Spiritual Valor

by Keesha Michelle Washington

There are certain personality qualities that set a highly evolved spiritual being apart from the average person, and that is they that are exemplary and not bound by the egoic lust for power and external control. They reflect qualities that allow them to be both rooted in the presence moment, yet maintain the higher dimensions based on ONENESS. The highly evolved person has learned to incorporate these high dimensional qualities in their given personality, and it becomes really obvious from their vibration that COMPASSION, SELF CONTROL, DISCIPLINE, GENTLENESS, COOPERATION, HONOR, CREATIVITY, INTEGRITY and REVERANCE are at the center of both their thought process and behavior towards other. Although we as healers and teachers have these wonderful gifts, we must always keep in mind our character development. I believe self check should be a regular part of our spiritual devotion. In my estimation, it will benefit us if we ask ourselves on a daily basis the following questions: Are we honorable people? Is EVERY aspect of our life CONGRUENT with what we claim ourselves to be, or do we pick and choose which face we show? Do we have the ability to acknowledge when we were wrong or have wronged? Do we carry and air of arrogance, smugness and self righteousness? Are we still in bound by this system of competitiveness, and comparing, blame and jealousy? Are we still lured in to fits of anger and destruction? Do we set appropriate boundaries? Do we respect others boundaries? Our psychic gifts and healing capabilities are severely limited if our character is still geared towards external power and control, people will vibrational sense the core behind our words and behavior, they will know if we are the TRUTH. Whether we eminent self control, whether we are a trust worthy people, whether we are a courageous person rooted in Universal Principles and wisdom or if our words are merely a hallow replication of wisdom yet grasped from within. Our creativity will be block to a certain extent until we unbound ourselves from these lower vibrational tendencies; we will grasp for greater acknowledgement, yet find it to be elusive, slipping through our fingers because we have yet to understand that creativity and the acknowledge that we seek must be earned by going within and releasing the hardness of our character. This is my daily quest to be my highest ideal of myself and a delegate for Agape love. Something to think about, what are your thoughts?

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©Keesha Michelle Washington 2010, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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