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Harvesting Solar Energy

Overview of Systems,
options and benefits of
Solar Energy Systems

By:John Miggins
Harvest Solar Energy
“renewable solutions to everyday needs” 1
Solar Energy Potential
All Energy is Solar Energy, Let’s harvest it directly, use it
for providing comfort via Energy, Hot Water, Heating, etc.

Enough solar energy hits the earth in one hour to power the world
for a year! This is a fantastic renewable, clean resource, how
can we use it for our advantage. 2
Typical Home Energy Use
CFL Light bulbs
Solar Air Heaters
Plug strips-
Passive Solar Heating
Programmable Thermostat
Energy efficient heaters,
DC and AC Solar Systems Insulation-Radiant Barrier
Off-grid or Grid-Tie Solar Windows
Energy Audit

Solar Hot Water Systems Cool Attic- Attic Fans

Kits or Turn-key Cool Roof
Tax credits! Tight Envelope
30% on Hot water & Solar Geothermal/ energy
Electric Systems efficient Cooling
Ask about our $7500 tax Whole house fan
Credit Savings Program

Harvest Solar Energy Products and Strategies for Real

Energy Savings 3
Solar & Wind Hybrid
Systems 4
Solar System Components

aSolar Panels
aCharge Controllers-
fusing, wiring
aWiring, grounding
aMonitoring 5
Solar Panel Considerations

a Type - mono, poly, amorphous, ribbon, bipv,

concentrated, silicon or copper based
a Function to generate POWER - move electrons
a Density - wattage per square foot
a Efficiency - conversion of light to energy
a Durability - withstand the elements
a Physical properties, heat tolerance, mounting, wiring,
grounding, spacing
a Appearance, form and function, dual use deployment
a Manufacturer and availability, warranty, useful life 6
Grid tie Solar Systems

aEasiest type of solar electric system, no

batteries or maintenance required
aSolar Panels, mounting, wiring/fusing, inverters
DC to AC, 95% efficient
aSense grid, if it goes down your system goes
aCost 7 to 10.00 per watt, minimum size of 1250
watts for around $12,000 installed
aTax Credit of $2000 for homeowners, 30% for
business owners- though 2008 7
Solar Hot Water
a Solar water heating and air heating is the most effective
and economical use of solar energy.
a Drainback Solar Hot water systems provide 85% of your
hot water
a Systems start at $2500 and typically cost $3500 to
$4500 installed.
a Savings of $30 to $75 per month, Last 15 to 20 years.
a The Sun is an effective source of heat for water for
home, pools, hot tubs and process heat
a $2000 tax credit through 2008 for homeowners, 30%
unlimited tax credit for business 8
Solar Hot Water 9
Solar Pool Heating

aSolar Pool heating extends swimming season by

2 to 3 months
ablack polyethelene panels use sun energy
directly to heat pool water
acan raise temp 10 to 14 degrees
a50 to 70% of pool surface area in panels
afacing south, using pool pump, automatic or
avery effective, cost $3500 to $5000 10
Solar Air Heating

aVery effective heating source

aUses solar energy directly to heat home
ablack metal box that you blow air through
aHeat in day, insulate well to preserve it
aCan be a home made appliance
aBuild into the home walls via tromble wall or
thermal windows facing south
aUse the sun when you need it and keep it out
when you don’t 11
Solar Air Heating 12
Solar Water Pumping

aHigh efficiency pumps can replace AC pumps

which are energy hogs DC is more efficient
aPump direct, may need a battery system for 24
hour pumping,
aideal for livestock, ponds, aerators, cabins,
aAlso solar pool pumps to replace AC pool pumps
which are also energy hogs
aTax Credits, Grants for rural properties 13
Top Ten Energy Smart
a Solar Hot Water for lasting energy savings
a Energy Efficient Lighting
a Radiant Barrier- Reduce attic temperature
a Attic Fans
a Skylights-Tubular and traditional
a Solar Air Heaters
a Plug strips-timers/Programmable Thermostat
a Insulation/Windows
a Passive Design to optimize the solar contribution
a Thermal Shades to block unwanted sunlight 14
Putting it all together

a Solar Energy is easy to harvest, directly, indirectly and

make environmental, economic and sustainable sense
a Grid tie is easiest- $7 to $8.00 per watt
a Battery based systems are also available for back-up or
remote applications, gate openers, attic fans, pumping
a What you spend will insulate you from higher energy
bills in the future and make a statement for renewable
energy now and in the future
a Aesthetics, Function, Color, simplicity, we can do it all.
a Go Solar now and REAP the benefits for 25 years 15
Harvest Solar $2000 Tax Credit

aEnergy Audit to determine needs

aSolar Hot Water Heater or Solar Electric System
aAttic Fans
aRadiant Barrier-Insulation for attic
aSkylights for lighting and venting
aProgrammable Thermostats
aLight Bulb Package
aWhole House fan 16