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Certified Financial Market Professional Program

Bloomberg Professional Training Program (CFMP-BLOOMBERG)



University/Training Center DWCL


1 At what price will the daily candle chart of LRW LRW- PM -F8 -GPF 3.645
retrace at its 0.50 Fibonacci retracement line
2 Which sector of the Philippine Stock Exchange PCOMP F10 IMAP 2.70%
Index went down the most during the last trading
3 Looking at the population by age data of the ECST- Year 2027
Philippines, get the data for ages 15 and below DEMO:POPULATION- UNDER 15-3.022%
and for 60 and above AGE- UNDER 15 & 60 60 ABOVE- 4.880%
4 As to Net Exports, which country is the highest ECTR PH CHINA
trading partner of the Philippines last 2017?
5 Looking at a 5-year trailing average of the JFC-PM-F8-SEAG NOVEMBER
seasonality heat map of JFC, which month did the
stock had its biggest decline?
6 Get the Weighted Average Cost of Capital for AC PM F8 WACC 8.5%
Ayala Corporation
7 What is the Periodic Enterprise Value per share GTCAP PM F8 FA 1,779.39
for GTCAP?
8 How many stocks in the Banking sector in the EQS-EE 10.69%
Philippines will have a Best YoY (Bloomberg
Estimated Year on Year) EPS growth of 10 and
9 How many stocks in the retail sector of the PSE EQS 5
have a current ratio ranging between 1.2 to 2.0?
10 Looking at PSE All Shares, which stock had the PASHR-MRR HVN 1,277.27%
highest member ranked return as of this year?
11 What is the Forward 12-month average P/E ratio SM-PM-F8-EQ-EE 29.16
of SM Investments Corp.?
12 How much Php should be needed to exchange for FXFC 53.2 * 250= 13 300
USD 250 by the end of Q4 2018 considering
locking in a forward rate?
13 How much is the deviation of the Philippines PCOMP-F10-IFMO 4.5
headline inflation from its target?
14 For the year 2015, which country in Asia Pacific GDP Philippines
has the highest unemployment rate?
15 How many times did ALI pay cash dividends every ALI PM F8 DVD 6 TIMES
year for the last 3 years?

16 Which stock in the PSEi has the highest 12-month PCOMP-F10-MEMB GLO 660
dividend yield?
17 What is the difference between the industry SMPH-PM-F8-RV SMPH 35.46 median
median P/E ratio of SMPH with its industry peers 17.08= 18.38%
in the Philippine Stock Exchange?
18 Should dividends are considered reinvested in the SMC-PM-F8-TRA 88.6981%
security, then what should be the average annual
total return for 5 years for holding the stock of
San Miguel Corporation?
19 What is the volume weighted average price as of
the last trading day for ECP?
20 Name at least 2 other companies where the CEO GTCAP HOLD-F8- ARTHUR VY TY
of GTCAP is also either a board chair or board MEMB

21 What is the tracking error/volatility difference FMETF PM F8 PORT 2.87%
between the First Metro Exchange Traded Fund TE
(FMETF) with the PCOMP Index?
22 Looking at the portfolio mix of First Metro Save FMSLEQT PM F8 24
and Learn Equity Fund, how many securities PORT
except cash and bonds are in the holdings of the
23 Among peso-denominated open-end funds in the SECF-OPEN END- 120
Philippines, how many funds are equity-focused DOMICILE
and are primary issues?
24 Among all peso-denominated government issued SRCH 2040
bonds in the Philippines, what is the maturity
year for the one with the longest tenure?
25 How many government issued bonds in the SRCH 24
Philippines are USD denominated?
26 What is the forecasted bond yield for 2020 for BYFC 3.47
the Philippines referring to the Central Bank
Policy Rate?
27 What is the probability for the exchange rate of FXFM 76.8%
SGD-PHP to fall between 32 and 47 by the end of
Quarter 4 of 2018?
28 Name at least 2 stocks in the holdings sector of EQS,RRG
the Philippine Stock Exchange which will fall in
the improving quadrant of its relative rotation
29 Which business segment contributes the highest MPI-PM-F8-ECST POWER DISTRIBUTION
income for Metro Pacific Investments?
30 What is the cross-exchange rate for EURUSD? FXC 1.2308