Social Marketing: Times of India's 'Teach India' Campaign

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This case is about The Times of India's (ToI) social marketing initiatives. Though TOI was one of the largest circulated newspapers in the Abstract:was world, it criticized for promoting 'yellow journalism'. In order to build its brand image, TOI adopted a social marketing strategy and projected itself as an agent of social change by launching a series of social campaigns highlighting social issues. One of them was 'Teach India'. The 'Teach India' campaign was launched on July 6, 2008, with the

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experts remained divided in their opinion on whether TOI had adopted a genuine approach to initiating social changes in India or whether it was just a marketing gimmick to enhance the brand image of the Times Group Issues: This case study was compiled from published sources.objective of providing education to the unprivileged children in India and eradicating illiteracy. To execute the campaign. India would not be able to lead unless its populace was literate and that there was a need for citizens to come forward and contribute to the cause. and is intended to be used as a basis for class discussion. The campaign was divided into two phases. The campaign was inspired by TOI's earlier initiative 'Lead India' launched in August 2007. outdoor and on-ground events. The campaign was promoted through print. » Understand various issues and challenges is social marketing. Nor is it a primary information source. schools. It is not intended to illustrate either effective or ineffective handling of a management situation. It was for this purpose that the Teach India campaign was launched. TOI tied up with select NGOs in the field of education in multiple cities across India. The second phase. The first phase invited citizens of the country to volunteer with a non-government organization (NGO) in their locality and spend two hours a week teaching underprivileged children. According to the feedback received from the 'Lead India' campaign. television. online. selected students from top educational institutes all over the country who were willing to dedicate two years to teaching the underprivileged. Corporations. which started at the end of 2008. While the campaign won some of the most prestigious advertising awards. . and social organizations also lent their support to the campaign.

It transformed a nation into a gigantic classroom [. Integrated viral campaign. » Understand the role of cause-related marketing in enhancing brand image. Times of India. Corporate social responsibility. Marketing gimmick."3 . Newspaper industry. Brand awareness. It has given ordinary Indians the unique and spontaneous chance to channel their willingness and desire to do something good for the country through volunteering.» Study the social marketing campaigns launched by ToI and analyze whether ToI was successful in achieving the objectives of its campaigns. 'Lead India' Campaign. Digital marketing..Next Page>> Teach India was a campaign that touched a chord in the lives of millions of educated people allowing them to make the constitutional right of every Indian child to an education a reality.Media Asia2. India Social Marketing: Times of India's 'Teach India' Campaign . » Explore ways to make the Teach India initiative could be made sustainable Contents: Introduction About Times of India Earlier Campaigns The 'Teach India' Campaign Results Great Social Marketing or Just a Marketing Gimmick? Looking Ahead Exhibits Keywords: Page No. 1 2 3 6 8 9 11 12 Social marketing. 'Teach India' campaign..]"1 . "Teach India is certainly the largest campaign of its kind. in October 2009.

Adeline Aubry.Yahoo! Salutes the Power of a Big Idea That Turned Nation into a Huge 2009. etc. exaggerating news events. The magazine focuses on news about the media. It was launched on November 3. and filmrelated news rather than taking care of the deteriorating quality of its content. celebrity articles. in Mumbai by a British syndicate as 'Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce'. 4] The New York American Marketing Association gives the EFFIE Awards to outstanding achievers in the field of advertising. 3] "'Teach India': One of the Largest Campaigns of its Kind. Media Asia is a magazine owned by UK's leading independently-owned publishing group Haymarket Publishing Ltd. 2009.. Introduction On December 16. TOI was concentrating on efforts like introducing colored the Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce was merged with the Bombay Standard and Chronicle of Western India to form the Bombay Times & Standard. The 'Teach India' Campaign . TOI was criticized for promoting 'yellow journalism' by sensationalizing news. July 31." www... About Times of India The TOI is a reputed English-language daily newspaper in India. In 1859. Critics charged that in a bid to improve its circulation. United Nations Volunteers India Program Officer. 2] Started in 1974. Earlier Campaigns During the mid-1990s. October 5.Next Page >> 1] "Let's Learn To Teach . leading Indian English daily The Times of India's (TOI) 'Teach India Let's Learn to Teach' (Teach India) campaign won the prestigious Grand Effie4 award for the Best Integrated Campaign of the Year.. in July. Social Marketing: Times of India's 'Teach India' Campaign . promoting its own brands. 1838. and the marketing and advertising community in the Asia-Pacific region. plagiarism. 2008." www.

Looking Ahead The success of the Teach India campaign in 2008 led to its revival in 2009... The campaign was launched on July 6. It was divided into two phases.. it took four months for TOI to develop the Teach India program. and Ahmedabad. The Teach For India program planned to cover smaller cities like Lucknow. Of these. to teach for two years in under-resourced schools. Jaipur. Results According to the Times Group.Although the idea to launch the campaign was initiated in 2007. the "Teach India campaign had already brought many changes. Teach For India recruited outstanding college graduates and young professionals... Exhibits the program. the 'Teach India' campaign created a lot of buzz and within three weeks of the program being launched in July 2008. 55. .. a total of 88. A volunteer of Teach India Joshua Immanuel. other than major metro cities.. from all academic majors and careers. 2008. Some social activists commended the campaign for its noble cause and opined that TOI had adopted a genuine approach in initiating social changes in India which was more than just a marketing campaign. said. Starting with Mumbai and Pune.710 people had responded..035 applied for Great Social Marketing or Just a Marketing Gimmick? Experts remained divided in their opinions regarding the 'Teach India' campaign. The registration process for the second phase of the campaign began in December 2008 and continued till February 2009.