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Significance of the study

This study is of vital importance for this will provide benefits to the following groups or


Cavite State University Administration and Faculty This study will help the institution

to provide a good a quality instruction to its students as it will provide significant information that

is useful in order to assist and give their students the knowledge they needed to become proficient

in their field of chosen course.

Students. Through this study, college students will be able to grasp appropriate insights

concerning their needed knowledge for them to become proficient of their chosen field especially

in accountancy. And to encourage potential accountancy students without giving the utmost

consideration of their mathematical ability.

Parents and Guardians. The result of this study can help them understand more how to

prepare their children in becoming a college student in the future, as to the skills they needed. In

addition, understanding the course and motivating the children will be helpful in the parent and

guardian’s assistance.

Researchers. The study shall provide significant information to further studies to be

conducted where researchers can also improve this research or include some parts of this study in

the review of related literature.

Scope and Limitation

In the study, the relationship of the Mathematical Ability and accounting proficiency of

undergraduates of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy in Cavite State Main Campus in Brgy.

Bancod, Indang, Cavite will be determined through the questionnaires which are to be provided
by the researchers personally. The goal of the study is to select 50 respondents by random sampling

wherein the samples need to have knowledge about accounting proficiency and mathematical

ability that will be reflected on the results score of the participants. After the data gathering, scores

will be evaluated using the statistical tools appropriate for the objectives of the study. The

significant difference between the accounting proficiency considering factors such as socio-

demographic profile of students is beyond the scope and will not be given any focus.

Definition of Terms

Accountancy proficiency

Accounting terms



Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSA)

Financial statement analysis

Financial statements

Mathematical Ability