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Surveyor Capt yeshwant Raj

Function -1

Errors of magnetic compass

How will you correct them?

Working principle of gyro compass

Rule 19 explain

Situations based on rule 19

Describe lights of fishing vessel at anchor

Define NUC and RAM

Ecdis update procedure

Ship routing

Indian reporting systems

NAV areas and met areas

How do you receive NAV warnings on ships

How new danger is marked with cardinal buoy

Function 2-

Loading procedure and precautions of




Loading grain on ship without DOA

Carriage of ores above TML

Vapour return line?

Why has carriers need re liquification plant

Timber loading procedure from start to securing loading explosives on passenger ship

Function 3-

Doc’s required as per IsM code

Doc’s as per ISpS code


Ship interaction forces

Turning short round

Difference between mates receipt , boat note and bill of lading

Simulated launch of free fall boat?

Buoyancy requirements of life boat

Dry docking formulae

Critical period

Result-P F F


Capt. Yeshwanth raj

Rule 19

Ror Cards

Sea plane

Wig craft


Ocean currents

Grounding action


Plans required by the dock

Formula for P

How to load explosives in cargo ship & passenger ship

Hw to load grain

Precautions while loading timber

Timber lashing

P&A manual
Information in shippers declaration

Precautions during heavy lift

Cargo claims

Concentrates and precaution

Sewage discharge criteria

Sliiping of anchor

Bank suction effect

Precautions before flooding the dock

BDN contents


Function 1

Definition : NUC & CBD

Explain rule 9&10

Vessel grounded when u r on watch

Banking effect

Lights & shapes for v/l aground & isolated danger buoy ,west cardinal,

Diff between ocean currents and tidal streams

And few more questions...

Function 2

Chain register

Coal hazards & precautions

Documents required to carry IMDG

IMDG segregation in general

shipper declaration details for IMDG CARGO

Cargo damaged while on loaded passage, receiver is not accepting damaged cargo

Content of cargo securing manual, which all type of vessels have

Function 3

Tri party / bi party agreement

Angle of lol , how to differentiate from list, correcting action

What is KN curves , uses ,

Sheering force and bending mm how to calculate

Lifeboat lowering and hoisting speed, FPD , onload off load release mechanism

plans for dry docking, plug plan

Dry dock calculations

Manuals required as per ISM

ETA arrangements

Sewage discharge criteria, treatment plant, special areas..etc

Types of PSC inspection

Capt.SK das

Chain register

PL load test frequency (lifting gear ) & how to carry out onboard

condemn wire ropes

Few questions in IMDG