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A Response to 9 Common

Questions Posed
by Muslims to Sikhs

Introduction............................................................................................................................. 2
1. Why do you cut your nails and not your hair? ........................................................................ 3
2. Why doesn’t your religion have a legal system? ..................................................................... 5
3. Why does Sikhism say all paths lead to the same God? .......................................................... 7
4. Why does Sikhism not mention the creation. Did Guru Nanak not know? ................................. 9
5. Why is there no mention of Satan in Sikh scriptures? ........................................................... 19
6. Why do Sikhs cremate and not bury? .................................................................................. 21
7. Why did Sikhs copy reincarnation from the Hindus? ............................................................. 23
8. Why are non Sikhs quoted in the Guru Granth?.................................................................... 24
9. Why are there no prophesies in the Guru Granth. Did the Guru not know of any? .................. 28 1
My request to all Sikhs. Please foward this information to as many of your friends as possible. We
cannot sit idle and watch as our kith and kin fall victims to the harassment of muslim groups.

I am really grateful to the person who posted the ten questions that are used by muslims to
convert un-suspecting Sikh youths to islam. I will reply these questions, one by one, on this site.
Every Sikh young or old, man or woman, will get a chance to read these and train themselves and
also all those youths who are vulnerable, for example, those who live in muslim neighbourhoods
or are at college/ university, or are living away from home. Girls should especially be alerted and
familiarised as they are the ones most vulnerable, as the reports of what’s going on in the UK tell

At the end of these 10 questions, I will have the privilege of posting the questions that Sikhs
must, in turn, ask muslims. I shall also reveal something about islam that has never been
revealed before. It will demolish all the claims made by islam or the muslims. It will be fact,
based on the teachings of the semitic religions. I promise all readers that it will be interesting to
see how islam responds to this revelation.

Let us Begin. 2
1. Why do you cut your nails and not your hair?
Dear Sikhs, don’t let these muslims confuse you. If THEY can’t understand it, let THEM crack their
heads. The question is not about cutting or not cutting; cutting ones nails, but not cutting ones
hair is simply a question designed to confuse. The question is actually something else, and the
muslims should be answering it - what constitutes living tissue, and what is dead tissue. A Sikh is
merely enjoined to keep clean that which is living, and remove that which is dead. What is living
tissue, we keep. What is dead tissue, we remove. It's as simple as that!

We cut our finger nails to remove dead tissue. If it is not cut away, it will break off anyway. That
is how nature works. Similarly, Sikhs remove dead hair tissue by combing. We comb our hair, and
all the dead hair comes away with the comb. Our Guru has instructed that a Sikh is to comb
his/her hair twice a day to maintain cleanliness. So, the question of cutting or not cutting is simply
irrelevant. Just like we remove dead finger nails by cutting them away, we remove dead hair by
combing it. Cutting of Finger nails and combing of hair are simply the METHODS of achieving the
same result, that of REMOVAL OF DEAD TISSUE FROM THE BODY. Sikhs respect the human body
as presented to us by God. All we do is keep it clean, as God Waheguru Himself wanted!

When you are challenged by a muslim with the question above, answer him or her boldly with the
answer I gave you. Then, turn the screws on them by asking them the following. The matter is a
little sensitive and I seek the forgiveness of my readers. But I believe that we Sikhs have every
right to direct this at the muslims.

God gave the male sexual organ a foreskin. If God is perfect, and His creation is perfect, then why
do muslims alter the human body by cutting away and discarding the male’s foreskin? Muslims,
the people who are always going on about ‘insha allah’ and the will of God, even mutilate the
female organ. Was muhamad smarter than God. Did he know something that God didn’t? Was he
trying to improve the human body because God had made a mistake?

Isn’t this practice the total disregard of the ‘Will of God’? If it was not the will of God, then how
did man end up with the foreskin in the first place? Who is muhamad to alter the human body and
order the removal of something that was created by none other than God himself? Unless God
made an exception with the muslims, and muslim men are born with a dotted line on their
foreskin and a little scissors drawn in with the words “Cut along dotted line”. The rest of the
human race certainly is not!

Even if all the doctors in the world were to agree that the foreskin should be removed, that still
does not answer the question. Who knows better – God, or the doctors?

Sikh teachings teach us to respect and nurture all of what forms the living part of our body. It
teaches us to remove all that is dead tissue on our body so that we are clean. So we are perfectly
entitled to cut away dead finger nails and comb out dead hair. It is perfectly within the will of
God. It is what the muslims are doing that is against the will of God, the will of allah. Let them
answer to allah, after they are dead, why they had cut away and discarded something that God
himself had created and comes as part of the package we call the human body. Hope they have a
sweet explaination!

Having said all that, I would like to clarify my position. Only the Khalsa is required to maintain the
5 external signs or ‘insignia’ of the appearance, of which one is the hair at its natural length. Sikhs 3
who are not observing Khalsa vows are not required to.

As further clarification, the only pre-condition to being a Sikh is the satisfying of the three
conditions as follows:
— Belief only in the one God
— Belief in the Divinity of the Ten holy Guru Prophets
— Belief in the Guru Granth Sahib as the true word of God

However, many Sikhs although not initiated into the Khalsa ranks still do grow their hair long in
the tradition of our upright ancestors, our fore fathers and our Gurus. 4
2. Why doesn’t your religion have a legal system?
Why should we have a legal system. We are not criminals. Only people who are criminals need a
legal system. Only people who break the law need a legal system. Godly people don’t need legal
systems. As a matter of fact, isn’t it a stark contradiction – to claim to be a religion and then
having laws to contain the followers and prevent them from wrongful behaviour!!! It actually
means that you have no idea of the role or purpose of religion!

Take this example: I teach Sikh studies in a school we founded here. In the early years there was
a problem with kids not properly handling paper and wrapper waste. So we had a one week
cleanliness campaign. After one week, our school became spotless. I got up on to the podium
during the next Monday’s assembly, took the microphone and said – “Students, now that you have
all understood how to manage cleanliness, this school shall never again have or need a cleanliness
campaign. Only dirty schools need cleanliness campaigns! And that says it all.

When Guru Nanak came into this world, He taught the misguided people of India, muslims and
hindus alike, how to be Godly, and what it meant to be Godly. Our Holy Granth is our eternal
guide and conscience. We will never require laws or a legal system, as long as we live by the pure
and perfect teachings of our Holy Gurus.

And does having laws prevent muslims from breaking them? The muslim legal system requires
people’s hands to be chopped off and others to be stoned to death. Has that stopped crime in
muslim countries? If a religion needs a legal system, it's in trouble from the start. If a product has
to come with a trouble-shooting guide, that product is far from perfect.

Our Gurus were sent by Alkaal Purakh Waheguru to teach and lead us into the pure life. Unlike
islam, our Gurus made all of us, men and women, equal. Sikhs do not need a legal system. Every
religious man or woman should know what is pleasing to God without having to have

(And it should definitely not be left to men to do Gods work. Let God be the judge of His laws.
How could mortals who are imperfect themselves possibly judge and punish other men??? Even
Jesus, when witnessing the ‘stoning’ of a sinner, spoke out against it and challenged the people
who were going to carry out the punishment by saying – Let those amongst you who are without
sin cast the first stone!!!!!!!!!! And that was 500 years even before muhamed. And this guy
learned nothing from that and taught his followers to judge and punish others on something as
delicate as God’s laws.)

Our religion is about wisdom and enlightenment, not about laws that have to be complied with
before you will be accepted into heaven!

Our Gurus taught us that if you abide by the will of God and perform only those acts that are
pleasing to Him, you become the law. People will treat you as the law. Here I will relate a
remarkable manifestation of this truth;

In 2005, when I visited the Gurdwara of the Afgan Sikhs in London, I discovered this incredible
piece on life in Afganistan. I was told that a Sikh in Afganistan is held in such high regard by the
Afgans, that whenever there was a dispute between parties, they would seek out, not a muslim
imam or kadhi, but an elder Sikh in their community to resolve it. That is an example of what 5
Guru Nanak taught the Sikhs – “Truth is high, but higher still is truthful living!” Afgans do not trust
the word or judgment of a fellow muslim. Rather, they will seek the honest and truthful face of a
Sikh to resolve their dispute. That is what I meant when I said, that if you live the teachings of
the Sikh Gurus, you don’t need laws; you are the law! 6
3. Why does Sikhism say all paths lead to the same God?
Well! Why not? Since there IS ONLY one God, why shouldn’t all paths lead to the same God? It’s
typical of muslims to have difficulty understanding these simple things. I don’t mean that
sarcastically. It is a fact. The problem is their closed minds. And there is a reason their minds are
closed to everything else except islam.

The muslims have closed minds because they are not allowed by their religion and their prophet
to read anything else, especially anything written by non muslims. Because non muslims are
deemed kafir (infidels), it is therefore ‘haram’ to read their books. This ridiculous dictate is
observed so closely by muslims for fear of retribution from ‘their’ Allah and fear of being sent to
eternal damnation in the fires of hell that even muslim professionals will not read books written by
any one other than a muslim.

That is also true for many of my colleagues at work. When younger, they may ignore this order as
their fanaticism has not yet set in and they believe that they have no choice but to study those
books to get their degrees and start their careers. But as they grow older and more extreme in
their thinking, they will refuse to touch or even handle a book written by a non muslim. ( I
actually discovered this during a long flight. All quiet over the Pacific crossing from Tokyo to Los
Angeles, I mentioned having read something in a book. When I asked my colleague in the cockpit,
he turned around and said “I don’t read anything that is written by non muslims. It is haram for
us muslims!”

this is also the reason why it will be so difficult to break the backbone of islamic terrorism. They
only want to send their kids to religious schools. all other knowledge is haram. In Malaysia and
Indonesia, even the muslim governments have tried and failed with many parents ignoring the
govt's plea to send their kids to proper schools instead of islamic schools!

Refer to the hadith below to understand the reason.

There is a hadith of muhamad that goes like this:

One day, muhamad found his close companion Umar reading a Jewish religious book. He
immediately reprimanded him by saying “Make up your mind which side you are on, and then
discard everything else. Reading other books will only serve to ‘CONFUSE’ you.

With teachings like that, the muslims who read the works of non muslims read in fear. That is also
why ignorance of anything or anyone else is so prevalent among the muslims.

Muhamed knew that islam could not withstand the shock of ‘knowledge’ or logic. It had to be
bound with the chains of ignorance and the fear of hell. Islam can only be subscribed to by un-
informed persons. Who else can believe what muhamed taught – some examples of which are:
— The devil (satan) can creep into your nostrils and hide there when you are asleep
— Hell is full of women (he claimed to have been allowed a peek into hell by the angel Gabriel.
When the people who he was relating this to after his so called journey asked him why that
should be, he said because women are the cause of all men’s downfall, and all the sins of the
world eventually find their way back to women, who are the cause of them all!
— He told muslim men that they will be rewarded with 72 virgins each when they go to heaven.
God knows what he told the women!!!!

…..and so on. The list is too long to insert here. Please refer to Ali Sinna’s site 7
and read to your hearts content. You may also get a copy of - Sikh Religion and Islam. A
Comparative Study. Its by G.S. Sidhu M.A.

Sikhism speaks the truth. All paths lead to the same God. Because there is only one God.. But
Sikhism qualify’s what it says like this: that there are roads and there is the super highway. The
choice is yours. You can fumble around on the country roads like islam and others in that
category, or you can get to your destination speedily by a direct route! 8
4. Why does Sikhism not mention the creation. Did Guru Nanak
not know?
Not mention the creation? He knew more than the so called prophet of islam. Guru Nanak is the
only prophet in the world who knew about the creation and mentioned it. The rest have just been
pasting up their holy books with what they thought up. Muhamad and islam knew next to nothing
about the creation. Neither does the bible, although a huge chunk of the first chapter, Genesis, is
devoted to this topic. And islam is just a derivative of Christianity, believing in the same
absurdities of creation as stated in the bible.

In this answer, I will have to do something I am not comfortable with, that is, taking the bible to
task. I have no choice, as to settle this debate, all the Semitic religious texts will have to be
challenged, as they are the basis of all the three religions born out of the middle east, ie, Judaism,
Christianity and Islam. So, do forgive me.

The bible for example (and by extension the Quran and the muslims), talks about God taking six
days to create the creation. Six days! What was He doing? Was He lugging sacks of earth around
the universe, to construct the stars and the planets. If God is really God, why would He need or
take six days to do anything? And then, He got tired! What, is He human? How come God gets

And then they believe that he became so tired from all this building that he took the seventh day
off and called it a holiday or the Sabbath day to be exact. That’s why the seventh day of the
week, Sunday is a holiday in the Jewish and Christian world, in case some of us didn’t know. It is
the day the Jews and the Christians observe the Sabbath!

Muhamad was so un-informed about the universe that he refers only to the ‘seven worlds’, or ‘satt
akaash’. He thought that that was as far as God’s creation goes, seven planets. How clueless
could he have been. And these people are today taunting Sikhs, asking how come Guru Nanak
didn’t write about the creation. Didn’t he know??? As if muhamad knew anything.

Sikh Gurus wrote more than any of the others. And everything they wrote on creation cannot be
disputed, because centuries later with the arrival of scientific methods and instruments, everything
stated by the holy Sikh Gurus has been endorsed as scientific!

In the year 1969, many old Muslim men from Pakistan and the middle east died from shock when
news that Americans had landed on the moon was flashed around the world. In their muslim
world, the moon features so highly, determining what time they pray, what day and time they
begin and end their fasts, and also the days of all their festivals. And for the muslims to hear that
the Americans had gone and stepped on what was holy for them. Crying out - "Ya Allah", they
collapsed, when the Radios and the TV's announced that Americans had landed on the moon. And
that is like how ignorant they are about the creation. They don’t even know that the moon is just
a rock that happens to be where it is and there is nothing exclusive about it ; also it is not sacred
to God, and neither is it a holy place!

Both Christianity and islam have no idea about the creation. In their blissful ignorance, both until
today, reject, the Sikh, as well as the world’s scientific view that there is life all over the universe.
These folks actually believe that out of the trillions (uncountable actually) of planets in the
universe, only earth has life. How stunted can one’s perception be. It’s all because both the bible 9
and the Quran are clueless about the question of creation.

The Muslims have to realise that just because there is some inclusion in their Quran about some
weird theory of creation, it does not in any way mean that that information is correct. As it
appears today, that all seems to be hog-wash, that even most muslims and christians don't
believe! And if they do not know how well the process of creation is documented in the Holy
Granth, it is again their ignorance as explained before - islam and their prophet do not allow
muslims to study anything that is non-muslim in origin as all works of the Kafirs (infidels) is
'Haram'. muhamad knew that to keep his followers subservient to his will and command, he will
have to keep them ignorant, as islam cannot withstand the 'Age of Logic and Common Sense". As
is evident today in muslim countries like Malaysia where muslim professionals by the bus loads are
openly doubting many aspects of the quran. At any one time here, the government islamic
agencies are tracking around one hundred 'deviationist groups'. when these groups become too
bold, the groups are raided, followers arrested, sent for re-indoctrination (polite word for
brainwashing), and those that refuse to return to islam, are imprisoned on seven year terms that
are simply renewed after every seven year term has expired, until the person repents, or dies! Its
all very tidy that way.

This clipping is from Malaysian

newspapers as recent as two weeks ago. This ex-muslim lady is so damm lucky. She got away
with a two year sentence. The islamic punishment for apostacy (leaving islam) is DEATH. She
escaped because muslims today are under the worlds microscope, and are afraid to implement the
laws of islam because the people of the world will then openly know the truth about islam.

P.S. Sky Kingdom was a huge following of Ayah Pin, people who freed themselves from the chains
of islam.

The text is very fine, but if you read it, you will be apalled. It will clearly reveal that as stated by
me earlier, she has been imprisoned before on the same charge. You will also read that 'SHE IS A
university, and that SHE WAS AN ISLAMIC RELIGIOUS TEACHER before she left islam!!! And if
she, with all her credentials, can opt out, islam has many questions of its own to answer. Instead
of the muslims taunting Sikhs with questions to disillusion them with their religion, they'd better
start answering their own soon. because when this generation of muslim kids grows up in the
west, many will start to challenge the absurd beliefs preached by that religion. 10
Actually, the reason for this position is that both their holy books do not have anything that
mentions the existence of an infinite universe. Since their holy books only revolve around a few
planets, the question of life in the universe simply doesn’t arise!

Christianity actually believed that the world was flat, that the sun revolved around the earth, and
it prosecuted anyone who dared to disagree with the views of the church. Copernicus, a Polish
born astronomer told the church (and that means c.c. to the muslims because they both believe in
the same ridiculous theory of creation and have the same prophets), that all that was bunk! He
almost suffered the same fate as both Galileo and Bruno………….. He was told that the church will
not prosecute him if he is willing to say that what he has discovered was 'just a theory'!

Extract from Wikipedia - Two other Italian scientists of the time, Galileo and Bruno, embraced the
Copernican theory unreservedly and as a result suffered much personal injury at the hands of the
powerful church inquisitors. Giordano Bruno had the audacity to even go beyond Copernicus, and,
dared to suggest, that space was boundless and that the sun was and its planets were but one of
any number of similar systems: Why! -- there even might be other inhabited worlds with rational
beings equal or possibly superior to ourselves. For such blasphemy, Bruno was tried before the
Inquisition, condemned and burned at the stake in 1600. Galileo was brought forward in 1633,
and, there, in front of his "betters," he was, under the threat of torture and death, forced to his
knees to renounce all belief in Copernican theories, and was thereafter sentenced to imprisonment
for the remainder of his days.

Then lets examine how ridiculous the Semitic scriptures (includes the quran) are. Take a look at
this -
Name of Book - "Bible Story Book". Author - Jesse Lyman Hurlbut.

Story 2. The First Brothers. Genesis 4 : 1-18

(Before I start narating from the book, let me refresh all my readers - According to 'The islamic
view' in the Quran, muslims believe, as in the bible, that God first created Adam, who the muslims
also call Adam. Then, God created Eve, who they call 'Hawa'. So, that means there's only two
people in the whole creation. then, they believe that this couple had two sons, Cain (elder) and
Abel (younger). Now that makes four people, right? Now lets look at how absurd this story is
going to turn out to be.

Back to the book:

The book goes on to say that Cain raised grain and fruit in the fields. Abel raised animals, as in
sheep. Cain would burn grain and fruits on his altar to God. Abel slaughtered and burned
carcasses of sheep as his animal sacrifice to God. (That is why until this day islam still practices
animal sacrifice. I have touched on this in another post).

Pg 13, Para2:
Cain and Abel prayed the same way. Cain burned some of his best grain and fruit on the altar.
Abel gave one of his best sheep to God. We don't know why, but God was happier with Abel's
offering than he was with Cain's!

My Note:
Hello! God practices favouritism!!!!! Very interesting. Bet you didn't know that about God!!! Hardly 11
the kind of God I would want to worship. Now do you start to see where and how the muslim
minds are distorted. That is why they can believe that all non Muslims, although created by the
same Allah, are infidels. Anyway, lets continue.

This made Cain so angry and jealous of Abel, that he killed his own brother! (in Genesis, it says he
used a farmers hoe to strike him over the head! Gory stuff.)

My Note: There's only four people so far in the whole of the christian and muslim "Theory of
creation" and the killing has already started! God or Allah sounds like a really goofy guy. First he
goofs up with Adam and Eve - the first two people he had created. His first offspring, and they
disobey him by ignoring his only commandment to them - Do not eat the forbidden fruit. And they
did. Then they have kids, and one kills the other. Sounds like a real bad start, this christian
muslim creation business.

All these fibs. Entertaining............and Hollywood has made millions with these movies, but no
sensible person can place his/her faith in all this well intentioned stuff.

But this is the icing on the cake, and my favourite.

God became angry with Cain, (Hmmm! Now a God that gets angry too! Sounds too human, don't
you think?), and threatened to punish him. But Cain pleads for mercy.

Para 5:
So God put a mark of some kind on Cain. When people saw the mark, they knew he was under
God's protection.
Hello! Where did the "people" come from? I thought 4 minus 1 dead equals 3 persons left in the
whole of creation. And God is putting murderers under his protection? Is that why the Mafia is still
thriving. Are they under God's protection too. What an inconsistent God. He really ought to make
up his mind! Putting marks of protection on murderers.

Last line of para:

Then Cain and his wife moved away from Adam and Eve. In time, they had children of their own.

My Note:
Did I miss something here? Now where did the wife come from. These guys can't even do the
math. According to their bible and quran, there's only 3 persons in the whole of creation. Where
on earth. literally, did the wife come from? Adam has already lost one of his ribs to Eve. He's
already having to manage with one less. God can't be that mean that he's going to do Adam for
another rib. Unless God will do a deal with Eve for one of hers. But then why, God being God,
does he have to go around taking ribs off people to create others. He can put together an entire
creation but has to rob parts off people to create others. Immagine if he had made five or ten
other people. That would have been the end of young Adam's rib cage!

And why also, is the creation or appearance of Cain's wife mentioned nowhere in the bible. There
is nothing in the bible that explains where and how the rest of humanity came from. I rest my
case. if anybody can give God bad press, its the christians and the muslims, with their bibles and
qurans! You can't make God look any worse than these folks have done! 12
At least the christians realised the absurdity of all this and actually distanced themselves from
these 'Theories of Creation' by splitting the bible into two - the Old Testament, covering the time
before Christ was born, and the New Testament, covering the time after his birth. so christians
now conveniently avoid the embarassing questions of the non christians by saying that they do
not believe in the old testament and its wonderful myths. Nice try!

Can you see how they make things up as they go along, and pass them off to unsuspecting
people ( some ignorant Sikhs included, who converted to islam after listening to pathetic tales like
this one, claimed as a revelation from God!). With all this nonsense they are pedddling, they have
the audacity to ask Sikhs why it is not included in the Holy Granth. And, did Guru Nanak not
know? It is questions like these that give away the level of ignorance of the muslims.

When they taunt the Sikhs about how come there is no mention of the creation in the Holy
Granth, what they are refering to is this business of God taking six days to create their tiny
creation of the seven worlds, and all that Adam and Eve bunk. If they are ignorant enough to
believe in all this, they should not expect the rest of us thinking people to do the same. They have
no idea that thet Sikh scriptures completely ignore such non-sense, and contain the most up-to-
date scientifically endorsed understanding of the process of creation.

Guru Nanak, right from His first divine revelation, the Japji Sahib of the Holy Sikh scripture,
informed humanity of - Pataalan pataal, lakh agasan agaas. Translated, this means – there are
planets beyond planets, skies beyond skies, galaxies beyond galaxies, and universes beyond
universes. (lakh means hundreds of thousands and agaas is the poetic expression of akaash, sky,
the heavens, and outer space. All over the holy scripture, the Sikh Gurus refer to the infinite
creation of the infinite God. The Gurus immediately rejected the silly non-sense of islam’s
understanding of creation. Guru Nanak went so far as to ridicule the muslims in His Japji when he
said in plain language – Waqt naa payo kadee-an, jeh likhen lekh Quran, which means;
If the muslim kadhi’s who wrote the Quran had any idea about the creation as they are always so
busy claiming, why don’t they also tell us what year, date and time the universe was created!

Guru Nanak said, contrary to what all other holy books say, the truth is this –
Keeta pasao, ekkoh kewao, tis the ho-eh lakh daree-aaoh. When God decided to manifest the
creation, he commanded it, and it was by His one command (ekkoh kewao) and in that one
instant that hundreds of thousands of rivers of life began to flow (lakh daree-aaoh). And this is
exactly what is endorsed by science today.

Looking at S.G.G.S.on page 1385, line 12, you will find an amazing revelation. Translated, it reads
thus -
You created all the worlds from within Yourself, and extended them outward. This is the clue from
Guru Nanak about the moment of creation, what scientists today call the Big-Bang Theory, which
states that the whole universe was created out of a massive explosion, and everything in it
continues to be flung outward even until today. Scientific calculations reveal that the universe is
still in its expansive state.

This bit was contributed by a reader of my blog. I paste it here for your reference.

There is another line in Bhai Gurdass di Vaaran that says:

Ik Kavao Pasao Kat Thol Na Thulaa Dharan Samaee

which means:
He created this cosmos by his one big bang which cannot be weighed on any scale 13
That is Bhai Gurdas, the Guru's disciple. Just imagine what the Guru knows about creation if even
Bhai Gurdas can point out about the begining of the universe which is consistent with science

All this was revealed by Guru Nanak before any scientist had any knowledge of these things. Even
Galileo, the inventor of the telescope that would be used by the human race to peek into outer
space, was born a hundred years after Guru Nanak. Guru Nanak did not have the benefit of any
telescope to peek into the heavens!

In Baghdad, Iraq, Guru Nanak actually took the son of Peer Dastageer on a tour of the cosmos,
after he had enquired from the Holy Nanak about the creation. When the young man eventually
opened his eyes upon Nanak's command, Guru Nanak asked him to open his hand. When he did,
he discovered to his shock, ‘Parshaad’, the holy blessed food that is received by a disciple. The
son then told all those gathered, that he had received it from one of the places they had visited
on their tour of the cosmos.

So, fellow Sikhs, don’t let ignorant muslims intimidate and put you down with their ignorant
statements. Tell them to go back to their drawing boards. Time they abandoned reading
misguided holy books and read the S.G.G.S. the Holy Granth is the only holy book that mentions
the truth about creation, not fanciful theories. It is the only scripture that actually refers to the
‘nothingness’ that existed before God manifested the creation, and to the ‘Big Bang’ Theory,
describing creation as having been completed in an instant. Now that is a God worth calling God.
Not the one who ran around for six days!

The following are verses from S.G.G.S. page 1035, line no. 9, for your further reference.

(Convert to Gurmukhi font on your P.C. if you need)

mwrU mhlw 1 ]
Maaroo, First Mehla:
maaroo mehlaa 1.

Arbd nrbd DuMDUkwrw ]

For endless eons, there was only utter darkness.
arbad narbad DhunDhookaaraa.

Drix n ggnw hukmu Apwrw ]

There was no earth or sky; there was only the infinite Command of His Hukam.
Dharan na gagnaa hukam apaaraa.

nw idnu rYin n cMdu n sUrju suMn smwiD lgwiedw ]1]

There was no day or night, no moon or sun; God sat in primal, profound Samaadhi. 1
naa din rain na chand na sooraj sunn samaaDh lagaa-idaa. 1

KwxI n bwxI paux n pwxI ]

There were no sources of creation or powers of speech, no air or water.
khaanee na banee pa-un na paanee.

Epiq Kpiq n Awvx jwxI ]

There was no creation or destruction, no coming or going.
opat khapat na aavan jaanee. 14
KMf pqwl spq nhI swgr ndI n nIru vhwiedw ]2]
There were no continents, nether regions, seven seas, rivers or flowing water. 2
khand pataal sapat nahee saagar nadee na neer vahaa-idaa. 2

nw qid surgu mCu pieAwlw ]

There were no heavenly realms, earth or nether regions of the underworld.
naa tad surag machh pa-i-aalaa.

dojku iBsqu nhI KY kwlw ]

There was no heaven or hell, no death or time.
dojak bhisat nahee khai kaalaa.

nrku surgu nhI jMmxu mrxw nw ko Awie n jwiedw ]3]

There was no hell or heaven, no birth or death, no coming or going in reincarnation. 3
narak surag nahee jaman marnaa naa ko aa-ay na jaa-idaa. 3

bRhmw ibsnu mhysu n koeI ]

There was no Brahma, Vishnu or Shiva.
barahmaa bisan mahays na ko-ee.

Avru n dIsY eyko soeI ]

No one was seen, except the One Lord.
avar na deesai ayko so-ee.

nwir purKu nhI jwiq n jnmw nw ko duKu suKu pwiedw ]4]

There was no female or male, no social class or caste of birth; no one experienced pain or
pleasure. 4
naar purakh nahee jaat na janmaa naa ko dukh sukh paa-idaa. 4

nw qid jqI sqI bnvwsI ]

There were no people of celibacy or charity; no one lived in the forests.
naa tad jatee satee banvaasee.

nw qid isD swiDk suKvwsI ]

There were no Siddhas or seekers, no one living in peace.
naa tad siDh saaDhik sukhvaasee.

jogI jMgm ByKu n koeI nw ko nwQu khwiedw ]5]

There were no yogis, no wandering pilgrims, no religious robes; no one called himself the master.
jogee jangam bhaykh na ko-ee naa ko naath kahaa-idaa. 5

jp qp sMjm nw bRq pUjw ]

There was no chanting or meditation, no self-discipline, fasting or worship.
jap tap sanjam naa barat poojaa.

nw ko AwiK vKwxY dUjw ]

No one spoke or talked about materialism.
naa ko aakh vakhaanai doojaa. 15
Awpy Awip aupwie ivgsY Awpy kImiq pwiedw ]6]
He created Himself, and rejoiced; He was his own judge. 6
aapay aap upaa-ay vigsai aapay keemat paa-idaa. 6

nw suic sMjmu qulsI mwlw ]

There was no purification, no self-restraint, no maalas of basil seeds.
naa such sanjam tulsee maalaa.

gopI kwnu n gaU guoAwlw ]

There were no Gopis, no Krishna, no cows or cowherds.
gopee kaan na ga-oo go-aalaa.

qMqu mMqu pwKMfu n koeI nw ko vMsu vjwiedw ]7]

There were no tantras, no mantras and no hypocrisy; no one (ie, Krishna) played the flute. 7
tant mant pakhand na ko-ee naa ko vans vajaa-idaa. 7

krm Drm nhI mwieAw mwKI ]

There was no righteous action, no ethical practice, no buzzing fly of Maya.
karam Dharam nahee maa-i-aa maakhee.

jwiq jnmu nhI dIsY AwKI ]

Social class based on birth was not seen with any eyes.
jaat janam nahee deesai aakhee.

mmqw jwlu kwlu nhI mwQY nw ko iksY iDAwiedw ]8]

There was no noose of attachment, no death inscribed upon the forehead; no one meditated on
anything. 8
mamtaa jaal kaal nahee maathai naa ko kisai Dhi-aa-idaa. 8

inMdu ibMdu nhI jIau n ijMdo ]

There was no slander, no seed, no soul and no life.
nind bind nahee jee-o na jindo.

nw qid igAwnu iDAwnu kul Epiq nw ko gxq gxwiedw ]9]

There was no spiritual wisdom or meditation, no ancestry or creation, no reckoning of accounts. 9
naa tad gi-aan Dhi-aan kul opat naa ko ganat ganaa-idaa. 9

vrn ByK nhI bRhmx KqRI ]

There were no castes or social classes, no religious robes, no Brahmin or Kh'shaatriya.
varan bhaykh nahee barahman khatree.

dyau n dyhurw gaU gwieqRI ]

There were no demi-gods or temples, no cows or Gaayatri prayer.
day-o na dayhuraa ga-oo gaa-itaree.

hom jg nhI qIriQ nwvxu nw ko pUjw lwiedw ]10]

There were no burnt offerings, no ceremonial feasts, no cleansing rituals at sacred shrines of
pilgrimage; no one worshipped in adoration. 10
hom jag nahee tirath naavan naa ko poojaa laa-idaa. 10

nw ko mulw nw ko kwjI ] 16
There was no Mullah, there was no Qazi.
naa ko mulaa naa ko kaajee.

nw ko syKu mswieku hwjI ]

There was no Shaykh, or pilgrims to Mecca.
naa ko saykh masaa-ik haajee.

reIAiq rwau n haumY dunIAw nw ko khxu khwiedw ]11]

There was no king or subjects, and no worldly egotism; no one spoke of himself. 11
ra-ee-at raa-o na ha-umai dunee-aa naa ko kahan kahaa-idaa. 11

Bwau n BgqI nw isv skqI ]

There was no love nor devotion, nor mind nor matter.
bhaa-o na bhagtee naa siv saktee.

swjnu mIqu ibMdu nhI rkqI ]

There were no friends or companions, no semen or blood.
saajan meet bind nahee raktee.

Awpy swhu Awpy vxjwrw swcy eyho Bwiedw ]12]

He Himself was the banker, and He Himself, the merchant. Such is the Pleasure of the Will of the
True Lord. 12
aapay saahu aapay vanjaaraa saachay ayho bhaa-idaa. 12

byd kqyb n isMimRiq swsq ]

There were no Vedas, Semitic scriptures, no Simritees or Shaastras.
bayd katayb na simrit saasat.

pwT purwx audY nhI Awsq ]

There was no recitation of the Puraanas, no sunrise or sunset.
paath puraan udai nahee aasat.

khqw bkqw Awip Agocru Awpy AlKu lKwiedw ]13]

The Unfathomable Lord Himself was the speaker and the preacher; the unseen Lord Himself saw
everything. 13
kahtaa baktaa aap agochar aapay alakh lakhaa-idaa. 13

jw iqsu Bwxw qw jgqu aupwieAw ]

When He so willed, He created the world.
jaa tis bhaanaa taa jagat upaa-i-aa.

bwJu klw Awfwxu rhwieAw ]

Without any supporting power, He sustained the universe.
baajh kalaa aadaan rahaa-i-aa.

bRhmw ibsnu mhysu aupwey mwieAw mohu vDwiedw ]14]

He created Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva; He fostered enticement and attachment to Maya. 14
barahmaa bisan mahays upaa-ay maa-i-aa moh vaDhaa-idaa. 14

ivrly kau guir sbdu suxwieAw ]

How rare is that person who listens to the Word of the Guru's Shabad. 17
virlay ka-o gur sabad sunaa-i-aa.

kir kir dyKY hukmu sbwieAw ]

He created the creation, and watches over it; the Hukam of His Command is over all.
kar kar daykhai hukam sabaa-i-aa.

KMf bRhmMf pwqwl ArMBy gupqhu prgtI Awiedw ]15]

He formed the planets, solar systems and nether regions, and brought what was hidden to
manifestation. 15
khand barahmand paataal arambhay guptahu pargatee aa-idaa. 15

qw kw AMqu n jwxY koeI ]

No one knows His limits.
taa kaa ant na jaanai ko-ee.

pUry gur qy soJI hoeI ]

This understanding comes from the Perfect Guru.
pooray gur tay sojhee ho-ee.

nwnk swic rqy ibsmwdI ibsm Bey gux gwiedw ]16]3]15]

O Nanak, those who are attuned to the Truth are wonderstruck; singing His Glorious Praises, they
are filled with wonder. 16315
naanak saach ratay bismaadee bisam bha-ay gun gaa-idaa. 16315 18
5. Why is there no mention of Satan in Sikh scriptures?
First, lets ask the muslims. Why should Sikh scriptures mention something that does not exist?

Unlike the quran, the Holy Granth only contains the truth and reality, not theories, falsehoods and
propaganda, created by the authors of the bible and the quran to scare the living daylights of their
followers so that they will never question them and always remain enslaved for fear of retribution.
“To question the prophets teachings or the quran”, they are told, “means that you have been
influenced by the devil, Satan. This, they are told, is exactly what the devil wants you to do – to
doubt! And by questioning, you are selling your soul to the devil, and already on your way to
eternal damnation”. So muslims, from the cradle to the grave, live in fear, never daring to
challenge the ridiculous teachings of the prophet and the quran!

Satan (Shaitan or Iblis), according to the semitic religions is actually an angel who has turned to
the dark side, something like ‘Darth Vader’ of ‘Star Wars’ fame. Now this dark angel Satan goes
around trying to gain converts to his own anti-God camp. Not surprisingly, all these religions have
fully prepared reasons why God would allow this dark angel to roam around uncontrolled, causing
so much havoc, while God bangs his head against walls to try to win a losing battle, to try to win
back all those folks who have gone astray of religion!

(It has to be a losing battle. Just look at the situation this world is in. There is so much evil in the
world today that even an alien from another universe will be able to tell that God is definitely in
trouble and Satan is laughing all the way to the bank!)

Actually, why not ask the muslims this question – Why does God allow Satan to exist? Why
doesn’t He just zapp this guy to blazing hell and chill out after that? After all, He is God. He can do
anything. So why all this stress? Just take Satan out. Just imagine. No more Satan!

The truth is – Satan is a myth, created by those who don’t want to be held accountable for their
sins. Just blame it on the poor devil. Just pin it on him! He’s the fall guy. He looks the part too –
black eyes, red all over, with creepy horns and a tail. And again, a further mystery - Why would
Satan, who is after converts to his camp want to dress up like that? You would think that he
would want to look the coolest dude in the cosmos! That’s the way to get your fans screaming out
for you, isn’t it! The truth is – he’s made out to appear like that to scare the muslims and
Christians into blind compliance.

For muslims, having a Satan to blame is so convenient. “He is the bad guy who makes me do bad
things. He is the one who makes me commit sins. The problem is not me. I am good and pious.
The problem is not me. The problem is out there. The problem is Satan. He is tempting me. He is
luring me!”

Isn’t that convenient. That way, I don’t have to feel accountable for my misdeeds. Just say that I
was tempted by the devil and I caved in.

The Muslims even have a tall stone placed in their holy city of medina (next to mecca), which is
representative of the Devil. When they are on pilgrimage, they cast stones at this ‘idol’ and hurl
curses at it. Then they return home, satisfied and completely oblivious to the fact that the only
Shaitan that exists is not the one who they were throwing stones at, but the one inside them, the
one that has followed them home, silently curled up in the depths of their unsuspecting minds. 19
Gurbani tells it like it is. If you are wayward, then it’s coming from inside you. Don’t point fingers
at others. Be accountable. Take responsibility.

Gurbani speaks not of one, but five ‘Demons’, who are not creatures, but aspects of our existence.
They are described by the Holy Granth as – Anger, Greed, Lust, Pride and Attachment. Gurbani
says, that if there are any demons, then these five surely are the ones! They exist inside our
mind, and not anywhere else. They are the cause of all our pain and suffering. There are NO

A further look at Sikhi. One simple sentence that we read for our daily morning devotions – aapeh
beej, aapeh hee khah - What you plant, you shall harvest. Plant apple trees, you shall eat apples.
Plant orange trees, you shall have oranges.

You cannot plant thorns and expect to eat grapes! Don’t blame Satan. He’s got nothing to do with
it. Don’t kid yourself. You plant thorns, you deal with the result. There is NO Satan, NO devil. No
one else you can lay blame upon. It’s just you. Examine yourself. Search within. Sort yourself out.
Don’t go around blaming others for your failings and shortcomings. Be man (or woman) enough to
admit, and then challenge yourself to overcome. Rise above yourself. Raise yourself. Stop blaming
others, jus go fix yourself! And that, is what’s so hard to do. It’s so easy to just blame Satan.

Gurbani goes on to explain why these aspects of our existence are actually necessary.
That’s why God created them. If there was no ‘Anger’, there would be no honour in this world. If
there was no ‘Greed’, no one would work. If there was no lust, creation could not procreate. If
there was no pride, there would be no progress. If there was no attachment, there would be no
love. Then what kind of creation would we have?

Guru Ji says, uncontro;;ed, every single one of these are bound to create difficulties, yet all these
are absolutely necessary for us to exist. So let there be no mystery why God created these. It’s
only when these five are allowed to run riot by un-Godly persons that trouble starts.

The trick therefore, is not to want to destroy them (as sometimes preached by parcharaks) , but
to control them. Gurbani uses the word 'nuthh' to explain the human’s relationship to these five
aspects of our existence. 'Nuthh' is the Indian word for the metal ring that is placed in the nose of
the proverbial bull. The implication is clear. Let’s use the farmers analogy. See how strong and
uncontrollable a bull is. An uncontrolled raging bull will simply destroy the whole field, and in turn,
the farmer! Yet, when a ‘nuthh’ is placed in its nose, YOU now exercise your full control over it. It
is no longer a liability but an asset. The bull becomes an asset to the farmer. It draws his cart and
ploughs his fields. Exercise your control over it to make it serve you.

So, here endeth the answer to question 5. Now go ask the muslims why God allows Satan to exist. 20
6. Why do Sikhs cremate and not bury?
Because unlike muslims, we are not so foolish as to believe in amazing theories that someday, this
guy is going to rise from the dead, and that too, after he has been devoured by the worms. Sikh
Gurus taught us the truth, not fiction. When you die, you are dead. You are not in some kind of
'freezer' until you are needed. There is no need to hang on to your rotting body. Also, you are
judged at your time of death. Why would any God wait and wait and wait for aeons before He
judged this guy? What would be the necessity of that?

Why keep people buried in the earth? Why not settle their affairs and everybody move on with
their stuff! It’s like suggesting that God is just happy to chill out, with nothing much to do. Then
all of a sudden, He is going to drop the bombshell and declare fun times over for all the folks in
the entire universe, raise them all from the dead, all trillions and quadzillions of them all at once,
and start the business of judging them. Tell you the truth, I wouldn’t want to be in God’s shoes on
that day. That’s worse than overtime. And what kind of time management is that? Its like
cramming for an exam, on a kind of cosmic scale………..or like hangin’ loose for all that time, then
suddenly…trying to finish all that homework!!! God Himself could be accused of procrastination!

I can’t believe that people (read muslims) in today’s day and age can actually place their faith in
these fairy tales. Are muslims afraid to face the truth? Why is it so difficult for people to
understand that God the creator will listen to the account of your deeds at the end of the life span
that He has accorded you.

Jesus promised he would return to judge on ‘Judgement Day’ He lived 2008 years ago. He hasn’t
come back. Then Mohamed dished out the same story 1400 years ago, calling this day ‘Khiamat’.
And he hasn’t come back either. I hope at least one of these folks is telling the truth. Or those
poor dead Christians and Muslims will be rotting in the earth for a mighty long time before anyone
comes along to consign them. And then, it’d better be a good deal for them, after having waited
all those centuries. Imagine having waited that long only to be sent to eternal hell!

Interestingly, only in today’s newspaper, they reported discovering a cave somewhere in Australia
that contained primitive stone weapons. The weapons have been dated to be 35,000 years old.
But even before that, haven’t we all heard that human skeletons up to 2,000,000 years old have
been discovered in Africa. All this means that according to the Christian and muslim religions,
these folks long dead are still buried somewhere, waiting for judgement day. How absurd!

On the serious side: Cremating is a proper, hygienic and eco-friendly method of attending to the
remains of the deceased. Cremating is clean and efficient

Grave yards are an eyesore, take up valuable land which could have been used for a myriad
purposes. Not only in this country, but all over the world we are hearing of cemeteries that have
to be moved because they are in the way of human existence. The dead have to be exhumed and
their remains relocated. It is a waste of government time and money. It will only be a matter of
time before they will have to be moved again, until there is no place left to put them. All over the
world, millions of people are dying every month. Hope these muslims can do their math as to
where the human race will bury their dead 50 years from now when there will not be a square
inch of land available for that worthless purpose. Maybe it was a plot all along… sell their God
forsaken dessert land for the desperate to bury their dead!

Burial plots in Malaysia already cost a fortune. You can expect to pay anything up to USD 50,000 21
or more, for choice plots in ‘Memorial Parks’. Don’t know what the muslims here are paying, but
that’s what the Chinese are paying. Besides the mortgages on their homes, they spend lifetimes
also paying the mortgage for their burial plots, even while they are yet alive!

Thank Waheguru, that our Gurus saved us from all this stupidity. And thank Waheguru everyday
for your being born in the Sikh religion, where we only hear the truth. 22
7. Why did Sikhs copy reincarnation from the Hindus?
Why did muslims copy the ‘idea of God’ from the Christians?
Why did muslims copy ‘worship of God’ from the Christians?
Why did muslims copy ‘fasting’ from the Christians?

Why do muslims use fire to cook their meals? Muslims should deny the existence of fire for the
sake of denying it, since they were not the first to discover it. Then, they should not use it, as
someone might accuse them of copying!

The Christians say that God created all things. The muslims also say that. Does that mean that the
muslims have copied the Christians, or is it that they are simply ststing what is? If the Sikhs also
say that God created all things, does that mean that the Sikhs are copying the Christians and the
muslims? What nonsense. The Sikhs, or anyone else who says that, is simply stating what is fact.
To believe in the truth, to practice the truth, and to preach the truth, cannot be termed copying.
It is simply practicing that which is.

The Hindus were the first to talk about re-incarnation, karma, and moksha (salvation). All the
religions that came out of India after them – Buddhism, Jainism, Sikh Dharma etc, preach these
truths. It is merely stating that which is. To suggest that one has ‘copied’ the other is foolish. 23
8. Why are non Sikhs quoted in the Guru Granth?

The quran, and even the bible, are books of ‘lower’ religions. Whereas as is true of all religions,
these books do teach their followers to do good and be good. But isn't that true of even the most
primitive of races and tribes. Just because a book speaks of God and preaches good does not
make it the book of a higher religion. To be that, a scripture must lead to the highest states of
divine consciousness and human existence, not base teachings like unlimited booze and unlimited
sex in paradise, and mass murder of those who do not accept that holy book,

They are books of a primitive concept of God as merely someone who either rewards people with
heaven if they are judged good, or condemns them to the eternal fires of hell if they are judged
bad, with absolutely no chance for reformation or escape!

These books belong to religions that in todays ‘New Age’ jargon are called ‘Religions of Promises’.
They have been making these ridiculous promises for centuries – including heaven to those who
convert others to their religion, even though in islam, the ‘converter’ himself may be the most
sinful of persons; heaven to those who rape women, beat their wives, associate with any number
of women while they are married as long as they perform certain obligations; heaven to those
who drink, gamble etc, etc, as long as during the month of ramadhan, they perform the muslim
obligatory fast.

These religions of promises are so absurd that they they even promise their followers such
amazing rewards as ‘rivers of wine’ and ‘72 virgins’ for each male follower, things which are
strangely, sinful, in this life!!!!!!!! For some fantastic reason, ‘their’ God seems to have double
standards. Worse still, what kind of a God would steep so low to offer bribes and inducements?
What kind of a God would say that something is sinful in this world, but offer the same as a
reward in the afterlife?

While offering these amazing rewards, the quran freely uses the element of fear and threat of
eternal damnation to paralyze the intellectual faculties of the poor ‘believers’ that they may never
ever dare to consider questioning the religion, let alone leave it! Use of promises, fear and
threats; these too are the traits that have earned these religions the label of ‘lower religions’.

The Sikh Holy Granth, is the scripture of a ‘higher’ religion. It does not contain laws for
human existence. Our Gurus were intelligent enough to know that the human condition is in a
constant state of evolution. You cannot make laws in the one millennium that will still be relevant
in the next and the next! They will simply become meaningless over time, and then obsolete, and
leave their followers in confusion and conflict as we can clearly see in the muslim world where all
over the world, muslim is killing muslim over their own religion, all over the interpretation of the
same holy book and its contents. These type of holy books will lead to more and more violence as
schisms continue to appear with some muslims insisting on going back to the fifth century and the
implementation of barbaric laws like chopping off of hands, stoning errant followers to death, and
beheading, laws that are called ‘Hudud’, versus the modern muslims who reject this kind of

(Malaysia is a typical example, where the Parti Islam has been for the last 30 years been pushing
for the implementation of ‘Hudud’ laws and the rest of the muslim population fighting against it!)

How can a book that contains absurd laws like the above ever be treated as the book of a higher 24
religion. As a further example, the quran contains laws denying muslim women any kind of human
rights. So, even until today, muslim women still suffer at the hands of muslim men. (Just utter the
word ‘Talaak’ once and a man can divorce his wife. Isn’t that fascinating?

Only last month, a muslim in Malaysia made history by divorcing two of his wives within two
minutes! And that, while standing outside the muslim sharia court. It was in the press, and it was
hillarious. When pressed for a statement, he claimed that they had invited it! It was also reported
that they were his second and third wives, thte first having been divorced long ago. Now, he
claimed, he would look for another woman to marry, and hoped that this time his marriage would
last forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Even sadder is that muslim women are either so ignorant or maybe so fearful that they still cling
on to islam. They have been so conditioned to believe only in the islamic way, that even with so
much education available in the world today, they do not have any idea of basic human rights.
The brilliant strategy used by Mohamed to enslave them for life was to tell them that their
salvation can only come if they please their husband in EVERY way. Their husbands then exploit
that free licence given to them by Mohamed. They are forced by their husbands to agree to him
taking on the second, third or fourth wife. The existing wives are even compelled to 'bring in' the
next wife. If they don't get her for him, guess where they are going - straight to hell, for incurring
the displeasure of the husband!

Muslim men can marry and divorce at will. The only condition is that at any one time, you may
only have up to four wives! All that the quran and islam requires in case of divorce is the paying of
alimony to the wives. Marriage is a contract in islam, not an institution. There is no respoinsibility.
The hard truth that we hear everyday from muslim women in Malaysia is that the men only pay
alimony for a few months, then conveniently stop, as they know no one is going to do anything
about it. There is no end to all this stuff in the quran, and everyone is probably too well versed
with it for me to have to go into more details. )

But before I do move on, let me quote you this. There is a file available on the archives of Al
Jazeera TV that was shown all over the world on Feb 21, 2006, surprisingly, by an islam biased
station. Either they didn’t know what the hell they were doing or they were internally sabotaged
by the many European staff they have employed to run their station. It was a debate between
muslim clerics and one Ms Wafa Sultan, an Arab-American psychologist, who started with the
following words-
“The clash we are witnessing around the world today (islam versus the rest of the civilized world),
is not a clash of religions or of civilizations.

It is a clash between a mentality (religion) that belongs to the dark ages and another
that belongs to the 21st century.

It is a clash between civilization and backwardness.

It is a clash between those who treat women like human beings, and those who treat
them like beasts”. Unquote

Needless to say, the event turned into a war of words, and then a shouting match, with the
mullah consigning her to hell as a heretic. But Ms Wafa’s words say it all for me, and she was a
muslim by birth. 25
The Sikh Holy Granth is unique in the world. There is no other scripture in the world that can
compare with the Holy Granth. In its entirety it contains nothing but praise of the eternal Akaal
Purakh, God. No dodgy history or amazing promises. The Holy Granth is a manual for those
who seek God instead of His rewards, for those who seek higher consciousness, who seek
rising consciousness (Chardhi Kla), pure and perfect guidance that leads to enlightenement, who
seek elevation of the soul and the spirit to the cosmic planes of Gods finest and most sublime
aspects, and eventually the union of the soul (atmaa) with the supersoul (param-atmaa). Coming
from a ‘religion of promises’, how could a muslim even begin to understand the greatness and
superiority of the Holy Granth?

(It is Sikh youths who are ignorant of their Holy Granth and the high teachings of the Sikh Gurus
who get suckered into converting to the religion of promises. When people are ignorant, they
easily become victims of fear of the wrath of God or fall for any variety of promises and rewards.
God is not naive as made out by them to gain more suckers into their fold. Muslims and those
who convert to islam will definitely be in for a rude shock when at the end of life, they land in a
grave, instead of in the laps of 72 virgins. The cartoons of the prophet that came from Sweden
said it all.)

The Holy Granth contains only songs of devotion, each specific to the different moods of
the human spirit as different times and trials come upon us, complete with the musical measure to
which they were sung by those who sang them to the world. And because God is the father to all
of humanity, wherever the Sikh Gurus found a song that passed all the criteria of purity, it was
included into the Holy Granth. (It must be stated here too, that many contemporary saints and
poets of India came to the Gurus with their work, when the Holy Granth was being compiled, with
the hopes of having it included. But many too, failed the Gurus approval, and were rejected as not
good enough.)

The Holy Granth is the worlds greatest literary work, leaving even Shakesphere way
behind! It is 1430 pages, all written in verse and prose, and every line rhymes with the next!

The uniqueness of the Holy Granth is covered by me in a different article. But at least let me
demonstrate just one element of its uniqueness. It is the only religious scripture amongst all the
religions of the world that begins not with a word but with a number - the number 1, as in Ek
Oangkaar (there is only one God!). If any piece of evidence was required to prove that the Sikh
Prophet Guru Nanak and the Holy Scripture of the Sikhs stands way above others, it has to be
this. The ingenuity of Guru Nanak is revealed by His chosing to begin the scripture with a number
- 1. A words meaning depends on paradigms and interpretations. A number cannot be debated,
divided or disputed. A number is absolute.

And now for the conclusion to the question posed by muslims who try to convert Sikhs –

The Sikh Holy Granth contains the songs of non muslims because the Holy Granth is A
UNIVERSAL SCRIPTURE, a scripture for the whole of humanity and not just an isolated
segment of people who spend all their energy dividing the world. Unlike narrow minded
Mohamed, the Sikh Gurus saw humanity as one! It did not matter what religion you were. What
mattered to them and to all Sikhs is how enlightened you are in your understanding of God, and
in the ways of God.

It is not because the Gurus lacked material that they included works of the enlightened saints of
other religions. It was to prove a point to the world, the point of a united humanity
standing equal before the eyes of God. If Guru Har Krishan, the eigth prophet of the SIkhs 26
could place His staff on the head of an illiterate low caste water carrier who was also deaf and
dumb, and cause him to recite the most difficult of sanskrit mantras from the vedas by heart, and
then go further to even explain their meanings, then even a disciple of the Guru, like Bhai
Gurdaas, could have single handedly produced the greatest scripture the world has ever seen. And
he did produce it. And the Guru wanted to include his work too, except that Bhai Gurdaas, out of
his humility, wouldn’t allow it, saying that his work too was not up to the mark for a Granth that
will one day 'Light Up the World'!

The Sikh Holy Granth is a scripture TO UNITE HUMANITY, not divide it, as the quran and
the bible have done. It is a matter of great pride for the Sikhs that ours is the only religion in the
whole wide world that has a holy scripture that is inter-faith in nature. While others only talk of
brotherhood, our Gurus over 500 years ago, put their teachings into practice. Our first prophet,
Guru Nanak, the ‘Light of the World’, took two companions, one a Hindu called Bala, and one a
Muslim called Mardana. Guru Nanak walked His talk. And His companions remained with Him until
their last breath.

To take their message of universal love and brotherhood to it's improbable extreme, the fifth
prophet of the Sikhs, Guru Arjun, even selected a muslim saint to lay the foundation stone to the
Holiest of the Holy Sikh shrines, the Golden Temple, when He could have very well done it

I even tell my students that if only Christian saints or their works had reached the shores of India
at the time of our Gurus, our Holy Granth would even have contained their songs that praise God!
Wow! How wonderful that would have been. The Holy Granth already stands complete. But that
would have taken it to the ultimate!

The Sikh outlook towards humanity, life and God, is unique. No other religion stands
as a comparison. Truly, it is the ‘Nirala Panth’, the Unique Path. 27
9. Why are there no prophesies in the Guru Granth. Did the Guru
not know of any?
There are hundreds of prophecies of the Sikh Gurus, prophecies that were so specific that they
left people spell bound.

Just one example:

Bhai Moola’s wife was dishonest with Guru Nanak, claiming that her husband was not home when
in fact she had hidden him in their horses stable. That resulted in her husbands death from a
snake bite. When she pleaded with the Holy Guru for his (Bhai Moola’s) salvation, Guru Nanak
said – “Not in this life! Rest assured that I shall give him mukti, but only when I am in this world
as my tenth form, as Guru Gobind Singh. And Bhai Moola will have re-incarnated as a wild rabbit.
Then, on a hunt, I shall shoot him. The arrow shall pierce the rabbit’s heart, where I shall then
raise his soul and grant him liberation.

This prophecy proved true. In the holy land of Hazoor Sahib in Nanded, South India, the Tenth
Nanak – Guru Gobind Singh delivered on the promise made by Baba Nanak Sahib two hundred
years earlier! Bhai Moola had re-incarnated there, and this whole episode unfolded in front of the
many Sikhs of the Gurus hunting party! Note: two hundred years separated Guru Nanak Sahib
from the era of Guru Gobind Sahib Ji!

But the Holy Granth is not a book of prophesies or history. It was never meant to be. It is a book
of spiritual wisdom. It is not a scripture of promises or worldly things. The Sikh Gurus prophesied
many times and events, the most famous and familiar one being – Raaj Karega Khalsa, Akki Rahe
Na Koeh. But our Gurus themselves never taught us to be preoccupied with all this nice to know
information. They didn’t want us to live our lives sitting around and waiting for these apocalyptic
events to unfold. They taught us to get off our behinds and make something of our lives –

What have prophecies got to do with a higher religion that deals with the development of the
spirit and leads one on the path to enlightenment and salvation. Is it that people need to hear
these fantastic prophecies before they accept that ‘this is a true religion’? If that is their way of
determining thteir choice of religion, I pray they don’t have a nasty shock further down the road!
One’s choice must be based on divine truth and divine wisdom, not prophecies.

The Christians have been prophesizing the end of the world and the creation of ‘God’s kingdom’
for thousands of years. We still see Christians carrying poster boards of - “Repent. The End is
Nigh!” They’ve been waving these for 2008 years and calling on everybody to repent before it is
too late. Well, I ain’t seen it yet. And I am certainly not going to put my faith in any of these
dodgy prophecies.

You don’t have to be a prophet to prophecise the coming of floods and earthquakes. What’s new
about that? They have been with us since the beginning of creation. The whole universe is
created out of the ‘big bang’. The universe is about energy, constantly moving, shifting, churning.

The earth has been subjected to the most unbelievable and apocalyptical events that are beyond
imagination. So much so that the whole land mass which was actually one single piece billions of
years ago has actually cracked up and drifted apart to form the five separate continents that we
see today. Volcanic explosions like that of Mount Krakatoa was so violent that a huge chunk of the 28
planets land surface simply disappeared, turning into dust that floated around the world for
decades. That event could also have shifted the earth from it orbit! And don't we all know that
someday the planet could be hit by an asteriod. They have even made movies of all this stuff. So
what has that got to do with anything? Sorry muslim brothers, if I am not impressed by your
wonderfully irrelevant prophecies.

Sikh Gurus taught the truth, and about the infinite truth. They did not need to resort to
prophecies. The Sikh Holy Granth certainly would never have been allowed to include prophecies,
as it is a scripture dedicated only to God. Not stories and more promises! 29