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Task 2: Managing Learning

Table 1 - Observing
Name/Description of Give the instructions When and where the Aim of the routine How did/do the students learn about this
the routine. that the routine uses routine is used? routine?How is the routine reinforced?

1 Reading Quran The teacher asks the Circle time before -It’s a great way to start the day. -The routine was applied by the teacher
students to read starting the lesson from the beginning of the semester, that’s
-It works as a warm up activity for the
Quran: why they got used to it.
Before starting we -The teacher teaches them that they can’t
-It’s amazing to calm their souls.
suppose to read start the day without reading Quran.
(Surat Alfatiha).

2 Day + Date The teacher asks one During the circle -It’s important for each student to -The teacher praises the students who know
of the students to time learn and know date and time of each the date and time to encourage them to
come and tell the day day. learn about the day and date.
and date:

What’s the day and

date today?

3 Previous Knowledge The teacher asks the Before starting the -To revise with the students. -Thank the students who answer her
students before starting lessons questions.
a new topic about their -To make sure that they understood
previous knowledge (circle time) the previous lesson or a certain -The one who remembers will get a gift.
and what they know concept\skill.
about this new lesson:
For example:-What do
you know about
addition?-What do you -To engage the students with the new
know about plants? lesson.

Table 2 - Implementation

Date Lesson Title Routine

1 Wednesday 31 Oct Story (sid the seed) + Addition Reading Quraan

2 31 of Oct Story (sid the seed) + Addition Day+Date

3 29 of Oct Math- Numbers line Previous Knowledge