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Snag list:

1- Paint:
.interior handrails
.manifold (white retouch)
.retouch boya on plates of closets

2- exterior closet
.detail handrail corten
.plates retouch

3- outdoor sliding gate

. Paint black
. Wipe corten welding with ‫ خل‬and the back of the corten

4- Corten door for pit entrance

5- Uppers sink
. Paint lakkar (asap)
. Close triangular gap
. Stainless steel for towel

6- exterior small closet

.take as built for window
.retouch boya on plates

7- polish the stainless steel water tank

8- entrance gate
. Add "U" steel on bottom with fersheye
. Check the gate opening and if possible to ease it

9- rotating outdoor gate

.corten covers
.close black steel structure (fixated on top of wall)

10- install outdoor fence protection

11- handrail installation on new stairs

12- add extention of interior handrail (toni)

13- corten detail capping + resolve water issue by either adding channel or pipe