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Golden Ticket in Harrisonburg

Harrisonburg, VA — 5 November 2018. President Satchell sends a very unexpected email. The Dukes
did not have their best regular season and because of this. They did not easily qualify to the NIRSA
National Soccer Tournament like they do yearly. Our Dukes have never in the history of the club
failed to qualify. This was the first time. The email president Satchell sent prior had a subject
heading that read, “Final week of club soccer for fall semester.” So now, two weeks later Satchell
sends an email. Within minutes of the email being sent. The club soccer group chat was going off
none stop. Teammates were sending each other motivational messages. For example, “lets get this
bread,” or “time to start grinding,” and “everyone come to practice and fight for your spot on the
roster.” I was utterly confused so I decided to read the email. NIRSA’s very own Valerie McCutchan
had emailed president Satchell. She wrote him congratulating our Dukes on being selected from
their waitlist pool for the National Tournament. According to the NIRSA raffle for nationals
standings, this meant that the 4th team to qualify from our region had to have rejected their ticket.


That was exactly what happened. The 4th place team was moving
to another division. That ticket was then offered to the 1st team
on the waitlist. They had to reject it. It then was offered to the Best Way To Do
next and so on. Until it reached us the last team on their waitlist.
We with out a doubt accepted the invitation. Everyone was hyped Cardio
because to our knowledge the season was over. The only catch
was that the roster for the tournament had to be submitted to
NIRSA that Friday; which was in two days. Every one on the club
team wants to get a spot on the roster. Thats the tough part. It is
up to the board to decide which members will be representing the
club. Some guys have been consistently training every week this
semester. There are also very talented guys who do not come out
as often. Finally, there are teammates that are too busy with
school to travel. This year president Satchell and the board had a
tough last minute decision on the roster. They decided to go with
24 players. Adam, Mark, and Dusso were the chosen ones for
goalkeeper. Satchell, Starky, Carter, Nanor, Dan, and Nick D were
chosen as the defenders to go to nationals. Ervin, Rob, Zrad,
Nopper, Brady, Negus, Sean, Tanner, Pelto, and Mello were the
midfielders chosen. Finally, Skyler, Ryan, Jalen, Pinello,
and Jimmy are the forwards that will be attending the
This year the tournament will be held in Foley, Alabama. It will
run from Nov. 29 - Dec. 1st. The team will be traveling on plane.
Scores to the games will be uploaded to the clubs Instagram page.
You can follow them @jmu_mclubsoccer. As always, good luck to
those attending and participating make us proud, and bring the
championship home! Go Dukes!


Harrisonburg, VA — Oct. 23, 2018. JMU soccer players don't panic!
Here is your go-to guide for club tryout! The James Madison The beep test is the best
University Men’s Club Soccer team hosts tryout sessions once way for soccer players to
every semester. Those interested in trying out should make sure get game ready fitness.
they attend Student Organization Night and sign up for tryouts at The beeps increase in time
the men’s club soccer table. Check out the Student Organization as you move through the
website for the correct time and place for the fall and spring
levels. It tells you how fast
semester. This is critical to receive further information about
tryout and last-minute alerts if any changes are made. If one to shuttle through. You are
cannot attend student org night, they should contact the training your speed
president, Spencer Satchell or vice president, Robert Lamb, of the against yourself.
club and request that their email address is put on the master
tryout list.


Before you sign up you should be aware that membership requirements include paying yearly
dues, frequent practice attendance, a good attitude, respect for the game, a will to win, and
working hard are required of our members.

The club contains many dedicated players who strive to make each other better through high-
intensity training sessions. Each member of the club values his position on the team and aims
to contribute to the club’s overall success. During the fall semester, the team normally hosts
tryouts the first week of September. This fall 2018 semester, tryouts began on Sep. 4. Tryouts
are always three days long. Usually, they start on a Wednesday and end Friday. If weather
conditions affect the try-out schedule. Then tryouts will be postponed to sometime that
following weekend. This fall semester the try-out schedule is the following: Thursday, Sep.
10, from 7-10 p.m., Friday, Sep. 11, from 4:30-7:30 p.m., and finally, Saturday, Sep. 12, from 11
a.m-2 p.m. All fall semesters tryouts are held at University Park. First-year students, look at the
bus schedule and plan accordingly. In the spring, tryouts are the first week of school as well.
The exact date and times of spring tryouts are still to be determined.

However, in for spring semester tryouts are normally held at the Upper East Campus fields, and
tryouts are still three days long. Please wear appropriate equipment for tryouts. This includes
turf soccer shoes or FG/AG soccer cleats. Please do not wear SG soccer cleats. As we
are only playing on artificial turf fields and they can be dangerous for other players
trying out. Also, remember to wear shin guards and bring running shoes.
Finally, the club team charges a onetime payment
$15 to try out per semester.
Did you know: Leonel
Messi is considered the Tryout begins with the current president making an
greatest of all time. opening speech for all those in attendance. Next, the people
trying out are split into two large groups. The average
number of people who try out is around 100-110 in the Fall
and 60-70 in the spring. Half of the students are sent over to
the track and run 2 miles. The other group is taken to the field
where cones are set up. They are instructed to play small
possession games. There are around four large possession
squares set up. After every possession is done one team rotates and one team stays. At the same
time, those who are trying out as goalkeepers are running various goalkeeping drills. After
some time, the two big groups swap places, and the same exercises are performed respectively.

Once both groups have swapped and completed their assigned drill. All participants are brought
together and split into four teams. Teams play against each other for 5 minutes and rotate. This
is an integral part of the try-out where participants show their ability to the club members
scouting and separate themselves from the other players trying out. Once all teams have
rotated the tryouts come to an end. The president then closes Day One of tryouts with
information on the following try out days and also how first cuts will be made. So, expect an
email later that day! Day Two, you will notice the numbers have been significantly reduced.
Those asked to come back for Day Two run a possession game to warm up and immediately play
small sided games. There you are scouted again, and another list of cuts are sent out. On Day 



Three, the same drills as Day Two are completed. Finally, the final cut list is sent out. However,
this means you have been invited to attend a week of practice with the soccer team. There you
will be further evaluated, and at the end of the week, a final list of those who made the team
will go out.

JMU v.s Richmond: Battle for Virginia title

Harrisonburg, VA — 19 September 2018. Come out and support the JMU Men’s Club Soccer team as
they take on the Richmond Spiders. Stroll on over to the East Campus Turf fields this Saturday Sep. 22nd
at 11:00 a.m. Cheer on your fellow Dukes as the strive one step closer to become the best club soccer
team in Virginia.

Snacks and drinks will be sold at the East Campus Turf fields. Vending machines will also be present and
accept Flex. Anyone is welcome so bring your friends and family. Kickoff will be at 11:00 Saturday
morning. Each half will be 40 minutes long. If the teams tie the game will go into extra time. Penalty
kicks will not occur as it is still a regular season game. The weather for Saturday morning will be 65
degrees and raining as of now. So, make sure to check the weather before leaving and dress appropriately.
The president of the Men’s Club Soccer team, Spencer Satchell, has contacted JMU parking services. He
said in a brief team meeting, “Guys, do not worry about parking. JMU Parking services have agreed to
not tow. I know we all have friends and family coming.” This is the Men’s Club Soccer team home opener
for the 2018/2019 season. The team is striving to start strong, protect the house, and get the three points
toward the regular season. The Dukes have just finished wrapping up the fall semester tryouts. They
added four new goal keepers who were needed, as well as 10 new field players. They are hoping to
include some of the new guys to get them going and earn experience. Adam Farnsworth, first string goal
keeper, shared some words, “I think. This season we will be successful. The older guys still have the same
hunger and the new guys are well skilled and eager to get a starting spot on this roster.” 

These home games are vital in sending the message and setting the tone for all other rivals. The Dukes
have an upcoming tournament at Virginia Tech. The Hookie classic will be held the weekend of Sep. 28th.
Leading and following the Virginia Tech tournament there will be two regular season games. During
Thanksgiving break the Dukes will also be competing in this year’s national tournament. Stay tuned for
more update and as always GO DUKES!

About JMU Men’s Club Soccer:

JMU Men's Soccer Club is a student led organization that encourages healthy competition, teamwork, and
camaraderie while winning soccer championships. The club has 63 members.