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LEAD ME LORD Dove ci e desperazione, sperare Shall dreams of to-mor-row,

Lead me Lord, lead me by the hand Where there's despair, hope pain, or sor-row,
And help me face the rising sun Dove ci e nereza, illuminarsi Can the need of food or earth-ly
Comfort me through all the pain Where there is darkness, light pos-sess-ions,
That life may bring Dove ci e la trizteza, gio-a the threat of war or man's op-
There's no other hope That I can where there is sadness, joy pres-sion?
lean upon In all these things
Lead me Lord, Lead me all my life * Oh Divine Master, grant that i vic-t'ry is our reward.
may not so much seek.. Vic-t'ry is our reward though Jesus
Walk by me, walk by me across Christ, our Lord.
The lonely road that I may face to be consoled, as to console..
Take my arms and let your hand to be understood, as to #Of this I am sure,
Show me the way understand.. that neither death, nor life,
Show the way to live inside your to be loved, as to love (as to nor angels, nor prin-ci-pal-i-ties,
heart love..) nor pow-ers, nor things pres-ent,
All my days, all my life nor things to come---
for it is in giving, that we received..
*You are my light it is in pardoning, that we are Not height, nor depth,
You're the lamp upon my feet pardoned.. nor any crea-ture
All the time my Lord Shall sep-a-rate me from the love
I need You there it is in dying, that we are born of God.#
You are my life again.. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord.
I cannot live alone it is in dying, that we are born
Let me stay by Your guiding love again.. AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL
All through my life, Lead me Lord it is in dying, that we are born O beautiful for spacious skies
again.. to eternal life.. For amber waves of grain
Lead me Lord For purple mountain majesties
Even though at times (Il Signore, mi rende Above the fruited plain!
I'd rather go alone my way unostrumento dela vostra pace) America! America!
Help me take the right direction God shed his grace on thee
Take Your road Lord make me, (Il signore)make And crown thy good with
Lead me Lord and never leave my me an instrument.. brotherhood
side of your peace From sea to shining sea!
All my days, All my life*
HE LOVED ME O beautiful for pilgrim feet
All through my days He chose me --- be-fore the Whose stern impassioned stress
Oh lead me, Oh Lord world was known. A thoroughfare of freedom beat
Lead me Lord He chose me --- to be His very Across the wilderness!
own. America! America!
PRAYER OF ST FRANCIS He made me, then let me choose God mend thine every flaw
Il Signore, mi rende unostrumento my way. Confirm thy soul in self-control
della vostra pace I chose to move a-way. Thy liberty in law!
Lord make me, make me an
instrument of your peace He loved me --- when hope had O beautiful for heroes proved
Dove ci e oddio, lascarlo seminare tak-en wing. In liberating strife
l'amore He loved me --- when I lost ev- Who more than self their country
Where there is hatred, let me sow 'ry-thing. loved
love He bought me, redemp-tion's And mercy more than life!
work was done America! America!
Dove ci e ferita, ferdono though Jesus Christ, His Son. May God thy gold refine
Where there is injury, pardon Till all success be nobleness
Dove ci e dub bio, fede Who-- shall sep-a-rate me from And every gain divine!
Where there is doubt, faith the love of God?