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IN THE CONGO The Yamba Yamba band at the African Bizonal Conference.

International Helper, Viktor Boehm, In the evening we were all invited to On Thursday 24 Feb. we had workshops.
writes about the Bizonal Meeting in Mateo’s wedding in a Catholic church. Rida, Salomon and I visited first the GTZ
Africa which was held in February… with Madame Dr. Nour. She made a direct
Two buses brought us to this church to contact for us with the EU-office with the
By the Grace of the Almighty God we witness the wonderful ceremony and expert Antoine Avignon for water supply
were able to hold the Bizonal meeting rhythmic music. Afterwards we were and infrastructure.
from 19-26 February 2005 in Kinshasa, as invited to the wedding party, also with
it was planned in the Bali resolution 2001, dancing and Congolese music up to This seems an important contact. Kingan-
11 years after the first one in South Africa 1:30am. toko, with 51 ha, is only a pilot project; a
1994. regional planning project involving several
On Sunday 20 February we held the keji- villages will be necessary for a big pro-
It was a miracle, how the budget of the waan day with discussions and testing, posal to the EU.
Bizonal Meeting was achieved by the men and women separately. In the after-
participation of many sponsors. Thanks to noon we held workshops. On this Sunday On Friday 25 February we visited the
the sponsors and also the RDC members 10,000 Kimbanguiste attended for prayers Kingantoko Centre and had a wonder-
for their hard work. in the Centre. ful sunny day. After latihan Nkanga closed
the Bizonal Meeting and we had a good
Seventeen members from outside Africa On Monday 21 February the Susila lunch with Jamb-Jamb music by Makape’s
came and 16 country delegates from Dharma workshop was held and in the band with the new amplifier, and later a
African countries including Angola, afternoon with NGO people such as dancing clown on stilts made us all laugh.
Brazzaville, Ethiopia, Nigeria, RDC and FOLECO, OXFAM etc. Together with
South Africa. Rida, Salomon and I visited the British On Saturday 26 February we tested about
Embassy with DFID Représentant Bronte which country should host the next
There were also fifty more African Flecker. Bizonal to take place in 2 or 3 years. Nige-
members, so that we were altogether 80 to ria was the best possibility.
90 persons. And later we made the first contact with
the EU-attaché, Ana Maria de Sous At the WC 2005 it will be confirmed and
Ferreira, to find funds for Kingantoko. We the Nigerians will look for a suitable place.
We had a very rich and harmonious
Bizonal meeting with always latihan organised a meeting for the next day.
Then we tested about the possibility of
and testing in the morning. The big air- young people to go to the WC 2005, if the
conditioned halls from the Kimbanguiste On Tuesday 22 February the SICA work-
budget and visas can be arranged. Nkanga
Centre were rented for this. shop was held along with SYA and SES.
has the list. In the evening 7 of us left with
The workshops went on to the evening.
Air France from Kinshasa to Paris.
Before the latihan that we got a Congolese Rida, Salomon and I visited the EU-office
breakfast at Odett’s Kimbanguiste kitchen with Filippo Saracco of regional forest The Bizonal meeting was a strong experi-
and often lunch and dinner. We heard environment and agriculture. ence for most of us. The liveliness of the
nearly every day the brass and drum music Africans is good to see.
of the Kimbanguiste. On Wednesday 23 February we started
after latihan with the presentation on the And for a background story to the
On the Saturday 19 February the official World Congress 2005. Later we had a Bizonal Meeting and the development
Bizonal Meeting started in the afternoon workshop on Kingantoko, where the Feasi- of Subud in Central Africa, go to page 3
with several speeches, country reports and bility study from GTZ/FOLECO was pre- for the life story of International Helper,
two theatre performances. sented. Mateo Alvaro Diabanza, who was mar-
ried during this Bizonal Meeting.

SUBUD VOICE - April 2005 1

believes it is time to make the spiritual
intentions, which have always been the
WORLD CONGRESS NEWS impulse, more overt in the programming.

The big question was: “How can we make

Advance Bookings for Concert Getting Involved sure Subud has a presence?” Running a
whole two-week session on Subud itself,
Buy your tickets in advance for the Talented, creative, dynamic, visionary just now seems out of the question.
amazing “Tranformations“ symphony members wanted! To help with the
concert. Featuring the European premiere organising, or submit your program Instead Dina has invited Alicia and Solihin
of “The Seven Circles of Life“, a Cantata suggestions, fill in the Get Involved form Thom to lead a session based on their
composed and conducted by Lucas on the congress web site. work that has been inspired by the latihan,
Richman ( Principal Conductor with the on the Life Forces. It is being billed in the
Knoxville Symphony Orchestra). We'll answer any questions a.s.a.p - following way:
Patience please! Give detailed information
This inspirational work uses the text and about languages, profession, hobbies etc. “Spirit Quest (with members of the Subud
melodic lines of the Subud founder's if you want to join in with the organising. Association) Solihin and Alicia Thom's
poetic work Susila Budhi Dharma. The Once confirmed, if you edit your Being Human, and Intimacy, inspired by
concert will also feature the Innsbruck form please send a note to ariella. the Subud spiritual practice, enable you to
Symphony Orchestra and the finest about this so she can be integrate the life forces that shape your
instrumental soloists from Subud. To learn sure to notice important changes. actions, beliefs and identity through sur-
more and to order your tickets, render to the Divine.”
For all congress information go to The holiday also includes several other
2005WorldConcert.php workshop leaders and participants choose
freely which sessions they attend.
Now in English and Spanish. AND FOR THAT It runs from August 6th to 19th 2005 and
If you can’t order on line, contact APRÉS CONGRESS for international travellers to World Con-
the Subud USA National Office gress, makes a great opportunity to drink
MOMENT… in the Greek sunshine and recuperate with
Important Notice like-minded folk, as well as benefiting
SKYROS! from the life-enhancing work that Alicia
Register for Bus Shuttle to avoid long and Solihin do.
waiting times. Please add your flight data Hermione Elliott brings news of a land-
in the registration form. Only by adding mark event and a great opportunity for Dina, herself a psychologist and psycho-
your flight data can we organise a travellers to World Congress. An event therapist, is the author of two per-
personal pick up! Bus Shuttle is now also with special rates for Subud people... sonal development books: "Life Choices
available on the 21st of July from Munich. and Changes - develop your personal vi-
This Bus Shuttle is 75% cheaper than a Skyros had been the happy holidaying sion with imagework" and "The Joy of
train. Register now and see you soon! ground for many people in Subud over the Burnout". She also runs a course at the
years. Skyros Centre and Atsista, as well as Sky-
Children and Youth ros in Thailand. Anyone interested can
This year, immediately following World check out details at
The registration fee for younger family Congress, a session is being run by Subud
members includes the entire child care and members, Alicia and Solihin Thom, for Hermione Elliott, UK. 44(0)2392632176
youth program facilities which include Subud and non-Subud guests.
Nursery care, a Kids Daily camp, facilita-
tion for Youth Peergroup activities and the For those who don't know, Skyros is a
small, quintessentially beautiful island
use of all creative and sport facilities dur-
ing the whole congress. off the coast of Greece.
It has been ‘put on the map’ and brought
A few special program offers might entail
minimal fees in addition. If you register to the attention of people all around the AND S. WIDJOJO
your children, it is the only way to ensure world through two highly successful holis-
that we can plan successfully for a great tic holiday centres - The Skyros Centre
and Atsitsa. Most Subud members know that there is a
program which considers all kinds of long running disagreement between PT S
needs and interests. 130 children under 12 Widjojo and BSB Trust. This has been
yrs. and 210 from 13 – 25 yrs. have al- Many people may not be aware that Dina
Glouberman, one of the two co-founders hard to report in Subud Voice as the two
ready signed up! For those youngsters who sides present lengthy, technical and com-
may need support, check out the ‘We’re all back in 1979, is a Subud member.
plex arguments in support of their case.
Going’ link on the web site.
Both centres give people the opportunity
to go outside their normal range It is difficult to simplify the history and the
Accommodation issues. See Harris Smart’s column about
of experience and have fun while they
grow and change, whether through per- the issue at Click on
Prices are usually per person NOT per “Reflections: under News in Brief..
sonal development, creative arts, commu-
room ( unless otherwise stated)! Rooms
nity living or learning a new skill.
close to the congress centre are getting To read the BSB Trust point of view go to
fewer by the day, so to ensure you have a Last year Dina took over the operation .
good choice register now! from her former husband and now, in cele- For S. Widojo go to Konrad Baerveldt
brating the first 25 years of Skyros, she

2 SUBUD VOICE - April 2005

During the recent African Bizonal meet- ence of Angola, my country
ing (see report page 1), International that was under Portuguese co-
Helper Mateo Alvaro Diabanza was mar- lonialism.
ried. Here he writes about how he found
Subud in Africa. His account of the diffi- Just at the time, I received a
culties and dangers with which he has scholarship to study journalism
had to contend in his life help us to real- from the F.N.L.A (National
ise how different life and the latihan is Angolan Liberation Front) that
for people in parts of the world less stable was fighting against Portu-
and comfortable than for those of us who guese colonialism. For two
live in affluent western countries. weeks, I was still experiencing
the manifestation of God’s
Subud arrived for the first time in Congo power and I started asking Al-
Kinshasa in 1971 when Bapak sent mighty God to take back what
Muchtar Martins to open the first Subud He gave me.
members in Kinshasa. According to
Muchtar Martins it was a relief for Bapak During these two weeks I went
when he knew that members in Congo to see brother, Muinda
were opened. Fukieno, to share with him
what happened to me. Lacking
I knew about Subud in 1971 because one experience, he could not tell
of the members who was opened, Muinda me anything.
Fukieno, told me about it. At that time I
was really very young and was having a On 3rd November to celebrate
difficult time in my life. This conversation my birthday, I went to the bar
was very important for me, as I decided to to drink, and that night when I
take seriously my prayers to Almighty was back home, I felt that the
Mr. and Mrs. Mateo Alvaro Diabanza.
God and ask Him to allow me to have a Holy Spirit left me; but the
contact with His power. important thing was that the
could be opened. Instead he brought me to
experience marked my life.
After two years in 1973, the year that I the Christian Prayer group where I stayed
finished my high school studies, one Satur- till 1988.
After the Coup
day afternoon, I had a visit from the Pastor
of Kimbanguist Church (the Christian Or- As it was God’s will for me to be a Subud
On 25 April 1974, there was a coup in Por-
ganization that allowed its Facilities to be member, finally, in May 1989 I was
tugal. Military officials took power and
used to hold the 2nd Bi-Zonal Gathering.) opened. In 1991, I was tested as helper and
decided to decolonize all the countries that
in the same year there was reconciliation
were under Portuguese colonialism policy,
He shared with us the history of the king- in Angola among the 3 traditional parties
including Angola.
dom of Congo that was divided into 3 and again my party sent me to Angola.
countries - Angola, Congo Kinshasa and In the same year, there were negotiations
Congo Brazzaville and so on. First Subud Group in Angola
between Portugal and the 3 Angolan lib-
eration parties where they agreed to form a
Before he left, he told my family that After the elections, the civil war started
coalition government which would prepare
something would happen that night in my again and I had to leave Angola. But be-
free elections and 11 November 1975 was
family but we did not have to be afraid fore that, when I was in Angola, I formed
set as the date of the independence of An-
about it. I was saying to myself, “These a Subud group that actually joined another
people talk a lot, what is going to happen?" group led by Mambele and constituted the
formal Subud group in Angola.
In January 1975 my party sent me to An-
Receiving the Holy Spirit gola where I worked for the coalition gov-
During the civil war another member
ernment as a journalist. The process lasted
The same evening, as it was a custom on opened by me in Angola took refuge in
only a short time, because while my party
Saturdays for me to go out with friends to Congo Brazzaville and he wrote to me that
was preparing for the free elections, there
drink and dance, I went to a pub close to people were interested on Subud. Then I
was an international conspiracy; the com-
my house to drink, but that night I was a put him in contact with our beloved
munists started the civil war and took over
little bit different because I wanted to brother Ruagasore Mampuya (who passed
dance but something prevented me. away in 2003) and with Angelique Nlandu
(Fredericka, former IH) he went to Brazza-
I had to leave Angola and took refuge in
About 10 p.m, I left the bar with a friend. ville to open members and started Subud
Namibia from January 1976 to 1977. I
We said goodbye to each other and I went in Congo Brazzaville.
lived 5 months in Zambia, and 3 months in
back home. At home, when the moment the East of Democratic Republic of Congo
came to do my prayers before going to I went to Colombia. This was very impor-
and finally, on 17 August 1977, I was back
sleep, I received the contact of God’s tant for me because I decided to study
in Kinshasa, after a long journey of 5,000
power. The Holy Spirit came upon me so Public Administration to help my country
km by roads, railways and rivers.
strongly that night that I made all my fam- and specialized in Human Rights. And I
ily get up to experience what was happen- worked hard to improve my latihan.
As soon as I was back in Kinshasa, I went
ing. At the time I predicted the independ- to see Muinda Fukieno to ask him if I
Continued on page 11.

SUBUD VOICE - April 2005 3

MAGDALENA VERHEYEN, daughter survivors would have to
of former SDI Chair, Wilbert Verheyen, be given vaccines imme-
was one of many young Subud members diately.
– mostly Indonesian - helping tsunami
victims. Here is Magdalena’s personal Although Magdalena is
story told in reports about her and in her an English volunteer on
own words… her own, she hopes that
her presence will be of
Getting there: These extracts come from some use to the people of
an article on January 7th in the Indone- Aceh.
sian newspaper WASPADA:
From Magdalena’s first
The earthquake and the two waves of the e-mail to her family:
tsunami that engulfed the provinces of
Aceh and North Sumatra, caused deep I had to wait a long time
suffering amongst the families of the vic- in Jakarta and then in
tims. Medan which I found
very difficult to do. But
The TV images deeply moved the feelings now I am here I am doing Magdalena and friend in Aceh.
of Magdalena, better known as Maggie, what I can. I was working
Verheyen (aged 25), a nurse from Buck- in Anrungan for three days, we saw over wish I could do more. But then I feel so
inghamshire Chilterns University College 400 people and I was asked to give tetanus humble to be around such strong, kind
(BCUC) and the Hillingdon Hospital in vaccinations to the children (130). I am people. Everywhere I go I am offered tea,
London (England). The anguish of the now working for Global Relief and we are coffee and food, from people who have
Indonesian people soon made her decide to working very closely with UNICEF. nothing, absolutely nothing.
become a volunteer in Serambi Makkah.
I have been offered many jobs here but I Today I am in Medan, and I have brought,
“Although I am English and live in Lon- have picked one which I feel is helping the pens, pencils, school books, some leather
don, I also have Indonesian blood and be- most people. I am covering one of the larg- footballs, skipping ropes, clothes and a
cause of that I feel especially called to help est areas in Meulaboh, called Samatiga. pair of shoes. These are some of the things
the Aceh people.” The area now has about 10,000 displaced people have requested. I thought it was
people. I will help this next week to vacci- important to get some things that would
Magdalena said that before she went to nate 1500 children against measles. We are put a smile on the kids’ faces.
Indonesia, she had the opportunity to ask doing this work with UNICEF and soon I
several of her friends to volunteer for will be setting up lots of Primary Health Brought closer to issues and concerns
Aceh. But they would not go, because to Care Clinics.
them it seemed a place always full of con- I have been helping Global Relief and Sa-
flict and skirmishes. Nevertheless Magda- Samatiga has about 14 villages where I maritan's Purse with the Malaria Interven-
lena didn’t feel discouraged. Although will work. I think I have been very helpful tion Program. We go out to these areas by
alone, she was still determined to go to in translation and with my nursing skills. I helicopter, because it’s the only real way
Aceh. And on seeing her courage, Magda- have also helped the French in their clinic of getting to the villages since many of the
lena’s colleagues immediately supported for a few days and they did not want to let roads have been damaged by the tsunami.
her. me go, but I felt that they did not really
need me as much as Global Relief. In the last two weeks our group has treated
A group of young people sold their Christ- over 300 people for malaria and provided
mas presents and gave the money to her From another e-mail: basic primary health care. I sometimes
for the victims in Aceh. Then, after she hear NGOs talking about poor collabora-
bought medical supplies and vaccines at a We have vaccinated all the children in tion with one another, but I have to say
pharmacy in London, the owner asked Samatiga against measles - around 1100. how happy and lucky I feel to be involved
where was she going to use them? When We are running mobile clinics each week in this work.
she told him they were destined for Aceh, and continually assessing what is needed
he immediately added a cash donation of and handing over information to various I find it still hard to comprehend the utter
£50.00 for the people there. NGO's asking them for assistance. loss of life and destruction of livelihood.
As soon as I wake up I see mess around
Besides gifts in cash, there were also col- Every day is different. A few weeks ago I me; mud, dirt and sadness. Because I
leagues who gave gifts in kind, such as went to the harbor in Meulaboh and saw speak Indonesian, I feel it has brought me
medical equipment. Even though they did something I will never forget. I saw a man closer to their issues and concerns.
not dare to go to Aceh, they showed in this going through mud looking for his belong-
way their sympathy for the suffering of ings and I started to talk to him. This man Thanks to Ilaina Lennard who put to-
others, added Magdalena. had lost his wife and four kids. He then gether this story. Magdelena has just
went off on his motor bike; the man was in been interviewed by UNICEF and landed
Magdalena thought that, besides the his fifties. As he drove off all I could think a 3 month contract with them. She will
evacuation of victims, the volunteers was “what do you now live for?” now get a good salary, a house and a car,
would have to direct their efforts towards and will organise and supervise the train-
protection against contagious diseases I hear stories every day which stay heavy ing of other nurses for the Aceh area.
such as cholera and typhoid. Therefore the on my heart, and I feel frustrated because I

4 SUBUD VOICE - April 2005

RELAX Maxwell Fraval of SIHA provides an Cells have a mini-skeleton, whilst the ar-
introduction to SIHA’s mission along eas around cells have a matrix of connec-
The Ashgrove – Music to Refresh, Relax with some good advice about water... tive tissues, that provides a networks of
and Inspire, By Leonard Paice, DJC Re- ‘roads’ as well as giving structural integ-
cords DJC025 The mission of the Subud International rity to the areas around cells. Both the
Health Association (SIHA) is to promote mini-skeleton of cells and the connective
One of the latest offerings from DJC, our the attainment of true human health by tissue matrix around them are able to
Subud record label, is by Leonard Paice providing opportunities to share our ex- structure water because of the protein sur-
who sings and plays solo flute and des- perience and together receive a way for the faces in them, which are negatively
cant recorder. He is classically trained, content of healthcare to be touched, charged.
but chooses to entertain small groups of guided, and enlightened by the Power of
elderly people. Here Stefan Freedman, Almighty God through the latihan keji- Water molecules then become stacked one
musician and choreographer, reviews the waan of Subud. on the other by the positive charge of one
disc… water molecule linking to the negative
What is Health? charge of the next one. About fourteen
Do you ever feel that the world is getting layers of water, roughly 5 nanometers
more and more noisy and cluttered? Even This question is not easy to answer. It is thick, can be structured in this way.
music is now so multi-tracked that the ef- certainly not merely the absence of dis-
fect can be ‘dense’ – contrived and indif- ease. There are many people who do not Structured water appears to be better ab-
ferent. This is what makes Leonard’s col- feel well but whose medical testing and sorbed and helps improve the uptake of
lection of tunes more than welcome. screening shows nothing positive. The minerals and nutrients. Drinking struc-
concept of “Health is ease of flow” pro- tured water therefore appears to have con-
It’s so simple and fresh you feel as if vides a basis for a uniform approach to siderable benefits for health maintenance.
someone is playing just for you in your health.
own living room, and then speaking and Ionised water also appears to have distinct
playing to you personally. You hear the We can talk about this in terms of ease of advantages for health. The optimal pH of
flute played solo, as sweet and uplifting as blood and lymph flow through the body; drinking water is 9 or above which means
birdsong, the timeless descant of the re- ease of flow of air in and out; ease of flow it is very alkaline. Much research on ion-
corder, blazing trails in the air unfettered and digestion of food in the digestive tract; ised water has been done in Japan and Ko-
by synthesizers or thudding drums. ease of flow of movement; the ease of rea over the last 40 years. It has been
fluid function; ease of flow of thoughts shown that ionised water acts as a free
The songs and tunes create a multicol- and feelings; ease of flow of energy along radical scavenger and protects DNA from
oured weave. Several make me feel like meridians. These themes will be covered oxidative damage.
moving and dancing. Others carry the stir- over the coming months in this SIHA cor-
ring and heartfelt melodies of Scotland, ner. It also appears to help kidney function and
Ireland and Wales. wound healing. Other studies have shown
In this issue we will look at that most fun- that ionized (alkaline) water improves di-
Then Leonard takes us deeper with the damental of all substances….water. gestion and reduces the incidence of ab-
sublime theme from “Scheherazade”. Just dominal disorders. Alkaline ionised water
as we’re lulled into an enchantment comes Water sustains all forms of life. About appears to have a beneficial effect on the
“Papillon”, which exhibits Leonard’s skill 70% of our body weight is water, which formation and maintenance of bone as well
as a flautist. This is perhaps my favourite translates to about 45 litres (10 gallons) of as normalising blood pressure.
track of all as the notes seem to cavort and water for a person weighing 55 kilos (120
play. pounds). For all these reasons drinking 7-8 glasses
of structured ionised (alkaline) water daily
Toward the end Leonard treats us to some Water is one of the most mysterious sub- will help both the macro-motion/flow of
of his own tunes and songs. You feel he is stances on the planet. Scientists are still fluid (i.e. the general circulation) as well
letting you in on his life as he plays “A discovering new and amazing facts about as micro-flow at the cellular and extra-
Dance for My Dad” and “A Song Whilst water. cellular level.
Looking for Work”. Others take me back
to the feeling I had when I first ever heard Szent-Gyorgi (the nobel prize-winner who There are now a number of ionisers avail-
hymns as a child. His original spiritual discovered Vitamin C) in his classic book able for use in the home, two examples of
songs such as “The Little King” have a on The Living State, described how he which are the Akai ioniser made in Japan
touch of fairytale innocence to them. envisaged macro-molecules inducing and the Jupiter ioniser made in Korea. An
structure in surrounding water molecules, alternative is to use Liquid Trace Minerals
Altogether the CD delivers what it claims and how the structured water protects, available from
in a very personal and winning way. Leo- separates, and also links the macro- or Alkalife
nard announces each track just as he has molecules. drops available from by
done at many delightful gatherings. adding the drops to your drinking water.
One of the unique properties of water is
To obtain the disc contact Andrew that it is an oscillating dipole. What this It really is essential to drink enough water
Clague. See Andrew’s advertisement on means is that water is positively charged in to maintain your health.
the back page of every issue of Subud one region and negatively charged in an-
Voice. Visit: other due to the combination of hydrogen References can be supplied.
Email: and oxygen. This enables water to line up
Tel: 01603 403052. 104 Constitution Hill, with protein surfaces which exist both in- Contact Maxwell Fraval at
Norwich, NR34BB, UK side and outside cells.

SUBUD VOICE - April 2005 5

Ibu Rahayu, Bangalore, India 11th September, 2004, Recording 04 BLR 1
Final translation by Raymond Lee

Brothers and sisters, whom I love and re- Human beings will never achieve anything a consequence forget your duty or aim
spect, good evening. if they don't move, if they don't apply this which is to go back as a human being.
essence they have inside them - this es-
Brothers and sisters, as my last visit here sence of life, this essence of movement. Brothers and sisters, we are human beings,
was eight years ago, many of you may not For a human being to move means to so let's talk about the nature of human be-
know me. As such, I should first explain work. In fact, everything has to work: ani- ings. Within each human being is a soul.
that the talks I will give you are in fact the mals work, and plants work too. Every This soul is alive, it has a life without end,
same explanations that you have heard in nature of God that lives, works. in other words, it is eternal. As the part of
Bapak’s talks, and cover what you experi- you that is alive is the soul, God, or rather
ence in your latihan. For that reason, if So for human beings, if we are to achieve the essence of God manifests in your soul.
you don’t understand something yet, just something, if we are to find the reality or When I say the essence of God, I don't
accept it. I am sure that, even though what proof we wish for, which we call a’fal (the mean that God is inside you, it is just
I will say you will have heard many times fourth element), we must make an effort. God's essence - the essence of the Power
before, there are still those among you We must make an effort as far as we can in of God. If God were inside you, no-one
who have not understood the process of accordance with God’s will, to achieve else could have this contact.
the latihan yet. what God wills for us, and to find what
each of you is looking for. This is why we call the latihan “training of
Brothers and sisters, when it comes to the soul”, because in Subud it is your soul
teachings and advice about religion, or that does the work.
about the spiritual life, there is already ‘That's why, brothers
much that is available or discussed in re- And God knows too that for you to live in
ligions, that is, in every religion. That’s
and sisters, don’t feel this world you need to have the necessary
because the aim of the advice or guidance bored, and don’t have equipment with you to survive here. We
found in religion is to educate and guide call this equipment our “lower forces”. We
you to become a good human being, a no- a feeling, “Why doesn't call them lower forces, since these forces
ble human being. my latihan change?” exist below the human forces. Even
though we need these lower forces to live
But in Subud there are no such teachings as though nothing is in this world, it is in their nature to disturb
that you have to study, because Subud is a happening in you. Even us; they disturb us because they can trans-
technique, or a way, whereby you can form into our desires and passions.
draw close to Almighty God, you draw though you don't feel
close to the One who created you. In this
respect, clearly God did not just create you
you are making any An Immeasurable Gift

then forget you - God guides you so that progress, the latihan is That’s why this latihan is an immeasurable
you will know which path to take, so the grace, a priceless gift from God as, even
connection you have with God, as one of constantly working while you still live in this world, you can
God's creatures, is always present in your inside you.’ start to receive this contact from God,
being. from the Power of God that you were not
aware of, that you didn't know about be-
This is why, in Subud, we pass through What Are you Looking for? fore.
four phases or elements of life. The first of
these elements we call zat, which means What is it that you are looking for? You In fact, this contact - this connection be-
the essence of the Power of God, and this want to understand the purpose of your life tween a human being who has been cre-
essence of the Power of God is present and to understand why God created you to ated and the essence from the One who
throughout the whole of creation, and it is live in this world. Why do we need to do created him - has always been there, it has
present in every nature or sifat (the second this? It’s because our life in this world is always been close. This could be seen in
element) in which God manifests. These clearly heavily influenced by this world. the time of Adam and the other prophets.
natures, or entities, include those we see, They felt close to God and whatever they
those we can't see, those that are small, This is why, brother and sisters, as God is did was what God willed. But the material
and those that are large. All were created All Merciful, even though God has created influences make this contact weaker and
by God. That’s why we call them natures us in this world to face all the risks and weaker, fainter and fainter, and in the end
created by God. And because each nature challenges posed by the influence of this human beings have forgotten that they
or entity in which God manifests was cre- world, God is always Merciful, and time were created in this world by God.
ated by God, each one is imbued with the and time again God has sent us messen-
essence of God. Now, anything that is im- gers, so that we won’t go too far, we won’t So, Bapak’s experience is a Gift from
bued with the essence of God is alive and stray too far from our origin. God, as now, in this modern age, in these
that means it moves, and if something difficult and trying times, Bapak received
moves it can also develop. What is our origin? God created you to be this Grace - the contact with the latihan.
a human being, so clearly God wills that And because this contact came from the
As each nature can move, so too for us when you return, you should return as a Power of God, what Bapak received - this
human beings, as we are alive, we also human being. So, don't lose what you pos- contact that Bapak received - has been
move. In our case, to move means to work sess during your time in this world and as passed to each one of you.
and we call this asma (the third element).
Continued on page 11.

6 SUBUD VOICE - April 2005

April 2005

Drawing by
Editor Ilaina Lennard Luqman
Email: McKingley

“Long ago, something like what we received was received by prophets including Jesus.
That is why Jesus was able to awaken people’s souls. Whoever he touched, whoever he
It was the wished, their soul awoke. But after Jesus Christ departed, this receiving gradually
closed up because of the rapid progress of the thinking mind of man which always

same in the chases after greatness and heights of knowledge.” - Bapak

There was no difference. Jesus had taken Prophet Abraham heard that voice, and so
case of with him everything he had. did the other prophets, Moses, Jesus and

Jesus When Bapak met Jesus Christ

Bapak's mission
When Bapak met Jesus Christ, Bapak was
able to check Jesus’ experience when When Bapak received the gift from God, it
Extracts of Bapak's Talks from Jesus received his Ascension, and, to was witnessed not by Bapak alone: but by
THE LIGHT OF CHRIST - a compare it with Bapak’s own experience. all the prophets who have been
selection by Luqman McKingley messengers of God to this world, who
Bapak found that what Bapak had have heard God’s ’Voice’.
experienced was the same. Bapak
.. In the Ascension, Prophet Mohammed experienced the separation of Bapak’s soul Indeed, if this had not been the case ~ if
had experiences which are a sign that, with and body in exactly the same way. Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed and
his soul, and throughout the inner-feeling others had not all approved of Bapak’s
of his inner self, he was able to experience You need to understand that you can live mission to spread this spiritual contact and
things that cannot be experienced by the in that greater, wider world ~ the world training to all humankind, then it would
physical body. where all God’s prophets live ~ exactly as have been impossible for the mission to
you live in this earthly world: except the have been accomplished.
It was the same in the case of Jesus Christ, scope of the realm beyond is so much
who came back from his Ascension and greater. .. So, only with the condition that all the
showed himself ~ actually, his inner self ~ previous messengers gave their approval,
to his disciples. Jesus returned from being Being able to live like that after death was Bapak’s mission enabled to be
with God in Heaven and showed his makes it very, very important for you to fulfilled.
friends that he truly did live a life without truly follow the latihan kejiwaan of Subud
limitations, a life that was not like life on .. In each age of the prophets, there were
Earth, a life that demonstrated the people who did not want to be associated
Resurrection. with the prophets, and even fought against
And really you must understand that
them because they thought they might lose
matters of money, questions relating to
.. Jesus Christ came back to Earth and their power and felt the prophets’ very
money, are absolutely trivial in
came to his disciples and explained to special messages, which could have
comparison to spiritual matters, and
them and showed them that he was alive ~ brought them to be of really good
following your spiritual exercise. If you
just the way he had been alive in the world character, were untrue.
can really feel this, and if you follow your
before his death, but now more so.
training in full faith, your life will always People said that what Jesus and
be peaceful. Mohammed received, for example, was
Look at my hands!
just plain magic, or child’s play, or simply
The Voice was not real. Neither Jesus nor
Bapak has heard that Jesus was even
willing to 'prove’ it to one of his disciples, Mohammed was educated, nor did they
.. In each of the holy books ~ in the Gospel possess the learning of someone you might
one of his friends, who doubted.
of the New Testament; in the Qur’an; in call shrewd or clever. Yet now, the words
So Jesus said: "Here, look at my hands!” the Psalms; in all of them ~ it is said that, and advice and messages of these and the
And Jesus’ hands had the marks of the before anything existed, there was the other prophets are believed in, followed,
nails on them from when he was crucified. Word, the Word of God: a Voice from the studied and reputed for their efficacy,
unknown, a Voice from the One God. depth and sublimity.
Jesus in the next world was simply a
continuation of Jesus in this world. It was said to be a booming voice. Continued on page 8.

INNER VOICE - April 2005 7

Meditation, supernormal powers, magic and fakirs
The following are Now, concerning meditation, it is have received the latihan kejiwaan, the
some of Bapak's necessary for a person who is going to action of meditation is no longer of any
stories and advice meditate, first of all, to empty his mind use.
on these subjects, of thought and imagining. This is
taken from necessary so that the whole of his Pewarta VI 3 pp.19-21 Letter to a
Dominic Rieu's feelings and thoughts can be member in Sri Lanka
book A LIFE concentrated in the direction aimed for,
WITHIN A LIFE - and that which is aimed for is Almighty Supernormal powers
now out of print. .. God.
Dominic comments: Bapak from time to
Whereas for you, who have received the time mentions the practices that enable
Meditation is like chasing your latihan kejiwaan of Subud, the One who men to acquire abnormal or 'miraculous'
shadow is aimed for guides and directs you so powers, such as the ability to walk on
that you can know your nature and life. fire, survive under water for long
As you know, the latihan kejiwaan of So, your desire to do the latihan and periods, walk on walls like lizards and so
Subud exists and comes because of meditation is in fact doubling the work. on. He never questions the existence of
the grace of Almighty God, based on Or, if you are unfortunate, your heart and such powers, as many Westerners still
surrender to the power of Almighty mind may easily become confused, do; after all, he lives in the East and
God with submission and sincerity. because it is like chasing your own knows they exist. But he says that they
shadow - you follow it in swift pursuit, come from the lower forces and turn man
Thus, the fact that we are able to do whereas the shadow is always in wrong directions and not towards
the latihan free from the influence of accompanying you. Thus, in fact, it will God. Whenever men with such powers
the passions is because of the be just the same if you stand still and do contemplate joining Subud Bapak warns
existence of God's power within us. not chase after it. them that they will lose them, and should
Subsequently, it only remains for us not be opened if they prefer to keep them.
to follow the will of God. For this reason, it seems that for us, who
Continued on page 9.

It was the same in the case of Jesus him. It was Jesus’ friends who then made
decisions and passed on his teachings.
Continued from page 7. Now, Moses is the prophet who When Prophet Mohammed died, there was
represented the distinguishing between no second Prophet Mohammed who took
It is recorded that Abraham had enemies what is right and what is wrong, what is over. It was Mohammed’s friends, Ali and
during his lifetime and that even the king good and what is bad, what is holy and Abu Bakar and such people, who got
opposed him, so that Abraham was forced what is unholy. This is symbolized in the together and carried on with the teachings,
to defend himself and safeguard his cleavage of the waters ~ the separation of to pass on the Messenger’s love and
followers. the sea. Water is the symbol here for the spread it around the world.
feeling of human beings.
Moses’ enemies did not believe in the Bapak is not meaning to compare himself
existence of the One Almighty God and Jesus was the prophet symbolized by to the prophets; but the examples of the
pursued Moses until they reached a sea. crucifixion. The crucifixion signifies that, situations are similar.
Through a miracle of God, it is related, in reality, there is life after death, and there
this sea opened wide for Prophet Moses is heaven and God’s Power beyond this Was there any candidate to succeed Jesus
and made a path for him and his followers world. after he died? Who took Mohammed’s
to cross. But when the pharaoh and his place when he passed on? No one.
soldiers-in-pursuit reached the middle of Prophet Mohammed symbolized that all
that sea, the waters closed up again in power, both worldly and spiritual, in this So, unless God Wills otherwise, the most
great waves and drowned the pursuers. world and in the next world, is in God’s there can be is ~ not a deputy~ but, as it
hands. were, a continuation: a continuation
Jesus Christ steadfastly spread the message Such are meanings of the histories of some through this spiritual contact and training
he received from God so that people might of the prophets. which, via yourselves, is spread widely
change their ways and improve their bad over the whole world ~ if Bapak should
behaviour to their fellow human beings. There will not be a second Bapak die.
Most people did not follow his advice but
opposed him. And of them, some If you look back at the history of the So if you ask Bapak who his successor
slandered, tormented and, it is said, prophets, it has been before like it is now will be, Bapak cannot and may not answer.
crucified him. for Bapak and you. Only the One God can answer, if God so
Prophet Mohammed confronted similar Once Bapak is no longer here, then it will
ignorance and stubbornness from people be all of you who have to sort things out Plainly, where Grace or Inspiration or
who did not want to believe the message and carry things on. Revelation from God to human beings is
he brought, and it became so difficult that There will not be a second Bapak. concerned, you cannot compare it with the
Mohammed was forced to make war on situations of people holding certain earthly
them. When Jesus Christ died, there was no positions.
second Jesus Christ selected to replace
Continued on page 9.

8 INNER VOICE - April 2005

that is the real human world that is beyond
this world.
Powers that will leave you
This that Bapak has described to you is
called Ishtitchrat. The name Ishtitchrat
Continued from page 8. The man said, 'The use of this amulet is refers to powers and strengths and
very great because it gives me all sorts of miraculous capabilities which are acquired
Magic practices powers. In. particular, anything I really by man as a result of an effort of his will,
want usually comes about. Also, all as a result of fasting, as a result of self-
One time Bapak was in Medan, and there a women always fall in love with me. But deprivation, as a result of going off into
man came to Bapak who wanted to be during the latihan. this bottle has got lost lonely places and practising asceticism and
opened, and he was a man with very great and I don't know what happened to it.' so on and so forth.
miraculous powers of the kind that Bapak
described. In particular, he used to be able This is a proof of the fact, which is a These powers are the result, then, of man's
to stick to a wall and climb up it like a general case, that through the latihan, if will and the working of man 's heart and
lizard. In other words, he used to be able to you happen to have any powers that you mind. It is clear from the existence of such
stick to the wall like that without holding acquired before - in other words, through things in the world that God permits man,
on to anything. He was also able, through these methods of meditation or spirtism God gives man licence to practise
his magical powers, for example, to jump and so on - this will actually disappear. In whatever he wants. In other words, God
across quite wide rivers. Now this man other words, any miraculous powers which gives man permission and God gives man
was opened, and once after the latihan make you very strong or impregnable or the opportunity to use his heart and mind
Bapak noticed that he was very confused something like that, will leave you as a and to develop it in any direction that he
and in a state of great agitation. result of doing the latihan. would like; and that, therefore, brings man
to a point such as Bapak has described.
Bapak asked him, 'What's the matter? Why This belongs in the realm of magic, which Pewarta Special Supplement 7 pp.1 - 39.
are you in this condition?' Bapak usually refers to in the case of Paris, 22 August 1977
spiritism, hypnotism, magnetism and so
He replied, 'Bapak, I am worried because I on. And all these powers which are Fakirs and fire-walkers
did my latihan fully dressed, with all my normally acquired by people through all
clothes on, and in my pocket I always sorts of practices and asceticism and self- Brothers and sisters, as Bapak has
carry with me an amulet, which is a little denial and so on, tend to disappear if we mentioned before, the worship of God by
bottle filled with water.' do the latihan kejiwaan. So for this reason man is something that is extremely
Bapak, in the past, has always taken the difficult to attain; and because of this
Bapak asked, 'What's the use of this precaution that before opening someone difficulty and seeing the general
amulet?' Bapak always used to ask them, 'Do you difficulties of the life of man in this world,
have any objection if Bapak asks you many of those who study these matters
something?' (that is, spiritual matters) go to
It was the same in the case of Jesus extraordinary lengths in their pursuit of the
If the person agreed, Bapak would say, right way to worship God Almighty. They
'Well, do you have any powers or any bring to bear on this problem tremendous
Continued from page 8. special knowledge, or any special skill or effort of will, to the extent that they go to
some special magic which makes you great lengths, like practising asceticism
A king can be replaced and someone else different from other people, or makes you and fasting and self-immolation and self-
gets crowned king. A president can invulnerable, or something like that?' torture, in the hope of achieving
resign and someone else can be elected something.
president. If the person answered, 'Yes, this and that
power, or I have this and that teaching that Now, they themselves are not aware that
But a prophet or messenger cannot be I acquired,' then Bapak would say, 'Well, in these efforts they are actually moved by
replaced. No one became a second Jesus actually it is better for you not to be the material forces, so that through these
Christ. Jesus received the reality, the opened because it is quite clear that all efforts they actually are going wrong -
hakekat, from God Almighty. Jesus was these powers you have acquired will they are going in a direction which is
able to pass on to some of his followers disappear if you do the latihan kejiwaan - completely wrong. And through all these
that same hakekat or living reality. But because the latihan kejiwaan is a efforts that they do they actually deliver
manifestation of God’s will within man, themselves up into the jaws of the lower
there were very few who were able to
and God's will is that we become ordinary, forces, or to put it more clearly, the
receive it.
just ordinary people, and therefore you are material forces.
.. Before, in the case of the prophets and certain to lose these powers that you have
acquired. So it's better if you don't get Now, although these people have really
messengers, God, as it were, sat 'Up gone off the rails - or, it can be said, have
There’ on God’s Throne ~ and the one opened and don't join Subud.'
lost their way - yet through these practices
who did the work down on Earth was the they receive all sorts of things which are
After Bapak talked like this to people, of
Messenger: giving advice, caring for truly amazing. For example - and many of
course there were some who preferred not
people, and so on. you have heard of these examples - in
to be opened; but, on the other hand, there
were those who still asked to be opened India fakirs who become completely
Now, with this latihan kejiwaan of because they had a real sincere wish that impervious to the sharp points of nails or
Subud, it is as though God has got up their physical bodies should be cleaned of other sharp things. They are capable of
from His Throne and has come into this all these things that they had acquired; so walking on fire without being hurt, and
world to act Himself. that as a result of finally becoming pure they are able to dive under the water and
again, or clean again, when the time came stay there, not for one or two minutes, but
The passages above have been taken from for their death they would not then get for hours and sometimes even a whole
Luqman McKingley’s selection of Bapak’s day.
Talks, called THE LIGHT OF CHRIST. To
grabbed or sink into the world of these
order, tel/fax (62) 021 750 3724 or e-mail: lower forces, but would be enabled then to return again to the world of their origin - Continued on page 10.

INNER VOICE - April 2005 9

"One who is able to follow the will of God "Yes, immediately. My only question
Two More Stories and be obedient". would be: Did I make a mistake?".
Looking me squarely in the solar plexus,
The meaning of this name and the Ibu replied,
experience of receiving and accepting it
My new name seemed to be synonymous. "No. This is for the evolution and
development of your soul."
After I was opened, and over the course of I have, of course, been held up against this
nearly nine years, I asked Bapak three yardstick forever after, to measure the So, with the breath of her blessing breaking
times for a new name before he chose one progress in wearing this garment fittingly over me, I was fully confirmed and
from a proffered list of names beginning (while my inner and outer bodies keep officially "launched".
with the initial he had at last given me. so, changing shapes).
I was 'Lydia' for the next 25 Subud years Praise be to Almighty God.
when, in 1993, almost 6 years after Bapak At the time, I was working as a teacher's
had passed on, I had a dream. aide in a classroom of adult English- - Olivia Panopoulos, USA
second-language students and wondered
In the dream, I wrote a very long letter to how to proceed to tell them.
Bapak listing all my complaints! and
immediately received a two-line note from Vibrating like an old refrigerator, I told the An Experience at Rosh
him in response. it said, teacher that I had written to my spiritual
guide and he had given me a new name.
"You need to have a new name. You Have we not borne witness that indeed
should be called Olivia." "God can do that which cannot be done"?
I would like to
It was she who then told the class I was
I then saw myself writing the letter "O", share an
now to be called 'Miss Olivia'. End of
scrolling loops all around the outside of its experience that I
simply formed, basic roundness. had some years
ago with Rosh
So this change was in several ways made
Just then, I was awakened by the sound of Hashanah. At that
rapid and easy. but it wasn't until I spoke
my husband's footsteps and immediately time I was living
about this experience with our Ibu Rahayu,
related this dream to him. in Rockland
who was passing through Los Angeles
"What are you going to do?" he asked. County about 20
briefly a few months later, that I was given
Levitating off the couch and floating into miles from New York City.
a stamp of approval or authority acceptable
the next room, I answered, "that's it!", shut to those who questioned whether this was a
the door, and found myself in a full blown Next to Israel, the percentage of Jewish
valid receiving because I hadn't written to
latihan. people in Rockland County is higher
Ibu before or after receiving the name.
than anywhere else in the world. I really
A garment seemed to drop from me and loved the influence this had on Rockland
The experience of receiving this name
Olivia stepped forward. County, and enjoyed the fact that my
from Bapak was so complete, it seemed
children had no school on Rosh
redundant at the time to do anything
Of several which clamoured for attention, Hashanah.
only one question, arising from the latihan:
"What is the meaning of this name for In 1998 I had an extra-special Rosh
Straightaway Ibu Rahayu asked if I was
me ?" was answered: Hashanah. That year God gave me a gift.
using the name, and I said,
I was able to feel the prayers going up to
God all around me. I could feel prayer
Of Fakirs.. going up from homes and synagogues all
over Rockland County, lifting the
pressure of the material forces from my
Continued from page 9. wrong and going astray?' in the way that locality, giving us all some relief from
Bapak has just told you, well, the answer our constant load to bear. The prayers
Now it is clear, actually, that all these is, of course, that there is a great deal of were for all of us.
powers that they have acquired are advice from mankind, and for mankind,
sornething that is completely wrong and which is designed to keep man from Then that morning when I went to do my
not in line with what is God's will for straying off the right path in approaching latihan I received a wonderful
man. God Almighty. understanding:

On the other hand, because these things But the problem is that the one who "It is not right that people of other
look miraculous and very extraordinary, tempts man, the one who always turns religions should ever dislike or despise
they impress other people and thereby man away from the right and makes him the Jewish people. The Jewish people
these fakirs become very proud of what unwittingly turn into a way that is wrong have carried the Ark of the Covenant
they have achieved, and they advertise or a way that is bad - that is, although he wherever they went, at a heavy cost of
their powers as a gift from Almighty embarks on a way that is right he suffering for hundreds and thousands of
God. Indeed it is always the will of the suddenly finds himself turning into the years. The Ark of the Covenant is the
heart and mind of man to be regarded as wrong direction - the ones who do this symbol of TRUE FAITH in the ONE
somebody who is extraordinarily strong, tempting are the lower forces which, as ALMIGHTY GOD. All the religions of
or to be regarded as someone who is Bapak has said, are part of man's being. the world rest upon this TRUE FAITH ,
miraculous in every way. This is the which the Jewish people carry as a
nature of man's heart and rnind. Pewarta Special Supplement 7 pp. 137-8 reminder to us all."
Paris, 22 August 1977
In case you want to ask, 'Is it not possible In Churches all around us, people are
through teaching or advice to correct or All passages from A LIFE WITHIN A LIFE, praying, like my Jewish neighbors have
prevent these people who make an effort, Dominic Rieu’s selection of Bapak’s advice. been doing each year on Rosh Hashanah.
or who study spiritual things, from going out of print.
- Prisca Maier, USA

10 INNER VOICE - April 2005

inside, from the power of God inside you. your mind will work will change; it will no
And the aim is that someone who acts longer be filled by the working of your
IBU’S TALK badly will become good, somebody who lower forces. Your mind will be filled by
behaves well will become complete. That’s your soul so that your way of thinking will
what God hopes for! be wise, you don't seek to be right, or win,
Continued from page 6.
it will be as if something guides you in the
Of course, to do latihan isn't as simple as way you think, and in what you feel.
To begin with, only Bapak had the contact,
that. We must follow all the processes of
but as Subud spread the helpers have But, you cannot study any of this; this is
the latihan with a feeling of willingness
passed this contact to all of you, to the not something I can teach you. I cannot
and an attitude of surrender. To surrender
point now that Subud has grown to be- show you how to quickly become a good
means that if you go through some diffi-
come a worldwide association. And, al- person, or rapidly reach what you are hop-
culty, you should ask God to help you, you
though we don't know everyone else in ing for. You have to find this yourself. But
should ask God to open the way for you.
Subud, yet the feeling of the latihan, the you won’t find it from outside, or from
development we experience in the latihan, other people’s ideas. You have to find it in
That’s why in religion there are practices
is the same for all of us. So, brothers and your own self. But, this doesn't mean that
such as fasting, or quietening oneself. The
sisters don't think that if it's not the time you shouldn’t listen to anyone else any-
aim of these practices is to learn how to
for international helpers, or for me, to visit more.
distance yourself from your desires, from
you, Subud will not develop here. The
the passions and desires that want to over-
development of Subud depends on you. So, brothers and sisters, this is why we
come your true self.
need to do the latihan. Indeed, many of
The latihan that is active in you is your you who have been in Subud a long time
Now, brothers and sisters, by doing latihan,
effort, your work. What kind of work is think, “Why isn’t there any progress?”
your lower forces also come to life, this
this? It is the work you do to form your Well, if we compare ourselves to other
means they grow too. So, if you don't go to
true self, your true individuality. people, we don’t seem to change. But, you
latihan, it’s easy for these lower forces to
control you, you will easily be colonised, can feel your development yourself, you
Why do we need to form our individual- can feel what you have achieved so far.
or overwhelmed, by these lower forces,
ity? It’s because from the time we were So, look at your own self, and don’t com-
and they will become the masters of your
small, even when we were still in our pare yourself with others.
being. That’s not what God wants!
mother's womb, the living essence we pos-
sess has been affected by the influences of I feel my explanation is enough for to-
That’s because, brothers and sisters, when
this world. What are these influences? night. I will finish now, as there will be
we come to die, our aim is to die free of
Well, food, and, as I said earlier, the lower time later to add to this and to give you the
burden, in other words, the lower forces we
forces. These comprise the material forces, explanations you need about the latihan. If
use here will find their own heaven, their
the forces in plants, the animal forces, and I go on now, I will give you too much to
own realm. Then there will be no obstacle
there are even our own human forces. think about at once, and that will disturb
for us to return home as God wishes us to
do. you, and you won’t sleep. Thank you.
So, brothers and sisters, that is the connec-
tion between a human being and the life
In the latihan, we go through different
we have within each of us. This is why we
say this latihan is training without end, it
processes, from one level to the next. The
first process we experience is purification
will never end, and it will never be com-
and the development of the soul. What I
plete. Because the nature of the latihan is Continued from page 3
mean by the development of the soul is
life, we won't only do latihan in this world
that, due to the nature of the soul, it will
- perhaps it is God's Will - but you will In 1996 while I was working for Funda-
penetrate every part of your body - both
take this latihan with you after you die. cion Amor, Rosanna Hille as SDI repre-
your physical body, and your senses. To
penetrate means that the soul occupies sentative visited F.A, and we talked about
So, this latihan is not only a preparation the situation in Congo, where for 7 years
those parts of you. The reason you move
for death. No! You will carry the latihan nobody in Subud from outside could visit
when you do latihan is because your soul
with you as long as you live and, as I said them. Their situation was hard and I of-
occupies your hands, for instance. And it is
earlier, you have eternal life. That’s why fered to go myself.
not just your physical body, it also enters
you shouldn't worry about when this lati-
your mind, it also enters your feelings, in
han will be over, or when it will be com- After the testing was positive, SDI decided
fact, every part of you will be penetrated
plete, as there is no end to it. That’s even to send me to the Congo. I visited the
by your soul.
more the case when you live in the next many projects and groups, doing latihan
world - you cannot use your heart and and testing with the members. Then, with
Why is this necessary? The soul doesn’t
mind there, you cannot use your lower Ruagasore and Fredericka, I crossed the
just come to life and stop at that. We do
forces anymore. So, in this regard, the life river to go to Congo Brazzaville where we
latihan, we do this work, so that the soul
I talked about means the life of your soul. opened 10 new members, 8 men and 2
can grow and blossom. But what is the use
of this process, what’s the point of your ladies.
That's why, brothers and sisters, don’t feel
soul filling every part of you? It is a prepa-
bored, and don’t have a feeling, “Why In 2001 in Bali, I was chosen as one of the
ration. What for? It is a preparation so that
doesn't my latihan change?” as though International Helpers for Area 3 and I tried
you will understand what God wills for
nothing is happening in you. Even though to understand my mission. The receiving
you. Once you have been touched by God
you don't feel you are making any pro- was clear: working to help members and
and every part of you has come to life,
gress, the latihan is constantly working helpers to improve their latihan. This has
whatever you do will be, as far as possible,
inside you. been our mission as a dewan in all our
in line with the Will of God.
visits, endeavoring to improve and deepen
How Does It Work? the members’ latihan in order that we may
And this contact will reach your mind; it
will reach your emotions. Then, after you have strong pioneers and strong Subud
How does it work? It works to educate groups in the world.
have been in Subud a long time, the way
your self! You educate your self from the

SUBUD VOICE - April 2005 11

When Ibu Rahayu visited Bangalore, the founder and director of Anisha, gave not comfortable with two large Western
India last September, one of the most Lawrence Freyer, Joe Rosario, and me a men entering their world. Their eyes
interesting presentations of local Susila tour last September it seemed much larger. quickly filled with tears, and they cried for
Dharma projects was from the tiny non- the first few minutes.
profit, Anisha. The one-room shanties are so tiny and the
walkway between them so narrow that a Working Together
Anisha is founded and directed by Valli Westerner’s eye automatically adjusts the
Rajan, and dedicated to improving the scale to fit his expectation. Despite its Valli originally conducted classes on the
lives of the people of Vandimode slum in small size, Vandimode is home to 40 pavement. This became increasingly diffi-
the “K. R. Market” area of central Ban- families. cult because of the traffic, so she identi-
galore. It is a profound and inspiring fied some land and lobbied elected offi-
project. Three other families live around the corner cials for construction of a community hall.
on the rooftops of two small shops, and During this period a three-year-old girl
Hillel Natanson, Lawrence Fryer, and several others survive in a makeshift plas- disappeared while her mother was away at
Joe Rosario, visited the Vandimode slum tic tent in the small gap between shops. It work.
of Bangalore with Valli. Hillel says of the is the people of this domain that Anisha
visit and the project… was established to aid. There was nobody to look after her chil-
dren and no facilities for them, and the girl
Jammed into the tiny seat of one of the was never seen again. This added real ur-
myriad autorickshaws of India, Lawrence
Freyer of Germany, Joe Rosario of Banga- “Perhaps the most gency to the project. Valli found a bit of
funding, and some recycled materials were
lore, and I were braving the nightmare of terrible thing is not the donated from a couple of demolition pro-
Bangalore’s morning rush hour. jects.
poverty and hunger,
Like all the burgeoning cities of Asia,
Bangalore’s traffic is a chaos of cars,
nor the pollution, nor The residents used a bullock cart to bring
the materials to Vandimode, and they all
buses, cows, trucks and the omnipresent the extremely crowded joined in to build it. So, this little room,
mini-vehicles that totter about on two or
three wheels powered by two-stroke conditions and expo- which was built by the residents them-
selves, is a real sanctuary.
scooter engines producing sooty, black sure to heat, cold, rain
and noise. The worst There is also a “sangha”, or community
With marked relief we finally extricated room, built in much the same fashion, but
our western limbs from their confinement
thing is that Vandimode it was in use during our visit so we were
and tumbled out onto the sidewalk to meet slum is a prison from not able to see it. Soon after its comple-
Valli Rajan, the dedicated young director tion, the residents moved religious para-
of Anisha.
which escape is almost phernalia in and it now also serves as the
impossible—a prison community’s temple.
This is a small but effective project dedi-
cated to releasing some of the poorest of into which children are This helps to ensure the safety and integ-
rity of the room from those who might
Bangalore’s slum population from the born and where they wish to damage or destroy it, but would
prison to which they are condemned by
poverty and illiteracy. Valli appeared on serve a life sentence.” not have the foolish courage to violate a
the other side of street, so we plunged temple. But, in fact, it is seldom idle.
across the crazy traffic and somehow
found ourselves safely on the other side There were a few people in the narrow We Couldn’t Believe…
exchanging quick greetings. walkway, but within seconds our arrival
was known. The small space quickly filled After being greeted, we moved down the
Then we followed her to a small alleyway with men, children and a few women. Al- walkway and were invited into one of the
that led back into a network of vehicle- though it was a quarter past ten in the homes. It was so small, and the ceiling
free streets and paths invisible from the morning, there is little work available and was so low, that it was really only possible
main thoroughfare. Negotiating the pud- many of the residents were in or near their for Lawrence and me to stoop down and
dles left over from the previous day’s rain, homes. peer inside.
and from something else which, our noses
told us, owed much to the nonexistence of We were invited into the children’s room We couldn’t quite believe it when we were
any proper sanitation. and, leaving our footwear outside the told that four families, totalling twelve
door, we were soon seated. The room it- people, lived in this one room. It was not
We did our best to avoid the deeper pud- self, while neat and clean, was tiny— much bigger than the children’s room we
dles. People out doing their morning about eight feet square. There was only had just left, and the ceiling was much
chores looked at us askance as we passed. room for the four of us, a handful of lower. There was no ventilation and acrid
“I don’t think many tourists have seen this young children seated on the floor, and the smoke from cooking filled the room.
place.” Lawrence later muttered. young teacher, Ms. Alamelu.
In the shadowy interior I could see some
The Vandimode Slum A large group crowded around the small cooking pots and dirty bedding on the
doorway, peering in. Mr. Shakir, the com- floor; there was little else. An older man
The Vandimode slum is only 100 feet long munity’s leader, brought soft drinks for us. and woman inside smiled at us.
and 20 feet wide but, when Valli Rajan, In spite of our welcome, the children were
Continued on next page.

12 SUBUD VOICE - April 2005

Next, we were taken to see the rooftop a.m. and do not put them
settlement high above two shops. We back in place until 8:00
could make out some sort of structure up p.m. No problems with
there but, in order to really see how the weather, no medical
families lived, it was necessary to climb emergencies, nothing
up. restores the ladder—the
shopkeepers never allow
The ladder was hand-made and, though it access during the day.
looked reasonably solid, we were warned
not to use the top rung. The rooftop was To get to the toilet that
high, there was concrete pavement be- the people of Vandimode
neath us, and the ladder did not reach all must use took about three
the way to the roof. minutes through loud and
chaotic traffic. The toilet
There was a frightening scramble from the itself is not an inviting
second to top rung to the rooftop. Fortu- place and it smelled bad.
nately, several of the men climbed up first
and helped us up. I learned that a young During the walk, I had
woman had fallen in the past and been noticed other child la-
seriously injured. bourers working to pack-
age goods right on the
On the roof was a crude tent which housed streets. There were many
several families. There was also a more other ladders leading up
substantial structure that had been im- to many other rooftops.
proved over the years. This had a reasona-
bly solid roof and walls to create separate I have lived in India now
rooms; but it was rough and served as for almost three years and
home to several families. have seen many slums
and have walked through
On the Roof several of them; but it
was quite a different ex- Seeing it through the eyes of people who live there.
It is very difficult to get supplies up there, perience to see one
and most of the basics required for a rea- through the eyes of the people who live social events, and perform religious
sonably comfortable life were not avail- there. prayers and rituals.
able. There is no plumbing, protection
from the weather, nor even basic safety What we saw and learned that day left an There is also a small room for the chil-
precautions. indelible impression. Surprisingly, it’s not dren. They now have a leader from within
all bad—not by any means. The generosity the community to represent the interests of
Bare electrical wires run close to the struc- and dignity with which the people manage the residents to government officials. But
ture, and though there is a drain for rain- to live under such circumstances is as- there is still much more to do.
water, it is not adequate in the tropical tounding. But the circumstances are inhu-
downpours that the monsoon brings. man. Vandimode is what is known here as an
“unnotified slum”. The residents of a
The rooftop itself is divided into several We thanked Valli for taking the time to “notified” slum, which would typically be
segments by walls that are over a meter show us her project, and hailed an larger than Vandimode, are entitled to
high and difficult to climb over. Recent autorickshaw for the return journey. certain rights and services. These include
new construction on an adjoining building water, drainage, electricity, a community
has cut into the meagre space available. About Valli Rajan and Anisha hall and a “patta” or certificate of posses-
We climbed down and said goodbye to our In 1997, Valli Rajan was a busy student of
hosts. Valli then asked us to follow her to law and sociology. While regularly pass- They also have a certain amount of politi-
the public toilet that is used by the Vandi- ing through K. R. Market on the way to cal clout. This is not the case for
mode inhabitants. Valli told us that the school, she wondered where the child la- “unnotified” slums. Valli’s education in
slum dwellers must pay to use the facility. borers frequently working on the streets law and sociology has been vital to her
lived. She asked the children, and they success. She has also had substantial work
Habit and Economic Dependence took her home to the Vandimode slum. experience, despite her relative youth.
Caught in a web of habit and economic What Valli Rajan saw that first day She has used her education and her two
dependence, the people’s poverty is used changed her life and inspired here to start years of legal experience to the advantage
as a weapon against them by shopkeepers Anisha—which means “Coming into light of the residents of Vandimode and has
who take advantage of their vulnerability. from darkness.” It also changed the lives taught them to represent themselves to
of the inhabitants. government and organizational officials.
There is little regular work in the area. The
shopkeepers give them occasional work Since the inception of Anisha residents’ Just as importantly, she learned of Subud
for low pay and the right to squat on the no longer walk three or four kilometers and the latihan while working with Joe
rooftops or in the shanties in the alley. each way to retrieve water—there is a wa- and Bella Rosario at Mithra, another local
ter tap installed for them to share within Susila Dharma funded project. She was
In return, they are expected to do as they the slum. opened in January, 2002.
are told, whenever they are told, and to
accept whatever comes their way. The They now have a “sangha”, a community Continued on page 14.
shopkeepers pull down the ladders at 9:00 room in which to conduct meetings, have

SUBUD VOICE - April 2005 13

lore. Preparations are underway to expand
ANISHA Anisha’s work to include a small LUSANA FALIKS
neighbouring slum.
Continued from page 13. Rosetta Koach writes...
Valli gets regular advice and encourage-
ment from Joe and Bella Rosario at the
Valli is now married and works full time Our beloved sister Lusana Faliks past
Mithra Foundation. She also has the sup-
as an administrator for the Institute for away this morning at 6:30am March 3
port of her local Subud brothers and sis-
Cultural Research and Action which pro- 2005. She was loved and will be missed
ters here in Bangalore. She told me in a
motes sustainable organic cultivation with by many, many Subud members. Lusana
recent email, “When brothers and sisters
small and marginal farmers in the state of was born 1919. She was married to Leo-
are there to encourage and support Anisha,
Karnataka. pold Faliks in 1942. Together they had two
I get more strength to work for the poorest
of the poor, smoothly and also effec- children Waqidi Falicoff and Rasada Rus-
In the years since she began her work in sell. Lusana was one of the first Subud
Vandimode, Valli has come to know all of members, being opened in 1959. She at-
the slum’s citizens, and they all know her. tended the 1963 Briarcliff congress in up-
The Goals of Anisha are:
In her scant free time she works tirelessly state New York--the first Subud congress.
on behalf of Anisha.
To empower neglected children and
women in distress and improve their Lusana's husband Leopold died in 1967
Perhaps the most terrible thing is not the during a house fire and when Lusana asked
socio-economic status;
poverty and hunger, nor the pollution, nor Bapak what she and her two children
the extremely crowded conditions and To provide pre-primary education for should do, he wrote that she should come
exposure to heat, cold, rain and noise. The children 3-6 years old; to Indonesia and live near them in the
worst thing is that Vandimode slum is a Subud compound. Lusana then lived many
prison from which escape is almost impos- To provide alternative non-formal educa- years being close friends with Bapak and
sible—a prison into which children are tion to working children; his second wife, Ibu. Lusana had many
born and where they serve a life sentence.
To promote the effective implementation wonderful stories of Bapak and Ibu which
and enforcement of government laws, were captured on video tape by Jerry Cha-
India is the world’s largest democracy,
regulations and schemes that affect the lem and is available through Subud USA.
and there is a tremendous amount to ad-
mire here. It has a dynamic and growing lives of its constituency through commu-
nity development and education; In 1978 Lusana had a horrible car accident
economy, complete with a burgeoning
in Indonesia where she broke many bones
middle class. It has the unmistakable feel
To develop a library and communications in her body. She was at that time brought
of a people and a nation on the way up,
center to provide free access to knowledge back to California, USA. After several
and the spirit of entrepreneurship is every-
and information; reconstruction surgeries she was put into a
nursing home in Sonoma County, Califor-
To provide free legal services. nia. The doctors said she would never
But it is still struggling mightily with two
difficult and stubborn heritages: its own walk or use her right arm again.
Valli Rajan and Anisha can be contacted
indigenous caste system and several hun- at Anisha
dred years of painful and exploitative co- My mother, Muftiah Weinstein, visited her
Email: in the hospital and afterwards in Sonoma
lonial rule. Valli is confident that educa- C/o Valli Rajan
tion is the key that can unlock the doors to County many, many times. One year later,
No.498, Errappa Line she came to visit my mother, by herself, on
this prison. Her primary and immediate N.R. Colony, Murugeshpalaya
goal is to improve what Anisha is now a bus, walking and using her right arm.
Bangalore-560017, India She then moved out of the residential
able to offer to the children of Vandimode
slum. home she had been living in and into her
own apartment, near her daughter Rasada
Russell who hired a male nurse to help
She wants to hire a more senior teacher to
help the less experienced teacher who is
CARING take care of her. The two of them fell in
currently on-duty from 10:00 to 12:30. COMMUNITY love and eleven years after her husband's
death, Lusana became partners with Hyam
She wants to extend the program into the
afternoon. Glickman and they traveled around the
A small group of Subud members in the world together over the next 17 years.
She wants to provide a nutritious lunch to USA have been working for the last few
the students and to have the basic material months to bring structure and organization Lusana spent many happy years in the Bay
resources necessary to inspire the children to the efforts conducted toward the Subud Area near her daughter, Rasada, her 11
with a vision that could move them out of Caring Community. grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren.
the abysmal cycle of poverty and suffering She continued to do latihan with the So-
in which they are trapped. We have attached a summary of the work noma group and when getting to the group
we have done during the past few months. was hard, they did latihan with her.
She is also aware that successful education
depends on proper health and sanitation, We would like to invite you now to join Around two years ago she moved up to
freedom from child labour, and personal with us in this work as we move forward. Bellingham, Washington, with her daugh-
exposure to successful, caring adult role ter, Rasada. Aliza Albornoz and several
models. Occasional day trips to nearby Specifically we invite you to participate other Subud members from the Belling-
cultural sites are being organised to help through the new interactive discussion ham group visited her in her new residen-
build pride in the children for their ancient board at <> tial care home to do latihan. Thank God
culture. for the latihan, for guiding Lusana to
We invite you to share your vision of what Subud, and for guiding our sister now on
She also wants to get them out of the slum you would like the Caring Community to her journey to a new life beyond this
to see and experience the beauty of nature be in five years. Our joined visions will world.
away from the intense urban life of Banga- help define our sense of mission and pur-
SUBUD VOICE - May 2004
14 SUBUD VOICE - April 2005
old, and included with all the women who
came to wash her body.
REMEMBERING RIDWAN Under a canopy of batik on the roof garden
of Bapak’s house, women sang and cried
One year ago, on March 6, Ridwan Russ and lovingly bathed Ibu for the last time. I
died in a car accident near Melbourne, remember the heat, the scent of frangipani
Australia. He was 28. and rosewater, and the beautiful feeling. It
was this experience that gave me the un-
The eldest son of Halimah and Alhazmi, derstanding and the courage to help pre-
Ridwan was brother to Alexandra and pare Ridwan’s body.
Magnus. Thirty years ago I was an atten-
dant at Muchsin (as he was known then) Lilliana Week, Sydney
and Halimah’s wedding in Cilandak. We
have known each other in differing cir-
cumstances over the years, and Halimah is
my closest friend.
When I got the call, I went to Melbourne.
Alhazmi and Magnus - then living in Bris-
bane - and Alexandra from London, had An obituary for Alexandra Green by
just arrived. Halimah’s mother Joan came Paula Blacking..
from Perth, and Utami, wife of her brother
Mansur, came from Indonesia. It was an Alexandra Green died in Cape Town on
extraordinary time, and I wrote about it to the 15th October, aged 82. Her death was
Mansur who had been visiting Canada. a happy one, laughing and talking with her
On this first anniversary of Ridwan’s daughter and a nurse beside her. She had
death, I felt I wanted to share the experi- suffered ill health for some years, nonethe-
ence more broadly. Ridwan in Kalimantan. less always cheerfully and uncomplain-
ingly borne.
Alhazmi had expressed the significant ob- filled with the sense that everything was
ligation he felt to wash Ridwan’s body. done just as it should have been – con- She and her husband Eddie were opened in
But after attempts to organise this with firmed by the contentment on Alexandra's 1965 by an Austrian couple, John and Irma
other men in the traditional Muslim way, it and Alhazmi's faces. Rath, who were leading and helping the
became clear that Alhazmi would need our Cape Town group at that time.
help. When we went outside we were amazed
that it was many hours later… time had A neighbour had lent her a copy of Con-
And so it was that Ridwan was lovingly bent into another shape altogether. cerning Subud, and this was the turning
washed and prepared by his father, his point in both Alexandra and Eddie's lives.
sister, his aunt and friend, in what was an Ridwan’s funeral was a loving community Subud helped immensely to sustain them
extraordinary process for each of us. event that filled the church. Friends carried when they were hit by tragedy. Their son,
We were fortunate that the funeral people his coffin, and a beautiful young opera John, was lost and succumbed to the ele-
supported us completely - sensitive to our singer’s voice expressed exquisite joy and ments whilst walking with a group of his
need to be alone, and being on hand as anguish. school in Hermanus.
Love and support flowed from every direc- After the Raths returned to Austria, the
I felt prepared and willing for what we had tion. Flowers filled the house, food parcels Greens, with the greatest love, took over
come to do, but it was still a shock to see and meals arrived as needed, money and the care of the Cape Town Group. Both
Ridwan’s naked body so completely with- messages came from the Subud commu- were renowned for their kindness to many
out life. To stand beside his father and nity worldwide, and from friends every- Subud members.
sister as they witnessed this reality was where; Ridwan’s workmates, acquaintan-
achingly painful. It was so beyond what is ces, friends, parents of friends. They fetched and carried Subud members
ordinary, I felt on the edge of being lost, taking them to the latihan or bringing them
and of surrendering, and looked to Utami. When I left to return home to Sydney a to their homes when needed. Their spare
We so needed each other to be present for week later, I felt I was stepping out of a bedroom was always available to Subud
Alhazmi and Alexandra - and together we protective bubble that had surrounded us members visiting Cape Town for meet-
became strong, sister pillars. all. In Halimah and Alhazmi I saw such ings, or for any other reason.
courage and surrender - each in their own
The latihan was a powerful presence. We way very much living the whole experi- Alexandra was both National Helper and
sang and cried and prayed as we gently ence - the shock, the blessings, the tears, Councillor Kejiwaan in her time.
cleaned Ridwan’s body, and washed his the love, and pain.
hair. Utami provided the Islamic form, For several years she and Eddie lived on
giving a pattern for Alhazmi to follow - Able to be open to all that had happened, the South Coast in Natal, where they did
first rinse the head three times, then the and was happening. For each of them, and Latihan with the Durban Group. Eddie
right side, then the left. Magnus and Alexandra, there was a long died there at a great age in his nineties
journey still ahead. some 10 years ago.
The experience of washing Ridwan was so
powerful, and in the end the difference It was a special time and I am so grateful We can say with great certainty that Alex-
was palpable. We witnessed the transfor- that I could have been of service. andra's (and Eddie's) spiritual bags were
mation of a young, broken body to a beau- packed, and that their passing was accom-
tiful, peaceful being, wrapped in rose pet- My first experience of death was when Ibu
plished with great grace and ease.
als and white cloth, ready for burial. I was died in Cilandak in 1971. I was 13 years

SUBUD VOICE - April 2005 15

EVENTS THEATRE Yamba Yamba Orchestra - ‘Rainstorm’ £11.00

WORKSHOP Robert Millard ‘Piano Recital 2 (Chopin)’ £11.00
Adrienne Thomas ‘Speaking In Tongues’ £11.00
Harlan Cockburn ‘Ship Without Rudder’ £11.00
3: WORLD LATIHAN An International Theatre Workshop at
Leonard Paice ‘The Ashgrove’ £11.00
4:00 (CET) - 3:00 (GMT) La Source – Loubetas, French Pyrenees from April Prices include postage anywhere.
24th to 28th, 2005 included. (Credit Card option on website)
24-28: Theatre Workshop at La Source,
southern France. See NEWS for details or A theatrical experience for all of those DJC Records
contact: over 18 years old, called the “Ritual of 104 Constitution Hill,
thinking bodies” Norwich, NR34 BB UK.
28-May 2: Active Spirit Meeting at
This workshop will be run by Cleanthe
Loudwater Farm, UK.
di Perelle, a Subud member who has
been trained in dance, rhythm and mu-
sic at the Institut Dalcroze in Geneva,
and who is an accomplished pianist and REFLECTIONS
12:00 (CET) - 10:00 (GMT) sculptress, and Nicolas Mège who Reflections is a new online column of news,
studied at the Ecole Supérieur d’Art comment and folksy
5-8: Two days Kejiwaan Gathering Dramatique du Limousin, worked on philosophising by Harris Smart at
followed by two days Subud Norway numerous stage productions and is now
part of the company ‘Bouche à Oreille’
Annual Meeting.
in Paris.
27-30: USA National Gathering in Estes WORLD LATIHANS
The workshop will be for a maximum
Park, Rocky Mountains, Colorado.
total of 14 people, 18 years and older, APRIL 3: 4:00 (CET) - 3:00 (GMT)
with no particular experience needed. MAY 1: 12:00 (CET) - 10:00 (GMT)
To find the corresponding time
Real ‘natural playing’ is playing in an in your part of the world go to:
4: WORLD LATIHAN organic manner where we aren’t imita-
22:00 (CET) - 20:00 (GMT) tions of stereotypes, where we search
for the ‘right movement’ the ‘true act’
JULY the ‘instinctive impulse’. Work will SUBUD VOICE
also be done on the spoken and singing is published monthly.
5:00 (CET) - 3:00 (GMT) DEADLINE FOR
The workshop will be for 5 full days, NEXT ISSUE:
21 - Aug 4: 12TH SUBUD WORLD
CONGRESS - in Innsbruck, Austria. For six hours a day, in the beautiful retreat
full information and registration: of La Source - Loubetas in the French 15 April 2005
<> Pyrenees.
One will need to arrive the day before Send to Harris Smart,
AUGUST and leave the following day, though Editor Subud Voice, preferably by email to or
earlier arrival or later departure are also 73 Clareville Rd, Uki, NSW, 2484, Australia.
possible at normal accommodation Tel: + 61 2 6679 4020
12:00 (CET) - 10:00 (GMT)
SEPTEMBER The cost including the workshop, the Bradford Temple, PO Box 311,
Dapto, NSW, 2530, Australia
food and stay is 340 € per person. Email:
3: WORLD LATIHAN If you are interested, please contact: Fax: + 61 2 4262 1725
22:00 (CET) - 20:00 (GMT)
Maya Bernardes at RATES WORLDWIDE per 12 :
OCTOBER AUD$50.00 groups, AUD$60.00 mailed individually. (10% discount for pensioners
for more details and information. over 60 years), AUD$35 OnLine.
5.00 (CET) - 3:00 (GMT) PAYMENTS: (Australian Dollars only)
preferably by Credit Card - please provide your
B A P A K ’ S T A L K S

NOVEMBER name, address, card number, card expiry date

and your signature as on card and fax to the
subscription fax above. International Bank
Drafts and Money Orders should be made
11:00 (CET) - 10:00 (GMT) payable to SUBUD VOICE and sent to the
subscription address above.
UK PRICE £13(Incl p&p)
CREDIT CARD Minimum charge AUD$15.00. (Third World
3: WORLD LATIHAN countries - no charge).
21:00 (CET) - 20:00 (GMT)
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a variety of reasons including the need to
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16 SUBUD VOICE - April 2005