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Name CWID Subject Area

Rosa Nguyen 892914862 World Languages - Vietnamese

Class Title Lesson Title Unit Title Grade Levels Total Minutes
Các sinh hoạt mùa đông Winter Holidays
Vietnamese 3P 11th & 12th 56 minutes
(Winter activities) and Festivals
CLASS DESCRIPTION (including specific special needs and language proficiencies)

There are total of 33 students in the class with 12 males and 21 female students. There are all Vietnamese and heritage
students. The teacher is female and Asian. There are 2 students with special needs, 3 GATE students, and 2 students as
English Learner.


Content Objective(s) SDAIE (Integrated ELD) Strategies
CCSS Math, CCSS ELA & Literacy History/Social Studies, Science and
(cognitive, psychomotor, for developing knowledge in the
Technical Subjects, NGSS, and Content Standards
affective) content area
- Content
Stage II
2.1 Students address topics related to self and the
immediate environment, including: STUDENTS WILL BE ABLE TO
e. Holiday customs and transition points of life IDENTIFY AND DESCRIBE WINTER
g. Cultural and leisure-time activities, outdoor, HOLIDAYS AND FESTIVALS IN 2  Low affective filter
recreational activities, music SENTENCES WITHIN A GROUP OF  Comprehension check
-Communication 2.
Stage II
2.4 Initiate, participate in, and close a conversation;
ask and answer questions
Tier II (General Academic) Vocabulary Tier III (Domain Specific) Vocabulary
Thế Vận Hội: Olympic
Lễ hội: Festival
Sinh hoạt: Activities
Băng giá: freezing
Tổ chức: to celebrate
SDAIE Strategies for
Disciplinary Language
English Language Development Standards (ELD) developing knowledge of
disciplinary English
 Clear enunciation
 Slower speech rate
N/A N/A  Hand on activities
and demonstrations

Additional Student Accommodations (Behavioral, Cognitive, & Physical)

Specific Needs Specific Accommodations
- Sit in the front row for less distraction
- Dyslexia- confused by letters, numbers and verbal - Choose his/her own partner when it comes to
explanation -think pair share
- Anxiety

Type Purpose/Focus of Assessment Implementation Feedback Strategy How Informs Teaching
The teacher will The students will be
introduce the lesson by discussing with a partner Provide written and oral
Take turn to ask the
telling a personal about upcoming plan for instruction to reduce
EL student of what their
experience- activities this Winter Break or did frustration. Using equity
partner said.
during winter break with something in the card to make it fair.
the family previous year.
The students will be
reading the dialogue on
page 190 independently
for the first five minutes.
The teacher will explain Next, the students will
Using equity card to call
the new vocabulary and play roles in the dialogue
random groups to
explain in the target to read together as a Repeat instruction to
language. group. increase student’s ability
PM The teacher will ask the
Then, each group will to carry out assignments
students questions
The teacher will read the translate the dialogue correctly.
regarding to the dialogue
dialogue on page 190 out into English.
in the target language.
loud In a group of 4, the
students will create a
poster about a career
including duties, pros and
cons of the job.
Presentational- The
Performance students will perform and
Checklist to check Model by providing an
S take turn read their part
student understanding example.
of the assignment out
Lesson Introduction/Anticipatory Set
Time Teacher Does Student Does
The students will be writing vocabulary on the
The teacher will review the previous lesson and start
5-7 min whiteboard, and will be translate three sentences into
warm up- dictation and translate into English.
Lesson Body
Time Teacher Does Student Does
The teacher will go over the vocabulary and explain The students will translate new vocabulary into
the difficult terminology to clarify the meaning. English and make sentences with it.

The teacher will read out loud the dialogue. The students will read the dialogue independently
first. Secondly, they will have an assigned partner to
41 min
read the dialogue together. Finally they will translate
The teacher will give instruction of how create a small the dialogue into English
poster relating to a winter activity. The teacher will
walk around to make sure students are on the same Students will create a poster regarding to a winter
track. acitivity and follow instructions given by the teacher.
Lesson Closure
Time Teacher Does Student Does
The teacher evaluates student’s academic skills
The students will answer orally to the questions given
10 min whether they understood the lesson by checking on
by the teacher.
their understanding.
Instructional Materials, Equipment, and Multimedia
Textbook, Chromebooks, and worksheets
Co-Teaching Strategies
☐One teach, one observe ☐One teach, one assist ☐Station teaching ☐Parallel teaching
☐Supplemental teaching ☐Differentiated teaching ☐Team teaching X Not applicable