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Music Listening Curriculum

__2_ Grade _______Ms. Neuer______Teacher


AUGUST Music of the US: Heigh Ho In the Hall of the Mountain
Review of dynamics: p, f King- Edward Grieg
Match Pitch Music of the US: Pizza, Pizza, Daddio

SEPTEMBER The Happy Farmer- Robert

Duple Rhythmic Building Blocks Music of Africa: Go Around the Corn, Schumann
written in 4/4 time Sally
Unpitched perc accompaniment Songs of Israel: Achshav

OCTOBER African American Spiritual: Michael, Beethoven’s 5th

Call & Response Row the Boat Ashore
Level Bordun accompaniment (beat
oriented, sing Songs from Ecuador: El juego
So, Mi, La
NOVEMBER Songs from Appalachia: Four in a Boat Allegro Non Troppoo, no. 33.
Verse & Refrain From For Children, Vol III
Body Percussion Accompaniment Songs from the US: Sing a Rainbow

JANUARY Timbre: Woodwind, Brass, String, Jingle Bells Waltz of the Flowers-
and Percussion Families Tchaikovsky
Verse & Refrain Mister Snow Rap

Call and Response Songs from the US: A Kid Like Me Souvenirs L’Amerique
Half rests
Speech Ostinato Songs from Africa: Free At Last
(rhythmic, 1-2 part
Music Listening Curriculum
__2_ Grade _______Ms. Neuer______Teacher

MARCH Key of F Major Songs from Switzerland: L’inverno e The Four Seasons-Spring : Vivaldi
Do Passato
Question & Songs from Japan: Haru ga Kita

APRIL Level Bordun Songs from South Africa: Abiyoyo Twinkle Variations: Mozart
accompaniment (rhythmic,
1-2 instruments) Songs from Turkey: Adana ya gidelim
Vocal/Sung Ostinato

MAY Level Bordun Songs from Spain: Vamos a la Fiesta Danzon No. 2- Shostakovich
1-2 instruments)
Timbre: Songs from Puerto Rico Cheki, morena
Woodwind, Brass,
String, and

For at least 3 out of the 5 categories below, provide a description (at least 3-5 sentences) including the month, the repertoire, and the connections
you will provide to the curriculum.

Science: August, Heigh Ho-

Some animals make loud noises, and some make soft noises. As I introduce the topic of dynamics, I will ask children to classify animals by their
loud and soft sounds. In addition, sounds in our environment range from very soft to really loud. The students would then apply what they hear
around their environment every day, to this piece.

Social studies: September, Go Around the Corn, Sally

Music Listening Curriculum
__2_ Grade _______Ms. Neuer______Teacher

In second grade social studies, children are introduced to famous people. I would use this opportunity to introduce children to famous African
Americans. Start the conversation with a question such as: “Why did African Americans create work songs?”, “Who were some people who
might’ve been singing this song?”.

Language Arts (Reading, Writing, Speaking, Research): February, A Kid Like Me

Tell students that everyone has a dream, a wish, a goal. MLK Jr’s wish was that all people would be treated equally and justly. Remind the
students that even though they are young, their dreams are important. Invite the students to spend time thinking about what they wish for, imagine,
or dream, then have them write it down.