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WSD Lesson Plan

Teacher: Subject: Class: Year 6 Date: Sept 25, 2018 Room: Music Room
Mr. Alvin C. Mangoma Music No. of students: Period: 1st-5th
12:50 - 1:45
Observer(s): Reason for observation (Linked to: Internal Self Review, Performance Management, PL, Boys:
Coaching, Teacher Support Plan/Formal or Informal): Girls:

Ability range/set: Competency/ skill development: Rewards/sanctions: Resources:

Mixed Ability Cooperative learning Class Appreciation Music Express Book

Data informing intervention provision for significant groups Role of LSA/TA: (if applicable):
(High Attainders/G&T/SEND/ELL/Emirati): NA

Date class work was last Links to GEMS Core Values:

No. Of students currently ABOVE/ON/BELOW target:
marked (as per school Pursuing Excellence
NA Links to National Agenda:

Link to MTP unit and real-life learning: Evidence of pupil progress over time:
There are countries uses non-verbal communication like Japan, this unit will (since most recent data capture)
help students to learn simple hand and body gestures needed when relating
and communicating with other people and starting learning about their culture.

Prior learning/previous lesson(s):

Links to Literacy & Numeracy:
Links to future learning:
I am learning about different urban street calls – world around us

WSD Lesson Plan
Learning Objective WALT (We Are Learning To): Introduce and understand mime as an art form
Tib (This is because): To learn how to communicate without words
Learning Outcomes All: Most: Some:
WILF (What I’m Appropriately use simple body Assess what movement are the most To creatively demonstrate the use of
Learning For): movements and gesture to talk successful in conveying emotions, percussion instruments for sound effects in
attitudes and reactions the story
Introduction/starter: Differentiation: AfL (Inc. higher order questions):
Mime Telephone. The class will be divided into 3. Each leader of the Why is it important to keep the word or
group will be given a “mystery word or a symbol”. The leader will pass mins. symbol the same from the first person down
the message acting out the word/symbol to his group with no words, to last person of the group?
until the message will reach the last person in the group just like
Main activity: What do you think the main goal of mimes?
- Short video clip of street mimes
- Definition of Mimes
- Short discussion about some background of mimes
- The role of music and sounds in mimes
- Guessing Game/ Mirror Me 30
Individual Activity
- The teacher will prepare and provide at least 5 materials for the class.
Each student will have turn to choose one material and act it out using
his/her own choice of material. Everyone will guess what the actor is
doing and what the material has become
Plenary: 10
- In a small piece of paper, write one thing you knew about Mimes and mins
one thing you’ve learned about mimes.
Home learning (as per timetable):

WSD Lesson Plan
Challenge outcome: