissues, opaque papers, food grade packaging boards and tele-card boards, ITC's Paperboards and Specialty Papers business enjoys market leadership in the value-added paperboards segment, and also has a significant share of the Indian fine papers market. It is the largest exporter of coated boards from India. The largest manufacturer of cigarette tissue in India and continues to be the market leader with a share of 65% of the domestic market. In the growing décor segment, your Company continues to record steady growth with a market share of 26%.Total production of Paper and Paperboards during the year stood at 547,931 tons compared to 469,335 tons during the previous year. Overall sales, including internal transfers, grew by 19% to 549,181 tons, with the value added aperboards growing at a faster pace of 29%. Export turnover for the year grew by 38%. Currently, the business exports to more than 50 countries including UK, UAE, Turkey, Greece, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Iran and Nigeria. Despite inflation in input costs and pricing pressures in the µWriting and Printing¶ paper segment, the business posted a sterling performance driven by higher overall productivity, higher value capture through increased usage of in-house pulp, superior product mix and several cost management initiatives. ITC takes great pride in servicing a large cross-section of industry requirements - from cigarette tissues to FMCG cartons, from electrical insulation papers to gypsum board liners, from decorative laminate base to writing and printing papers and much more. ITC straddles the entire spectrum of paperboards - from 100% virgin, food-grade boards to 100 % recycled boards. Some of ITC's prominent paperboard brands are: Folding Box Boards: Cyber XLPac, Cyber Cypak, Cyber Propac, Cyber XL Premium, Pearl XL Pac

It boasts of equipment supplied by internationally renowned suppliers for pulping processes. Customers are at the core of the business. The production lines for cigarette component papers and communication papers have been upgraded in 2008 to ensure that all products continue to meet exacting international benchmarks.helping ITC turn solid waste recycling positive by consuming more paper waste generated than is generated internally. grades and value added services. paper machines. ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified and meet strict Environment. The Kovai unit is a benchmark in environmental performance . anti-rust papers. This is reflected in the diverse range of products.Solid Bleached Sulphate Boards: Safire Graphik. Fusion Fine Papers: ECF AlfaZap. stronger product that is also environmentally responsible. printing and copier papers segment. Alfa Plus. Safire XL Pac Poly coated boards: Indobev. This unit is BRC certified for food grade boards. The Tribeni unit specializes in fine papers and tissues and the product range from this unit comprises opaque papers for fine printing like the Bible. servicing requirements for both greyback and whiteback recycled boards. medical grade papers. The Bhadrachalam unit manufactures and uses pulp made from light ECF technology using Ozone. poly extrusion coated barrier boards and C2S art boards and brief cards. Currently the unit produces high-end virgin and recycled boards for packaging and graphic applications. Together. as well as fine printing papers With the commissioning of a new wood free paper machine in May 2008. The use of ECF technology significantly reduces the load of toxins in the effluent discharged. The Bollaram unit manufactures specialty boards such as cast coated papers and boards. ITC has made its entry into the writing. The Kovai unit currently focuses entirely on recycled boards. This is done by collecting waste from households and institutions and recycling it at this facility. printing and barrier papers. Hi Brite. . cigarette tissues. Carte Persona Modified Solid Bleached Sulphate Boards: Carte Lumina. Indobarr Recycled boards: Ecoviron. these units produce more than 500000 TPA of paper and paperboards that meet stringent quality requirements across the world. Health and Safety norms. web detection & inspection systems. All four manufacturing units are ISO 9001. There is a strong focus on partnering customers to co-create and deliver superior solutions. ITC has also commissioned a second poly-extrusion in February 2008 to meet the growing requirements of barrier boards. enhancing their competitive advantage. dictionaries. The unit in Bhadrachalam is India's largest integrated pulping and paperboard manufacturing unit. and helps customers get a brighter. Art Maestro. Paperkraft Each of the units specialises in a range of products. decor surface. electrical insulation papers. and finishing & packing lines.

from land that may be otherwise unproductive. besides being a sustainable source of high-quality raw material for the business. an extensive dealer and agent network in India and across the globe enables ITC's Paperboards and Specialty Papers business to reach out to customers in more than a 100 different locations. reusing and recycling. that has been successfully implemented in select locations across central and southern India. zero-solid waste disposal organization leads it to constantly develop ways of reducing. and more recently. and will soon be reaching other locations across the country. corporate and educational institutes. With the division-wide implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in 2009. It embraces the relevant skills and competencies of employees. ITC reaches out directly to consumers with its Wealth Out of Waste (WOW) campaign. ITC has committed to bring larger volumes of its products and more of its operations under credibly certified schemes like FSC. ITC's commitment beyond the market finds a strong expression in the Social and Farm forestry programmes spearheaded by the business. ITC's Paperboards and Specialty Papers business has also been a first-mover in the field of collecting and recycling post-consumer waste from residential localities.000 hectares of planted area stands testimony to ITC's commitment to sustainable forestry. Supporting the cause of clean technology. managers and specialists as well.00. A dedicated network of regional sales offices. More than 1. ITC's focus on being a carbon-positive. These programmes help create unitions of man hours of employment for the rural poor. Ozone bleaching in India. water-positive. . With this membership.The Business' quality philosophy is reflected at every stage . the business will also offer customers an enriched experience through enhanced connectivity and web-access to many of the services that are currently handled offline. Working towards credible certification of its environmentally responsible processes and products. high yielding clones help farmers realize greater yields in a shorter time . ITC has become the first Indian company to become a member of the WWF GFTN programme. ITC's Research and Development efforts in creating disease resistant.from the selection of clones used for growing pulpwood to world-class manufacturing facilities to the finishing and packing lines. ITC is a front-runner in introducing environmentfriendly Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) technology.

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