Name: _____________________________ NO._____ Class: ______ Date: ___________________________ Teacher: _______________ Tutor: __________________ Part I - Listening 1.

Listen to the text and fill in the gaps with the numbers which correspond to the word missing. Old -------------------------- 1 Hair ------------------------- 2 Pets ------------------------- 3 Student --------------------- 4 Mother ---------------------- 5 Lazy ------------------------- 6 They ------------------------- 7 Grandparents --------------- 8 Love ------------------------- 9 Baby -----------------------10 Hi! I’m Bart Simpson and I’m ten years My mum has got blue . I’m the son of Homer and Marge Simpson. . sister Maggie and Evaluation Test 5th grade __________________

and is a good mother. My dad is fat and

My parents have got three children. There’s my sister Lisa, my me. Lisa is eight years old. She is a like me.

My father has got a brother. His name is Herb. He is my uncle. My twin sisters. Their names are Selma and Patty. I have also got my and my cousin Ling. my family and my . are my aunts.

has got two

We have got two pets: a cat and a dog. I

Text and listening support in: Tween 5 By: Areal Editores

Page 1

1. 1. 1. 7._______ Class:_________ Part II – Reading Comprehension Reporter: Good Morning! This is Sky Radio! We have got a special guest today. My birthday is on 23rd November. Miley Cyrus is nineteen years old. 5. our house is very noisy. 4.NO. 6. People call her Hannah Montana. we are all famous! Ah! Ah! Reporter: Have you got brothers or sisters? Miley: Oh yes! I’ve got a big family! I’ve got two half brothers: Christopher and Trace. Minnie Pearl is Miley’s cat. Brandi is Miley’s half brother. one half sister: Brandi. Reporter: Thank you very much for this interview! Miley: you’re welcome! 1 – Write True (T) or False (F) according to the text.Convidado / Young – Jovem All – Todos / Siblings – Irmãos Half – Meio / Live together – Viver Juntos Reporter: What about pets? Have you got any pets? Miley: Yes. Reporter: Have you got a favourite one? Miley: Oh no. how are you? Miley: Hello.Correct the false sentences. 2. Reporter: Hi Miley. but many people call her Hannah Montana. Juicy and Minnie Pearl. Reporter: Oh! You are a very young super star! Your father is a famous singer too. She has got five siblings. Vocabulary box: Guest . good morning! I’m fine. Reporter: How old are you now? Miley: I’m 18 years old. 8. Are there more famous people in your family? Miley: Well. Her father is a famous singer. thank you. Her house is very quiet. Miley hasn’t got pets. I love them 3. We live together with my mother Tish Cyrus and my father Billy Cyrus. we have got three dogs: Loco. and I also have got two younger siblings Braison and Noah. Her name is Miley Cirus. 3. Page 2 .

_______ Class:_________ 2 – Answer the questions about the text. a) What’s your mother’s name? Page 3 .NO. a) How old is Miley? b) What’s Miley’s job? c) When is Miley’s birthday? d) How many half brothers has Miley got? e) Has Miley got younger siblings? f) What’s Miley’s mother’s name? g) Has Miley got pets? 3– Answer the questions about you.

London._______ Class:_________ b) Have you got siblings? Part III – Grammar 1– Complete the sentences with: in or on. 1. Its 3–Match. d) His address is 97 Park Avenue. His 2. My 3. 1. Jenny and Brandon have got a basketball match _____ Saturday. His b) You’re Peter. 6. 2. Portugal has got a match _____ 3rd June. 1. Your 2. a) I’m Hannah. Your e) This is a robot.NO. Its 3. My mother’s birthday is _____ January. His What’s your telephone number? What’s her address? What’s his address? What’s its name? 1 2 3 4 a) Her address is 20 Soho Square. _________________ name is Wall – E. c) My telephone number is 215 779 046. 1. Liverpool. Her 3. Miley has got a concert _____ May. Page 4 . 2. 2– Choose the correct option. London. _________________ best friend is Ana. 1. 3. His 2. _______________ telephone number is 268 780 626. Her c) She’s my friend. 1. Our class has got a test _____ Monday. Her 3. ________________ name is Maria. His 3. b) Its name is Bender the robot. Her d) He’s a student. 5. My birthday is _____ November. Your 2. 4. _______________ address is 28 London Road.

4. Adam is my _______________. Justin is my _______________.NO. Paula is Jack’s _______________. 5. 6.Writing 1– Write a small text about you and your family. 9. Henry is my _______________. 2. Amelia is my _______________. Lucy is Amelia’s _______________.Vocabulary 1– Observe the family tree and complete the sentences. Hugh is my _______________. 8. Picture in: Tween 5 Teacher’s resources – Areal Editores 1. 7. 10. I am Ellen. Paula is my_______________. Part IV ._______ Class:_________ Part IV . 3. Page 5 . Sarah is my _______________. Jack is my_______________.

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