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Copy Controls are short programs that are used when copying from one document to

another. They consist of programs known as routines that inform the system how the
data is to be copied from the source document to the target document.

 Copy controls are setup at three levels of the sales order:-Header level, Item level
and Schedule line level.
 The Schedule line level is only relevant when copying from sales order to sales
order or from billing doc to sales order.
 The Header Copy Routines are used to copy data from the Header of the Source
document to the Header of the Target document. A number of copy routines are
required; one for General Header data, one for Partner data, etc.
 Copy controls for the item level can be accessed by opening the ‘Item’ folder in the
dialog structure and selecting an item category from the’ Display View “Item”:
Overview’ screen. Again there are several routines used here for the item level copy
controls. F1 help can be utilized to get a better understanding on how each routine is
Following T.code is using copy .control:
 VTAA=copying from sales order to sales order
 VTLA=copying from sales order to delivery
 VTFL=copying from delivery to billing
 VTFF=copying from billing doc to billing doc
 VTAF=copying from billing doc to sales order
 VTFA=copying from sales order to billing doc

A) Multiple order of a one customer. Require single Delivery and multiple invoices:
1. Ship to party must be same in all Sales Orders
2. Shipping point must be same for all of them.
3. Incoterms should also be same.
5. Confirmed quantity date at schedule line level
6. Delivery Priority
If all the above parameters are same then you can go to T. Code: VL10A and execute.
T. Code: VOV8
Maintain "Delivery Type (LF)" and "Billing Type"(F2) in to your Sales Doc. Type.
T. Code: XD02
In Customer Master, mark the Box: Order Combination, as "ticked".
T. Code: VTLA (Copy-Control settings b/w Sales Order-to-Delivery)
At Item-level, for your Item Category (TAN), maintain entry in Field: Order requirement as "101
Single Order, Multiple Deliveries and multiple invoices.
B) One sales order multiple delivery single billing:
1. Create sales order(VA01)
2. Create delivery(Vl01n)
3. Maintain split profile(OVDSP)
4. Maintain delivery split(VLSP)
5. Maintain PGI separately of each delivery created by delivery split(VL02N)
6. Maintain copying from delivery to billing(VTFL)
Choose=F2, LFselect the line itemclick ITEMhere choose TANselect
Data VBRK/VBRP=003(single invoice)
Choose=F2, LFselect the line itemclick HEADERhere in reference no=E
(Current billing document number)then Save
7. Go to cumulative Bill (VF04)fill up following parameters and execute:
 Sales Organization
 Distribution Channel
 Division
 Shipping Point