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Students will complete and turn in four journals covering the following topics:

Journal 1: Song selection process, instruments used in the arrangement

Journal 2: Song development/arrangement process
Journal 3: Song development/arrangement process cont’d and revisions
Journal 4: Rehearsal process

Afterwards, the following rubric will be used for grading the final result:

Incomplete Unsatisfactory Satisfactory Exemplary

Song choice No song is chosen, A song is chosen but Chosen song has Chosen song is
or the song is differs from Christmas themes identified as a
inappropriate for traditional but is not holiday song and
this setting (0 Christmas music (1 recognized is associated with
points) point) primarily as a the theme (3
holiday song (2 points)
Arrangement No arranging has All instruments are There is some Each part is
taken place, or the playing the same diversity between unique and
song is an exact part (1 point) the parts but contributes to the
copy of the original harmony and overall effect of
arrangement (0 individuality the piece (3
points) between the parts points)
is limited (2
Instruments No instruments Instruments used One concert No concert
used in the are mostly instrument is used instruments
performance (0 traditional concert in a setting that is (other than those
points) instruments (1 not completely necessary) are
point) necessary (2 used (3 points)
Preparedness Students were not Students show Students have Students make
prepared in any way obvious lack of practiced the little to no errors
for the performance preparation, more performance but in the
(0 points) incorrect notes than still make performance and
correct, incorrect occasional errors show obvious
rhythms, incorrect (2 points) preparation of
lyrics (1 point) the piece (3
Use of music Students use music Students do not
in the performance use music for the
(0 points) performance (1
Journal No journals Journals are Journals are Journals are
entries submitted (0 points) submitted but are somewhat detailed and are
vague and do not go detailed but still descriptive of the
into detail about the fail to fully explain creative process
preparation process the creative leading up to the
(1 point) process leading up performance (3
to the points)
performance (2