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Time Allowed: Two Hours Maximum Marks:60
This booklet contains 10 pages. Do not open this Test Booklet until you are asked to do so

Important Instructions:

1. The answer sheet is inside this Test Booklet. When you are directed to open the test
booklet, take out the answer sheet and fill in the particulars on side-1 and side-2 carefully
with blue/black ball point pen only.
2. The Test Booklet contains 60 questions divided into three sections A, B and C. A candidate is
required to attempt all the three sections. There are 24 questions in section A, 18 questions
each in sections B and C.
3. All the three sections contain Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). Some of the questions are
passage based MCQs whereas others are standalone MCQs. Each of these questions have
four options out of which only ONE option is correct. A candidate has to select the correct
option and fill the corresponding number in the answer sheet against the question.
4. Each question carries one mark. For each correct response, the candidate will be given one
mark. There is no negative marking for any of the questions and un attempted question
earns no mark.
5. On completion of the test, the candidate MUST HANDOVER THE ANSWER SHEET TO THE
INVIGILATOR in the room/hall. The candidates are allowed to take away this Test Booklet
with them.
6. The candidates should not leave the examination hall without handing over their answer
sheet to the Invigilator on duty and sign the attendance sheet. Cases where a candidate
has not signed the attendance sheet or the answer sheet has not been handed over shall
be dealt as an unfair means case.
7. Use blue/black ball point pen only for writing particulars on this page and writing or
marking responses on answer sheet.
8. The candidates should ensure that the answer sheet is not folded or damaged. Do not make
any stray marks on the answer sheet.
9. The candidates are governed by all rules and regulations of the board with regard to their
conduct in the examination hall. All cases of unfair means will be dealt with as per rules
and regulations of the board.

Roll No :………………………………………………………………

Candidate’s Name:………………………………………………………………

Candidate’s Signature:………………………………………………………..Invigilator’s Signature…………………..

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Note:- This section of the question paper contains 24 questions in English Language.
A student is required to attempt all the 24 questions.

Fill in the blank in each sentence with appropriate conjunctions from the given
Q1) Success _____________ failure are part and parcel of life.
(a) whereas

Q2) He ___________ stood first in academics ___________ also won the gold medal
in sports.
(a) either …. Or (b)neither… nor
(c)Not only …. But (d)just as… so

Q3)My sister designed an exclusive dress____________ for me.

(a) specially (b)especially
(c)particularly (d)mainly

Q4) Tick the correct antonyms for the ‘bold’ words in the following passages.

(i) Suddenly I heard a (ii)curiousnoise like that of (iii) many people (iv) cheering.
All the men and children were (v) following the most (vi) extraordinary woman. She
wore a straw hat on the side of her head and her skirt was (vii) long (viii)like a ball

(i)Suddenly:- (a) gradually (b)quickly (c)haphazardly (d)steady

(ii)Curious :- (a)well-known (b)dull (c)bright (d)usual
(iii)Many :- (a) average (b)lots (c)few (d)little
(iv)Cheering:- (a)shouting (b)whispering (c)discouraging (d)encouraging
(v)Following(a) leaving (b)giving (c)refusing (d)granting
(vi) Extraordinary :- (a)unusual (b)common (c)uncommon (d)rare
(vii)long :- (a)squat (b)lean (c)short (d)dwarf
(viii) like : (a) unlike (b)dislike (c) likely (d)warlike
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Q5) Tick the correct synonym for the ‘bold’ words in the following.
Mrs. Barman was (i)worried about the (ii) missing saris all evening. She tried to
(iii)remember (iv)exactly what she had done. She remembered that she had (v)
looked at the saris while she was having coffee at the (vi)store.
(i)worried:- (a)concerned (b)unconcerned (c)thinking (d)wandered.
(ii)missing:- (a)lacking (b)unfound (c)lost (d)founded
(iii)remember :- (a)remind (b)recall (c)revisit (d)rework.
(iv)exactly :- (a)exactly (b)assuredly (c)precisely (d)imprecisely.
(v)lookedat :- (a)examined (b)found (c)sorted (d)searched
(vi)Store :- (a)godown (b) lodge (c)coffee bar (d)shop

Directions: fill up the blanks in the following sentences with the most appropriate
Q6)The lion seemed to be proud of his ____________.
(a)main (b)mane (c) mine (d) name

Q7)My uncle is renowned _____________.

(a)lawyer (b)liar (c) lier (d) layer

Q8). Will you ___________ this letter immediately.

(a)male (b)mail (c) mile (d) mall

Q9).SouravGanguly is a ____________ captain of the Indian Cricket team.

(a)former (b)farmer (c) both (d) none of these

Q10).She is very ____________ to me.

(a)deer (b)dear. (c) dare (d) none of these

Q11). The water is boiling in the ______________

(a)cattle (b) kettle. (c) both (d) none of these

Q12).Have you ___________ the Ajanta and Ellora caves.

(a)seen (b)scene. (c) sin (d) none of these

Q13). I could not ____________ my friend in the office.

(a)meet (b)meat (c) met (d) none of these

Q14).He died for a ____________ cause.

(a)novel (c) naval (c)noble (d) nobel

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Q15)That was a ____________ thing to do.
(a)wicket (b)wicked (c) vicket (d) vicked

Read the following passage carefully and select the option you consider the most
appropriate for the question.
The amount of moisture present in air is called humidity. When from the waterbodies
and land evaporates , it gets converted into the water vapour. Humidity depends on
temperature. Thus, when the temperature is high, humidity also increases and vice-
versa. When humidity is high, the weather becomes sultry and uncomfortable as the
sweat does not evaporate easily from the body.
Q16)The theme of the passage is
(a)weather (b)humidity
(c)temperature (d)water.

Q17)”Formation of water vapour is not possible unless evaporation takes place”.

(a)true (b)probably true
(c)false (d)probably false

Q18)When body sweat does not evaporate easily, it gets uncomfortable. What will
cause the situation to charge?
(a)nothing can change the situation.
(b)high humidity.
(c)low humidity.
(d)none of these.

Q19) The antonym of the word uncomfortable is

(a)sleepy (b)easy.
(c)luxurious (d)comfortable.

Read the following passage and pick out the correct spellingfrom the options given
in ‘bold’.

The case before the jugge in a New York courtroom that morning of 1866,was
xtraordinary. One of the wellthiesst men of New York was standing in favor of a
horse! The horse owner, a cab driver was angry and beewildered .he felt he had
done no wrong in craking his whip on his horse.
Q20) (a) judge (b)jugge (c)juddge (d)gudge.
Q21) (a)extrordinary (b)ixtraordinary (c)extraordinary (d) extriodinary
Q22) (a)wellthiest (b)wealthiest (c)welltheist (d)weallthiest
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Q23) a)bewildered (b)bewuldered (c)beeewildered (d)bewilldered
Q24) (a) cracking (b)crackling (c) craking (d)craceking

Question (25 -41)Read the following passage and answer the question that follow-
QutbuddinAibak is known as the founder of the slave or Mamluk dynasty . They were
called as slave kings because their Sultans themselves were slaves/.They had risen
and had earned reputation for courage fighting skills and organizational
abilities.QutubuddinAibak was one such trusted slave-general of MuhammedGhori
.After Ghori’s death ,Aibak set up an independent kingdom with its headquarters at
Lahore and thus laid the foundation of the delhi Sultanate.
QutubuddinAibak was succeeded by Iltutmish. He made delhi his capital. Iltutmish ,
by his diplomatic skills saved himself and his kingdom from the wrath of Chenghiz
Khan and the Mongol hordes. Iltutmish organized his Government and made several
reforms .First he organized the ruling nobility known as Chalisa. He divided his empire
into numerous parts calledIqtas .These were assigned to nobles He introduced silver
coins called tanka and copper coins called Jital. Iltutmish chose his daughter Razia as
his successor instead of his son in view of her abilities to become a ruler.

Q25).QutbuddinAibak was the General of –

a) Iltutmish b)Chenghiz Khan

c)Mamluk d)Muhammad Ghori

Q26).the founder of the slave dynasty was
a)Mongol b)QutbuddinAibak
c)Ghori d)Razia

Q27).The slave dynasty rose to the position of Sultans because –

a)they were descendents of kings b)they had gained wealth.
c)they were courageous , had fighting skills and organisational abilities
d)they were independent.

Q28).Iltutmish came into power after-

a)Ghori b)Mongols
c)QutbuddinAibak d)Chengiz Khan

Q29).Who was the first woman ruler who ruled the Sultanate after Iltutmish?

a)Chalisa b)Jital
c)Razia d)Chengiz Khan
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Q30).Tankas were –
a)tanks b)silver coins
c)nobles d)taxes

Q31).What wereChalisa?
a)Iltutmish Empire b)copper coins
c)Noblity d)Sultanate period

Q32).What were the Iqtas?

a)punched coins b) diplomats
c)land assigned to nobles d)jitals
The solid part of the earth’s crust is called lithosphere . The oceans , rivers and other
water bodies on the surface of the earth constitute hydrosphere . The gaseous part is
known as atmosphere . All these three spheres provide all the materials required for
the living world .
Q33) . The living world is known as
a) biosphere b) lithosphere c) hydrosphere d) atmosphere

Q34) . The main source of the energy received in the form of light and heat is from

a) earth b) moon c) clouds d) sun


Carbohydrates are otherwise called as energy-giving foods . They are mainly found in
cereals and sugars . Fats are found in vegetable oils , nuts , milk and milk products ,
like ghee and butter . Proteins are called body-building foods and are found in milk ,
egg , meat and pulses .Vitamins and minerals are called as protective foods .

Q35). Foods rich in carbohydrates are

a) rice b) wheat c) millets d) all the above .

Q36) . Vitamins and minerals are called protective foods . They protect against

a) animals b) diseases c) fruits d) leafy vegetables


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We use thermos flask to store either cold or hot liquids for several hours . It is
designed to minimize heat transfer by using all types of heat transfer .

Q37). A thermos flask is used to store

a) cold liquids only b) hot liquids only c) either d) neither

Q38) . It is designed to minimize heat transfer by

a) conduction b) convection c) radiation d) all the three.


A measure of the HOTNESS or COLDNESS of a substance is called temperature .

Temperature is measured by a device called thermometer . The thermometer that
measures our body is temperature is called clinical thermometer which reads
temperature from 35 degrees centigrade to 42 degrees centigrade .The range of a
laboratory thermometer is -10 degrees centigrade to 110 degrees centigrade .

Q39) . Name the device that measures our body temperature .

a) laboratory thermometer b) clinical thermometer c) maximum and minimum

thermometer d) all the above

Q40) . Statement

i) clinical thermometer reads temperature from 35 degrees to 42 degrees centigrade

ii) laboratory thermometer reads temperature from -10 degrees to 100 degrees
centigrade .

Choose the correct statement /statements .

a) onlyi b) only ii c) both i and ii d) none


A change in which one or more new substances are formed is called a chemical
change .

Q41) . Select the change that holds good for a chemical change .

a)The original substance can be obtained back.

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b)Formation of new products

c)Only colour change observed in the products formed

d) No energy released
The evaporation of water from leaves generates a suction pull which can pull water
to great heights in the tall trees . Transpiration also cools the plant .
Q42) . Water absorption through roots can be increased by keeping the plants

a) in the shade b) in dim light c) under the fan d) covered with a polythene bag

The product of two integers is 90. If one of the integer is -5 then the other is -
a) 16 b) 18 c) -18 d) -10

Q44) Saurabh read 2/7 part of a book. He saw that there were 75 pages still left.
What were the total number of pages there in the book?
a) 95 b) 105 c) 115 d) 125

Q45) Deepa gave ¾ of a cake to her friends Parveen, Radha and Chris.
Half of the leftover cake was for Shabnam and the rest of it was for herself.
What portion of the total cake was left for deepa?
a) 1/3 b)1/5 c) ¼ d) 1/8
Q46) In the month of December Vaibhav’s family consumes 54 litres of milk.
How much milk does her family consumes in 9 days?
a)15.75 L b) 15.25 L c) 14 L d) 15 L

Q47) The mean of 9 numbers is 65.If 65 is included then new mean will be

a)55 b)62 c)63 d)65

Q48) If X+3=10 then X=

a]13 b]7 c]-7 d]-13

Q49) In the following figure which angle is vertically opposite to ∠4?

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a. ∠2 b. ∠1
c. ∠3 d. ∠5

Q50) ΔABC and ΔPQR are congruent under the correspondence ABC RQP
Write the parts of ΔABC that correspond to RP.
a. AC b. AB
c. BC d. none of these
Q51)If 60% of x is 1200 , then the value of ‘x’ is

a) 1000 (b) 2000 (c) 3000 (d) 4000

Q52) If the area of rectangle increases from 2 cm2 to 4 cm2 the perimeter will

(a) Increase (b) Decrease (c) Remains same (d) None of these.

Q53) ᴫ (pi) is

(a) Ratio of circumference to diameter (b) Diameter to circumference

(c) 21/17 (d) 3.41

Q54) A man bought 200 bulbs for Rs.10 each and sold at the rate of Rs15 each.
Find his profit % if 10 bulbs were fused and had to be thrown away.

(a) 40% (b) 30% (c) 42.5% (d) 46.5%

Q55) The simple interest on Rs.12500 at 12% per annum for 3 yrs is:
(a) Rs.5000 (b) Rs.4500 (c) Rs.6000 (d) Rs.2500.

Q56) The correct ascending order of -3/7,-3/2,-3/4 is

a) -3/7,-3/4,-3/2 b) -3/2,-3/4,3/4

c) -3/4,-3/7, -3/2 d) -3/2,-3/7 ,-3/4

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Q57) a) 3/12 b) -3/6 c)-3/9 d) 3/9

The standard of -45/30 is

a]-90/60 b] 90/60 c] -3/2 d] 3/9
The sum of 3 times a number and 11 is 32,then the required number is

a)7 b)4 c)1 d)43

1/4 of a number is 8,then the number is

a)12 b)21 c)32 d)28


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