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Rosa Nguyen


(Adapted from Keys to Planning Unit Template)
Language and Course Level Proficiency Level

Vietnamese 3P Intermediate Mid

Stage 1 Desired Results

Standards (CA, World Readiness, CCSS ELA/Literacy Tech Subjects) and Skill Sets (21 st Century)
California Standards CCSS College and Career Readiness
World Readiness Standards 21st Century Skill(s)
(WL or ELD) Anchor(s) (CCRA)

Interpersonal- sharing
personal experiences about
Winter Break
Interpretive-listening to
other’s opinion  Doing – demonstrate the
- Content
Presentational-express lesson effectively
Stage II
facts and opinions about  Student Centered –
2.1 Students address topics
Winter Holidays students are assigned to
related to self and the
Cultures work
immediate environment,
Relating Cultural Practices independently/particular
to Perspectives: The partner
e. Holiday customs and
students use the language  Group work: to interact
transition points of life
to explain on the with each other
g. Cultural and leisure-time
relationship between the  Essential meanings:
activities, outdoor,  N/A
practices and perspectives create something for
recreational activities,
of the cultures studied. students to remember
Connections about the lesson/unit
Making Connection: how to  Technology/Media:
Stage II
celebrate Christmas in a expand resources
meaningful way  High Value
 2.4 Initiate, participate
Comparisons demonstration: how do
in, and close a
Cultural Comparison – people create a
conversation; ask and
Christmas in the United meaningful Christmas
answer questions
States and Vietnam season?
School and Global
Communities: how to help
others feel happy during
this Christmas time
Unit Theme Essential Question(s)
What is the most meaningful gift to people during this
Winter Activities ( Các hoạt động mùa đông ) holiday season?

Unit Communicative Learning Objectives for:

Knowledge Communication Accuracy
(Linguistic and cultural understandings) (About what will they communicate and how? (Language functions and structures)
 The meaning during the holiday  The students will be using three  Compare: Nhưng (but), Nhiều hơn
seasons- family gathering, the communication modes (more than)
meaningful gift for Christmas, quality -Interpersonal: the students will be  Describe: trên đường (on the road)
is more than quantity. listening to others and the teacher trong thương xá (inside the mall)
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Rosa Nguyen
to evaluate and respond back. The
students will be using warm ups,
learning logs, and daily
 Ask and answer questions: Em có
conversations to practice this
thích mùa Noel hay không? (Do you
particular mode.
 How do people celebrate Christmas like winter season?) (provide
-Interpretive: the students will
with their friends, and family? sentence frames)
listening and how to process the
information from the teacher.
 Make suggestions: how do people in
-Presentational: the students will
the world celebrate Christmas?
present their products in the target
language and will be able to share
with the rest of the students.
Stage 2 Summative Assessment
IPA Overview
(Brief Summary FOR STUDENTS of all IPA Tasks Describing Each Task and Interrelating Them)

The students will be testing on vocabularies and taking an assessment by the end of the unit.

1. Key Word Recognition: The students will be reading a short paragraph to write their own definition of each of the
following English words/phrases in the target language.
2. Main Idea: Response answers, the students will answer regarding to the paragraph such as the purpose and the main
ideas of the paragraph.
3. Important words and phrases – write a short paragraph about how do people celebrate Christmas according to the
4. Comparing Cultural Perspective – the students will be answering “What differences and similarities might there be
between the United States and Viet Nam during Christmas season?”
5. Personal Reaction – the students will write their thought by using specific information from the text, describe how they
would celebrate Christmas season in a meaningful way with their family.

Summative Interpretive Summative Interpersonal (Collaborative) Summative Presentational

Assessment(s) Assessment(s) (Productive) Assessment
Speaking-The students will be reading
the dialogue out loud and translating into
Viewing – Students will recognize the
Christmas theme on the PowerPoint
Writing- The students also expand the
lesson. Speaking- The students will read the new
dialogue by continuing writing the
Listening – Students will be listening to the conversation out loud in the target
conversation. The conversation must
dialogue in the text book while the teacher language. The teacher is able to assess
relate to the same topic above (Winter
reads out loud. students on their assignment to make
Activities) The students can use various
Reading- Students will take turn and read some adjustment on the lesson plan if
levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy during this
the dialogue together in a group of 2. necessary.
activity. Some advanced students will use
To challenge the students, the rest of the
the same information but in a new
students are required to take note of the
situation by using higher-level thinking
new conversation. The teacher will ask
skills. For example, the students can
students random regarding to the new
write about how to send a present
conversation. The group with the most
without using money since they are not
points by answering correctly will get raffle
working yet. (more meaningful towards
family and friends)

Stage 3 Learning Plan

Toolbox (Section 3A)
Language Functions Related Structures / Patterns Vocabulary Expansion
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(Add rows as necessary) Tier 1
Hơn thế nữa, nhưng, không những
vậy Lạnh: Cold
Compare: the atmosphere during Christmas and (More than that, but, not only… Tuyết: snow
summer but also…) Vui: happy
Đẹp: pretty
Quà: present

Vào dịp Giáng Sinh, Trước ngày lễ Tier 2

Describe: how family celebrates Christmas Giáng Sinh, rất nhiều Lạnh buốt: freezing
(During Christmas time, before Giáng sinh: Christmas
Christmas holiday, many of…) Thiệp Giáng sinh: Christmas
Ask and answer questions: What sports do Interrogatives card
people play during Winter? Áo lạnh: sweater/coat
Sự kiện: event

Tier 3
Nó có ý nghĩa rất lớn đối với em Thịnh soạn: plentiful
Express opinion: what should we do during winter vì, nên, bởi vậy, quan trọng là Ý nghĩa: meaningful
holidays and their meanings? (It matters to me because…, so, Biết ơn: thankful
therefore, more importantly) Đầy đủ: sufficient
Nên, tuy nhiên, vì rằng, chúng Lấp lánh: shiny
Make suggestions: What matters the most around ta cũng có thể
this time of the year? (so, however, because, we also

Key Learning Activities/Formative Assessments - This is where lesson planning begins (Section 3B)
Key Activity/Formative Assessment
How does this activity support the Mode of Self
(representative samples from beginning to end of
unit goals or performance tasks? Communication Community
Students activate prior
knowledge- thinking about the
Warm Up: what do you do with your family
previous years of how they Interpersonal S,C,W
during Winter Break?
spent their Christmas with the
Provide information on
Read the dialogue in a group of 2 Interpretive C
Christmas Holidays
Using Bloom’s Taxonomy – the
Expand the dialogue within the topic students can be creative with Interpretive S,C,W
the dialogue
Provide information about
Compare/contrast how people celebrate Christmas holidays in different
Christmas in the United States and in other countries for students to C, W
countries differentiate the differences
and similarities

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Worksheets: what to decorate on your
Expand terminologies Interpretive S
Christmas tree in the TL
Different view of points why
Explain what the students draw on the Interpretive,
certain things the students put S, C, W
worksheet and share with the whole class Presentational
on the Christmas tree

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