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Professional Development Plan

School Year: Fall 2018 Year: Sophomore☐ Junior☐ Senior☐X

Name: Agnes Karafas Program Area/Major: Secondary Mathematics Education


A. Certification of Teaching Capacity Standard/Elements(s) to be addressed:

1. Professionalism 1. Professionalism
2. Classroom Climate/Culture 2. Classroom climate/culture
3. Instruction
4. Evaluation/Assessment
5. Impact of Student Learning
B. Teacher’s Strategies
Expected Outcomes and
Goals for Elements Activities/Actions Resources Needed Timeline
Evidence of Completion

Goal 1: I will uphold the code of ethics Dress appropriately I complete my field placement NC code of ethics handbook September
for the State of North Carolina. experience successfully. 2018 -
Be on time Cooperating teacher December
Appropriate relationships with students Class content

Goal 2: I will maintain a safe and Support and help all students I complete my field placement Cooperating teacher September
orderly classroom that facilitates experience successfully. The 2018 -
student learning. Follow and enforce rules students feel that the classroom is a Class content December
safe, learning environment.. 2018
Be understanding