WORKS JACOB BEHMEN, |. ‘The Teutonic Theofopher. VOLUME L CONTAINING, I. THE AURORA. IL THE THREE PRINCIPLES. To which is prefixed, . The Life of the Author. With Ficurss, illuftrating his Princreies, left by the Reverend Wittram Law, M.A. ’ LONDON, Printed for M, Ricuaxrpson, in Pater-nofter Row. MDCCLXIV, OP S33 42 | APB OSI Ty Ang whol of willing ob reper y Mibeople Lbames erde; Mo Loge Vise hi She ; hard fll ia al, en Webdoms voles array Vs Povoret Jhon of rirnee Mero walay. LF yd : / 5 Ghck (pig, nol nbighiten, ho Mog, bras! Khe beighid ai aziths of hateved vase’ prefbard “ pot: Mise consul big Pbehmens Sacre) page, foon whane divine inihruclan fens, ) ‘a1 © ie a - : a aa White Pagel Garniig Manders far than ee i g .or Chih an) tuay a Ge raid pressed; 7 Mal spark trom —_ whek o ad iA Wb seed harreGl ard fnonr Nex Onigtn, © Js uenche 1K Opdarsony fiorerni Gre, Weck here enlighiond a adh brighted Kay» Mw koid Kat fount prodeme, milich pa lar Souls be whimn bralhy, Lh Vim Mhal. Where Frace Mine, hour buttewton yHon, | Wihlout share 26d, 200 vearehing on Fan; Lome peivial spit, and pour a Any Vig inprring Cy8l, tale one Meads; ¢ . UWF awk Mei gtbemny abe of bangs, We may hey yreds tnpertanf Usfoeny Carn, 2 Uahel ve hnort bai hethg foom an infil Keamlaye, Wlisporing foam vstlirs « f “ADVERTISEMENT. ACH Volume of the Works of Yacob Bebmen will be illuftrated with Figures, left by the Reverend Mr. Law, He had begun a Dialogue, to be prefixed as an Introduction, which was left unfinifhed. But the ineftimable Fragment, now publithed, will fufficiently anfwer the Defign of the Whole, as it givesaclear, though concife Character of this divinely illuminated Writer. It is proper to obferve, that in the Tranflation of thefe Writings, where it is difficult at firft to underftand fome of the Words, fy- nonymous Expreffions are placed in the Margin, and fometimes betwixt two Semiquadratures [ ] in the Body of the Work.