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Christmas Concert 2018

Patrick Maloney Band M. Adam Christie Choir


Still, Still, Still Austrian Christmas Carol
Kyree Bigback

Bell Carol Ukraine Christmas Carol
Judas Threefingers

Bohemian Christmas Carol Czech traditional

Joshua Brien & Josiah Real Bird

Silver and Gold Johnny Marks

Ezra Stanger

We Three Kings of Orient Are John Henry Hopkins Jr.

Gerrit Punt

Go Tell it on the Mountain John Wesley Work, Jr.
Gerrit Punt and Ethan Frasier

Greensleeves and Yellow Lace arr. DeWalt
Evan PrettyWeasel accompanist Patrick Maloney

Away In A Manger Traditional

Sheldon Limpy & Angel Orosco

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing F. Mendelssohn

Corbin Two Moons

Carol Of The Bells Ukraine Carol

Nyleena Brady, Jacob Brien, Delaney Costa & Katlyn Oldcrow
6th-12th Grade Band
Holiday March Robert W. Smith & Michael Story

Band on the Housetop Benjamin R. Hanby

arr. Timothy Loest

Advanced Band
Silver Bells* Jay Livingston & Ray Evans

Frosty the Snowman* Steve Nelson & Jack Rollins

I’ll Be Home For Christmas * Kim Gannon & Walter Kent

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow* Jule Styne

*All songs arranged by Frank Mantooth

Middle School Choir

Magical Kingdom John Rutter

5th and 6th Grade

O Colored Earth Steve Heitzeg 

5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Grade

Melchior, Caspar, Balthazar Gilbert M. Martin

7th and 8th Grade

Up on the Housetop Cristi Cary Miller

7th and 8th Grade

The St. Labre Choir

Accompanist, Connie McAlpine

I Saw Three Ships John Leavitt

Carol of the Bells Mykola Leontovych

Joy to the World George Frideric Handel

Arr. Keith Hampton

Christmas Joy Roger Emerson

Glow Eric Whitacre

Compline Rene Clausen

Concert Etiquette
Manners matter, even at a school music concert.
1.Enter and exit your seat only between selections. If possible, wait until the audience is
applauding before moving. The only exception to this is if you need to remove a restless or
crying child.

2.Don't talk during a performance. If you must talk to your neighbor always whisper directly into
their ear so that those around you cannot hear your comments.

3.Cell phones off or on vibrate please! If you are using your cell phone for video or photos,
please turn down the screen brightness.

4.It is customary to applaud when the conductor first comes out on the stage. He or she will bow
to acknowledge the audience's applause and the concert will begin.

5.Some classical pieces of music are broken down into parts called "movements." In between
these movements the music will stop for a few seconds. Do not applaud until the conductor has
dropped his hands and has turned around to acknowledge the audience.
This Evenings Performers:
Ezra Bear Crane Joshua Brien Kyree Bigback Josiah Real Bird
Judas Threefingers Gerrit Punt Ethan Frasier

Nyleena Brady Jacob Brien Delaney Costa Sheldon Limpy
Katlyn Oldcrow Angel Orosco Evan Pretty Weasel

5-8 Choir
Chance Alden Willy Kellum Sheldon King Christopher Beartusk
Blake Real Bird Tylen Many White Horses Solan Medicine Bull James Fisher, Jr.
Jamisen Ontiveros De Shawn White Wolf Kaiden Cooper Noah Dudek
Chloee Oldman Antonia Shoulderblade Jaidah Whiteman Araya Woodenlegs

The St. Labre Choir

Sopranos: Michala Gardner, Callee Killsnight, Katlyn Oldcrow

Altos: Nativia Brady, Rylee Foote, Ty Roan, Maria Stollenwerk, Lela Stops

Tenors: Tegan Medicine Bull, Joshua Sisolak

Basses: Anthony Costilla, Inious Flatmouth, Donovan Plainbull, Tyler Small

6-12 Band
Flute: Brookley Ewing, Katie Medicine Bull, Laila Ontiveros, Rhreamrea Shoulderblade,
Tristin Small, Pearlene WhiteWolf 

Clarinet: Jonea Braine, Cyllene Little Bird, Tyleah Morin
Alto Saxophone: Kamrynn Sooktis, Marita Foote
Tenor Saxophone: Taylor Hanson, Joshua Mason
Trumpet: Zadeea Graham, Mystik Fitzpatrick
Baritone: D’Andra Two Moons
Percussion: A’Lairyn Brady, Corey Knobloch

Advanced Band
Flute: Casey Knobloch, 

Clarinet: Echo Anderson, Cyntori Vallie
Alto Saxophone: Leslie Limberhand
Trumpet: Michala Gardner
Trombone: Skyler Maloney
Piano: Kaleb Sooktis 

Bass: Corbin Two Moons
Percussion: Isabel Bliner-Yazzie