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Brendan Hawkins

Brendan Hawkins is a PhD student in Rhetoric and Composition at Florida State University. His
main interest lies in genre, both theoretical and pedagogical, because genre connects individual
language acts with larger discourse communities or publics. These interactions involve various
other aspects which also interest Brendan, such as agency, reflection, writing across the
curriculum, and writing program administration. He is active in his department as well as
national programs like WPA-Graduate Organization. Formerly, he has worked as a faculty
consultant for Appalachian State University’s award-winning Writing across the Curriculum
Program, supporting faculty across campus who assign and assess writing.


PhD in Rhetoric and MA in English2 Graduate Cert. in BA in English

Composition1 Rhetoric and
Florida State Appalachian State Appalachian State Milligan College, ‘12
University, attd ‘22 University, ‘15 University, ‘15
Dissertation focus: Intersections among Multiculturalism, Ethnomethodology in Rhetoric and
Composition, and Rhetorical Genre Studies
Thesis title—“Charged with resistance”: An Ecofeminist Reading of Barbara Kingsolver’s
Prodigal Summer and Flight Behavior
Capstone title—Multimodal Composition: Promises and Perils in the Basic Writing Classroom

Teaching Appointments
Florida State University (FSU)
Appalachian State University 1 (ASU)
Wilkes Community College (WCC)
Rhetoric (FSU; ENC 3021; [link to syllabus pending])
Research, Genre, and Context (FSU; ENC 2135; course website)
Introduction to Writing across the Curriculum (ASU; WRC 2001 and RC 2001)
Expository Writing (ASU; RC 1000)*
Basic Writing (ASU; RC 900)

In addition to teaching open sections in the Rhetoric and Composition program at Appalachian, I have taught
sections open only to the Watauga Residential Learning program students and student taught in first-generation
college student sections.
Hawkins 2

Writing and Research in the Disciplines (Wilkes CC; ENG 112)

Writing and Inquiry (WCC; ENG 111)

Other Academic Appointments

Writing across the Curriculum Program Faculty Consultant (ASU)
University Writing Center Night Coordinator (ASU)
Upward Bound Summer Academy English Instructor (ASU)

Hawkins, Brendan and Julie Karaus. “Isolating Rhetorical Challenges with Curation in
ePortfolios: A Writing Faculty Workshop.” AAEEBL ePortfolio Review, vol. 2, no. 1, 2017,
pp. 40-52.

Chapter Publication Pending

Karaus, Julie and Brendan Hawkins. “Contingent Spaces: Mapping Contexts of Contingent
Faculty” in Speaking Up, Speaking Out: Lived Experiences of Non-Tenure Track Faculty in
Writing Studies. Edited by Jessica Edwards, Meg McGuire, and Rachel Sanchez.
[Anticipated publication in 2019.]

Conference Participation

Topic Sponsoring Program

Assemblage Theory as Recognizable College English Association, March ‘18
Conversation in ePortfolio Pedagogies
Pedagogical Potentials of Using Philosophy, Practice, and Pedagogy, ‘18
Ethnomethodology in Composition Classes
Conf. Workshop Leader on Practicing EATAW, ’17
Cultivating Change in Contingent Spaces: Conference on College Composition and
Pictures of Adjunct Efficacy Communication, ’17*
“WAC for Community Colleges” Film and Watson Conference, ‘16
Theory into the Classroom: Swales and Email Writing across Institutions, ‘16
Theory into the Classroom: Swales and Email Student Success in Writing Conference, ‘16

Last updated December 2018

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Invited Presentations

Topic Sponsoring Program

Rubrics as Assessment Guides Florida State College Composition, July ‘18
ePortfolio Template Concerns Appalachian St. ePortfolio Workshop, March
Faculty Workshops on Template Concerns Appalachian State WAC Program, throughout
AY 15/16, AY 17/18
Effective Peer Review Workshop Practices Appalachian State WAC Program, February

*Awarded NCTE Professional Equity Project Grant (CCCC ’17)
*Most Helpful Faculty and Staff Award Recipient: AY 15/16

Service Work
Service to the Field
Writing Program Administration Graduate Organization
Mentoring events committee: AY 17/18, AY 18/19
Mentoring strands committee: AY 17/18

Service to the University

Florida State University
Composition Program Committee: AY 17/18, AY 18/19
Appalachian State University
Student Success Team Committee Member: AY 15/16, AY 16/17
Student Success Team Subcommittee Chair: AY 15/16
Department Faculty Mentor for ePortfolio Initiative: AY 15/16, AY 16/17

Last updated December 2018