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BEC/Church Exposure

I. Name of the BEC/Church

GKK Sr. San Miguel

II. Background

GKK Sr. San Miguel was built on the September 1990. 21 people have decided to build a
chapel and Sr. San Miguel to be their Patron. Sister Liliosa Tonggoy Miranda have promised to give
a 120 sq. meters of land to be the location of the chapel. The first president of the chapel is Brod.
Arsenio Hisula. The youth also organized and helped them, they elected Brod. Dennis Cuesta as
their first president.

The fiest day of the GKK Sr. San Miguel is September 20, 1990. In August 15, 1991 they sent
Brod. Mariano Revilla in a seminar to be a PSL (Panulo Sa Liturhiya). They celebrated their fiest

In the month of September they have been given a evangelization seminar. March 28-29
1992 they are also given a GKK Phase I Seminar.

The people faced many problems but until now the chapel of GKK Sr. San Miguel still exist
and still active in prayer and other activities.

III. BEC Officers/Structure

PSG: Cuspin T. Peralta

VPSG: Bonifacio Lopez

SECRETARY: Juvelyn Tapic


PSL: Joel Diamante Vicente Flores

PSA: Juvelyn Tapic Elena Villarosa Proserfina Gonzaga

GSAM CHAIRMAN: Juvelyn Tapic

BA CHAIRMAN: Elizabeth Peralta


SINGING MINISTRY: Virginia Padillon


1. Proserfina Gonzaga
2. Evangeline Niez
3. Luis Sarona
4. Elvie Garcia
5. Lydia Crodua

IV. Programs/Schedule of Activities

MAY- Flores de Mayo

September- Feast of the GKK San Miguel

December- Christmas Party

- Celebrating Holy Week

- Seminars and Meetings

- Feeding programs for youth

-Reached out programs for different tribes

V. Observation

When I attended the mass in the chapel, I observed that some people are laughing because
of the PSL. The PSL that resided the mass is old and he is already forgetful in what to do next but
instead of understanding the situation of the PSL they laughed. There is also a little problem about
the environment. There’s something smelly in there and we don’t know what it is. But their chapel
is beautiful and neat. They also have many statues of Saints.

VI. Reflection

I realized something because of the PSL and that is give your lfe to the Lord even if you are
haviing a hard time doing it and problems are there. The PSL have shown me true faith in God and
true service to God. I want to be like him, maybe not as a PSL but i want my faith to be like his. His
faith is immeasurable and I admire him for that.

VII. Recommendation
There’s nothing very big that I want t change or add to that chapel but there is one thing
that I want to develope, they also have to call youths to attend their masses. And they should avoid
laughing while the mass is going on.

VII. Documentation