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What is the section number of your BUS 498 course?

Your classwork requires that you must work in a group of your fellow students to submit a group
project. A significant portion of your grade depends on the quality of the group project. However,
you note that a very close friend, who is a member of your group, is copying and pasting material
from the Internet and calling it his own original writing. You know your instructor will give
every member of the group an F in the course if academic dishonesty is confirmed. What should
you do? *

2. Robert is a marketer for global consumer Products Company. He is working on the

promotional campaign designed to reach a target audience in a new international market. Robert
is working hard to make sure that the promotional campaign is clearly understood by the nation’s
consumers and doesn’t offend anyone. Which of the factors in the external environment is he
being influenced by? *

A) Socio cultural environment

B) Competitive environment
C) Economic environment
D) Legal environment

3. Project management differs from the management of more traditional activities mainly
because of *
A) Its limited timeframe
B) Its unique, defined set of activities
C) the requirement for use of the appropriate resources
D) (A) and (B)

4. 4. Based on the following chart, what is your conclusion? *

A) data is inadequate to reach a conclusion

B) the process described is a continuous process
C) the process is in control
D) the process is out of control
Statistical Process Control Chart (Question # 4)

5. The Dean of the School of Business and Economics is forecasting the total student enrollment
for the year based on the following historical data. Based on this data, what is this year's forecast
using a three-period simple moving average? *

A) 2,667
B) 2,600
C) 2,800
D) 3,000

Historical Enrollment data (Question 5)

6. Mr. Javin needs to determine which variables and relationships he should examine further as
part of the research he is conducting for the Company ‘X’. Javin is about to embark on what
type of research? *

A) Simple research
B) Descriptive research
C) Exploratory research
. D) Causal research

7. When BMW sold Rover to Ford, it adopted a- *

A) Horizontal growth strategy

B) Conglomerate diversification strategy
C) Stability strategy
. D) Retrenchment strategy

8. Which one of the following statements is correct for BMW when BMW decided to sell Rover
to Ford due to facing heavy loss and Ford decided to buy Rover? *

A) The industry attractiveness was low but business position was strong
B) The industry attractiveness was high and business position was strong
C) The industry attractiveness was high but business position was weak
D) The industry attractiveness was low and business position was weak

9. The Heckscher-Ohlin theory differs from the Ricardian model in that it emphasizes as the
source of trade. *

A) Economies of scale
B) Productivity of labor
C) Resource differences
D) All of the above
10. A ______ provides the right to sell a specific currency at a specific price within a specific
period of time. *

A) Forward contract
B) Spot contract
C) Currency call option
. D) Currency put option

11. In .......................... an intermediary such as an outside research agency brings headquarters

and country operations together. *

A) Centralized research
B) Coordinated research
C) Decentralized research
D) Geocentric research

12. Condition favoring Export *

A) High target country production costs

B) Legal protection possible in target environment.
C) Government restrictions on foreign ownership
. D) Highest sales potential and lowest political risk

13. The origin of a product may have a strong effect on consumer perceptions and biases about
foreign products. This concept is known as… .............. *

A) Cognitive dissonance effect

B) Country of Origin effect
C) Selective attention effect
D) None of the above

14. Which of the following is NOT a type of judgmental forecasting? *

A) time series analysis

B) sales force opinions
C) consumer surveys
D) the Delphi method

15. Responding to pressure for requires that a firm differentiate its product offering and

marketing strategy from country to country. *

A) cost reductions
B) experience effects
C) lowering the costs of value creation
D) being locally responsive
. D) the industry is stable and barriers to imitation are low
16. Breaking down a complex job into different tasks and assigning those tasks to specific
individuals is known as *

A) Planning
B) Directing
C) Organizing
. D) Controlling

17. Mr. Alam, Mr. Asif, Mr. Selim, and Mr. Islam are coming from different departments in
order to form a special team to figure out what will be the best way to conduct learning
assessment test for their outgoing students at NSU business school. One thing that is common
for all of them is that they represent some managerial rank which means they are all department
chairs. This type of team is best known as: *

A) Friendship team
B) Interest team
C) Management team
. D) Cross functional team

18. A leader who tries to pass his/her great qualities to his/her followers is best explained by
which leadership theory listed below? *
A) Charismatic leadership theory
B) Path-goal theory
C) Transformational leadership theory
. D) Group and exchange leadership theory

19. A process through which senior level positions are planned for and eventually filled is known
as what? *

A) Replacement charts
B) Succession planning
C) Job rotation
. D) Executive development program

20. Which of the following is not covered by employers in Bangladesh as part of their common
benefit program? *

A) Maternity leave
B) Jury duty
C) Provident fund
. D) Gratuity
21. Ethics refers to the study of *

A) moral obligations
B) social trade-offs
C) cross cultural value conflict
D) economic tradeoff

22. For the probability distribution of a discrete random variable x, the sum of the probabilities
of all values of x must be: *

A) equal to zero
B) in the range zero to 1
C) equal to 0.5
D) equal to 1

23. The normal probability distribution is applied to: *

A) a discrete random variable

B) a continuous random variable
C) any random variable
D) a subjective random variable

24. A researcher wants to test if elementary school children spend less than 30 minutes per day
on homework. The alternative hypothesis for this example will be that the population mean is:
A) equal to 30 minutes
B) not equal to 30 minutes
C) less than or equal to 30 minutes
D) less than 30 minutes

25. The mean age of all students at a university is 24 years. The mean age of a random sample
of students selected from this university is 24.9 years. The difference (24.9 - 24 = 0.9) is the: *

A) probability error
B) non-sampling error
C) sampling error
D) population error

26. Consider the following distribution generated by Excel (see image below). What proportion
of these value x are less than 63? *

A) 25%
B) 60%
C) 65%
D) 35%

Frequency Distribution (Question 26)

27. The binomial probability distribution is symmetric if: *

A) p is equal to .25
B) p is equal to .50
C) p is less than .50
D) p is greater than .50

28. A(n) is an investment vehicle that the first public registration and sale of a company's stock

A) Venture capital
B) Angel investor
C) Initial public offering
D) Business incubator

29. Which statement is not true of entrepreneurs? *

A) They take risks

B) They apply innovative ideas
C) They generally stick to processes already in use
D) They change they ways businesses convert inputs into outputs

30. If a country can produce 10 units of product A or 4 units of product B the opportunity cost
of 1 unit of B is: *

A) 0.4A
B) 2.5A
C) 10A
D) 1B

31. According to the law of diminishing marginal utility *

A) Utility is at a maximum with the first unit

B) Marginal utility falls as more units are consumed
C) Marginal product falls as more units are consumed
D) Increasing units of consumption increase the marginal utility

32. All firms maximize profit by producing at *

D) None of the above
33. When airlines offer special prices for students or senior citizens, this will be an example of
what type of price adjustment strategy? *
A) Captive pricing
B) Discount
C) Segmented pricing
D) Promotional pricing

34. Kazi and Kazi Tea targets several market segments and designs separate offers for each.
This type of target market strategy is known as *

A) Niche Marketing
B) Mass Marketing
C) Differentiated Marketing
D) Micro Marketing

35. One example of fixed cost is *

A) Rent
B) Wages
C) Cost of Raw Material
D) None of the above

36. A person is considered unemployed if they are *

A) Of the working age and without a job

B) Of the working age and looking for a job
C) Not in the labor force
D) Not willing to work at the current wage rate

37. If the economy is going through a deep recession, which of the following steps can the
government take? *

A) Increase the nominal interest rate

B) Decrease the real interest rate
C) Decrease the amount of government spending
D) Increase the rate of income tax

38. What is the effect of an expansionary fiscal policy on equilibrium output and price level? *

A) Output will increase and price level will decrease

B) Output will decrease and price level will increase
C) Output will increase and price level will remain unchanged
D) Output will increase and price level will increase
39. What is the effect of monetary contraction on equilibrium output and price level? *

A) Output will decrease and price level will decrease

B) Output will decrease and price level will increase
C) Output will increase and price level will remain unchanged
D) Output will increase and price level will increase

40. Which of the following is not a feasible way of attaining economic growth? *

A) Investing in human capital through education and training

B) Improving healthcare and welfare programs for the poor
C) Making technological advances
D) Increasing the amount of natural resources of the country

41 If productivity increases, which of the following will take place? *

A) Inflation will rise

B) Living standard will fall
C) Economic growth will take place
D) All of the above

42. Factors encouraging " Standardization" *

A) Differing use conditions

B) Economies in marketing
C) Differing consumer behavior patterns
D) Government and regulatory influences

43. The type of society that value individual performance, and pursue individual growth and
development is: *

A) Individualistic society
B) Democratic society
C) Collectivist society
D) liberal society

44. In Market Economy the product price is determined by *

A) Government intervention
B) Demand and supply curve
C) Little government intervention
D) Only demand curve
45. People generally prefer little consultation between superiors and subordinates in cultures
Where is high *

A) Fatalism
B) Individualism
C) Power Distance
D) Masculinity

46. Bangladesh is part of *


47. Which of the following is not one of the factors that generate competitive advantages for
nations, according to Porter's diamond model? *

A) Factor conditions
B) The role of government
C) Firm strategy, structure, and policy
D) Demand condition

48. Which of the following is an element of marketing for not-for-profit organizations? *

A) Make a social impact

B) Attract donors
C) Create awareness among customers
D) All of the above

49. Which of the following is not an objective of a not-for-profit organization? *

A) Maximize revenue
B) Maximize social impact
C) Maximize fund collection
D) None of the above

50. Kellogg’s Cornflakes launched the ‘Help give a child a breakfast’ campaign, aiming to raise
a minimum of £300,000, running across 7 million packs from October to December, with 3pence
from each sale going to the Kellogg’s Breakfast Club Trust. This is an example of *

A) Not for profit marketing

B) Cause related marketing
C) Green marketing
D) Digital marketing
51. Campaigns like “Don’t Drink and Drive” or “Wear a Helmet” are designed to *
A) Increase the sale of a product
B) Decrease the sale of a product
C) Build social awareness
D) None of the above

52. Pran-RFL introduced ‘Cement’ in UAE, which is not available in local market. In this case
Pran- RFL is following which international marketing approach given below. *

A) Sell the product as it is internationally.

B) Modify product for different countries or regions.
C) Design new products for foreign markets.
D) Incorporate all differences into one product and introduce it globally.

53. Which theory states that as a consumer, you will feel uncomfortable if you hold conflicting
thoughts about a belief or an attitude object? *

A) Cognitive Dissonance Theory

B) Defensive Attribution Theory
C) Attribution Theory
D) None of the above

54. By watching Indian drama serials and movies, Bangladeshi customers get to be exposed to
the Indian culture. This learning is caused by – *

A) Enculturation
B) Acculturation
C) Instrumental learning
D) Observational learning

55. When airlines offer special prices for students or senior citizens, this will be an example of
what type of price adjustment strategy? *

A) Captive pricing
B) Discount
C) Segmented pricing
D) Promotional pricing

56. Conflict between retailers is known as – *

A) Horizontal conflict
B) Vertical conflict
C) Linear conflict
D) Spiral conflict
57. Kool Shampoo is diving its market mainly based on age, occupation income and on volume
of usages. Name the types of segmentation criteria Kool Shampoo is using here. *

A) Behavioral, Demographic
B) Behavioral, Geographic
C) Demographic, Psychographic
D) Psychographic, Behavioral

58.-------------- can be broadly defined as the risk that a company's performance will be affected
by exchange rate movements *

A) Interest rate risk

B) Currency risk
C) Exchange rate risk
D) Market risk

59. Payment for rent in advance should result in - *

A) A debit to cash and a credit to unearned rent

B) A debit to rent expense and a credit to cash
C) A debit to rent expense and a credit to rent payable
D) A debit to prepaid rent and a credit to cash

60. The normal balance for capital account is *

A) Debit
B) Credit
C) Neither debit nor credit
D) Can be both

61. Which of the following is an income statement account? *

A) Cost of Goods sold

B) Accounts payable
C) Accumulated depreciation
D) Equipment

62. David paid TK15,000 for insurance in advance on Janurary 1, 2018. At the end of the year,
TK5,000 of insurance has been expired. What type of adjusting entry is needed for the concerned
situation? *
A) Unearned revenue
B) Accrued revenues
C) Prepaid expense
D) Accrued expenses
63. The allocation of the cost of a plant assess to expense in a rational and systematic manner is
called: *
A) Depreciation
B) Amortization
C) Depletion
D) Cost allocation

64. In a job order system, direct material would be recorded as a debit to - *

A) Work in progress
B) Manufacturing overhead
C) Raw material
D) Finished goods

65. Norman Co. has the provided the following monthly data - see table below. If they did not
sell any product in the last month, what would be the net operating income/loss for the month?
A) Net loss of $80,000
B) Net income of $80,000
C) They would be operating at the break-even point
D) None of the above

Norman Co. Monthly Data (Question # 65)

66. The difference between selling price per unit and variable cost per unit is known as *
A) Unit Gross Margin
B) Unit Net Income
C) Unit Operating Income
D) Unit Contribution Margin

67 A favorable material price variance means *

A) Standard cost per unit of material was less than the actual cost per unit
B) Actual cost per unit of material was less than the standard cost per unit
C) The actual usage of material as less than the standard allowed
D) Material usage was more than the material purchased

68. A budget is *

A) Quantitative plan for future

B) Review of past expenses
C) Subjective forecast using the Delphi method
D) All of the above
69. All else being equal, which of the following will increase a company's current ratio? *

A) An increase in accounts receivable

B) An increase in long term debt
C) An increase in net fixed assets
D) All of the above

70. A firm borrows $1,000 at 8% simple interest with all payments due at the end of the year.
What amount must be repaid? *

A) $1,150
B) $1,660
C) $1,320
D) None of the above

71. The value of a bond is the present value of the *

A) dividends and maturity value

B) interest and dividend payment
C) maturity value
D) Coupon payment and maturity value

72. The Capital Asset Pricing Model *

A) links together unsystematic risk and return for all assets

B) is a very complex and therefore unpopular tool
C) assumes that all investors can influence prices
D) All of the above

73. Which of the following is not a capital budgeting technique? *

C) Payback period

74. Success in today's dynamic global business environment depends heavily on maximizing the
use of - *
A) Internet based technologies
B) Web-enabled information systems
C) None of the above
D) (A) and (B)

75. Which is not a type of computer crime? *

A) Software piracy
B) Theft of intellectual property
C) Unauthorized use at work
D) Worms

76. A-------------is an electronic device that process data, converting it to information*

A) processor
B) computer
C) case
D) stylus

77. If you want to use Pivot Reporting, which office tool will you use? *
A) MS Access
B) MS Excel
C) MS Word
D) MS Power point

78. DBMS stands for - *

A) Database Maintenance Systems

B) Disk Balancing Management Systems
C) Database Management Systems
D) Data Balancing Monitor Systems

79. How many fiber optics submarine cable network lines are linked with Bangladesh? *

A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4

80. Which professional intermediates between the business functional department and software
development team or information technology team? *

A) System designer
B) Systems analyst
C) System administrator
D) System tester

81.. Which one is the correct process of developing Information Systems solutions? *

A) Investigate, Design, Implement, Analyze, Maintain

B) Investigate, Analyze, Design, Implement, Maintain
C) Investigate, Design, Analyze, Implement, Maintain
D) Analyze, Investigate, Design, Implement, Maintain

1) Finance and Accounting

2) Human Resource Management
3) International Business
4) Management Information System
5) Marketing
6) Finance
7) Accounting
8) Supply Chain Management
9) Economics

Thank you Shabaz, Mansura, Raima for your support.