LETTERHEAD OF COLLEGE LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION It gives me an immense pleasure in writing a letter of recommendation for SURESHKUMAR V, whom I known for

the past two years and have also taught him subjects like mechanical vibrations in the semester 6 and machine design-2 in the semester 7 .With his determination and hard work I have no doubt that he will thrive in all his endeavors. He has a very systematic orientation for academics and is extremely thorough in his knowledge and approach to it. Suresh has always been an active participant in my classes and always come up with innovative ideas on issues I used to pose in my practical classes. His thinking is methodical and reasonable and he analyzes problems with an open and unbiased frame of mind. He has met all the challenges of the curriculum with skillful resolve and has come out with flying colors. His performance in class has been of a high order and he has shown dedication and a serious interest in his subjects. He has always completed his assignments on time and shown his individuality in them. I also had the opportunity to analyze his attitude in general when I was incharge of my students during a day-long industrial visit to the Reliance power plant (Dahanu , Maharashtra) adhering to the subject of thermal engineering .All throughout the visit, he was extremely diligent and meticulous during the seminar conducted by business officials. He was a keen observer and used to pose intelligent questions to the organizational staff at the place of visit. On the other hand, he was full of zeal, zest and enchanted when it came to sight seeing. He is serious about his studies and knows his priorities but this does not stop him from having his share of fun. He has been well behaved in all of the industrial visits organized and prepared concise reports on the same as part of the course work. For the past year, Suresh has been a strong and a reliable link between the teachers and his peers. Having won the trust of his peers, and recognition from his teachers, he has set a baseline for future students. He is immensely self-motivated and confident and has shown good promise at every opportunity. His communication skills are excellent and he is flexible in approach, retaining his positive outlook under all circumstances. He is actively involved in sports like football and also active in organizing events during college fests. He has represented our college in football for over a year now. To round up, Suresh has a well-groomed personality, specific focus for his future and is a team-person to the core. With his firm academic credentials, I strongly believe that he will be a perfect fit for the program. And it is with this belief and my experience in this profession that I recommend him to the graduate school at your reputed University.

LOR 113 - 1

etc Qualifications if Masters or above with proper degree name and name of subject Designation – Department LOR 113 . Sign of Professor Name with title like Dr.1 .LETTERHEAD OF COLLEGE Yours faithfully.