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Inputs Throughputs Outputs Product-market or Outcomes


Materials The food product Positioning CUSTOMERS:

a. Ingredients from -glutinuos rice flour will be called as -innovative and new -Repeat customers
the market -food coloring Mochichi balls product -Customers who
-sugar available in different -with affordable promote the
-sesame seeds colors which match price products
-different fillings various fillings inside -satisfying taste -Satisfied and
b. Packaging the Mochichi. -available anytime fulfilled customers
Materials -Wax paper
-Hotdog Tray
-Plastic Wrap
-Sticker paper for
Money Packaging Quality Specification:
-capital will come -Bite servings will be -Visually Pleasing
from each partner’s serve in wax papers with different colors
contribution with the logo in it -Soft and fluffy
and toothpicks texture
-additional working -2 or more Mochichi -Covered with
capital will be balls will be serve in sesame seeds,
generated from a hot dog tray coconut flakes, &
profit (optional to wrap it sugar grains
with plastic wrap) -Mouth-watering
with logo in it. A fillings that melts
toothpick is also inside the mouth
included. (Peanut butter,
yema, cheese, ube,
chocolate, cocojam,
marshmallow, &
Manpower Place: Quantity
-skill based Expectations:
management of the Inside the Trece
members Martires Ciry Target Quantity sold
-manual operations National High School (TQS)
to be done by the (TMCNHS)-Main Daily TQS – 150 pcs
members Campus in Brgy. San Weekly TQS – 750
-Planning and Agustin, Trece pcs
development Martires City, Cavite. Monthly TQS – 3000
Management -risk management People Delivery
-supervision and -Direct and Personal
control of the People involved in Selling
subordinates the production: -Face-to-face
-worker motivation The partners in this transactions
-planning, business -Room-to-room
organizing, staffing, Target market are selling
directing and the student, faculty
controlling members, and
academe staffs of
Methods -Procedures from Promotion Affordability
knowledgeable -Affordable for
about the recipe Personal selling students, teachers,
-Preparing the Online Social Media academe members
materials and inputs Flyers, Brochures and outsiders
before the process and Business Cards -The price is worth it
-Process control for the quality of
-Evaluation of all the Mochichi balls
-Documentation for
Pricing Impact
-To be reflected
-The price of the through surveys
product will be cost- -Our Mochichi
based considering should gain the ff:
the cost as well as *patroners;
the expenses used in *customers who
the production. wants to try every
- It will also be flavors and spread
priced with Mark-up awareness about the
pricing strategy. product
*A good familiarity
to every potential
*attractiveness to
new customers
*good market
position against
competitors in the