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Muhammad Umair

Architect -

About Expertise
Village & PO BOX
Malhu Khokhar Sustainable architecture practices, architectural documentation, public sector design
Gujrat projects, project management, site inspection, feasibility studies, landscape design,
0312-4972008 construction documentation, conceptual design and presentation, design research, urban
design, interior design.

Tools/ Software Under-grad dissertation

3Ds Max Design project on “Knowledge Hub: Library As A Place” at Lahore. Project is
Sketchup Pro Enhancement of Sustainable Design Solutions.
Adobe Photoshop
Since 2018 Architect Master Consulting Engineers
Supporting DHA Phase I, Lahore.

Decision Making 10-09-2018 Architect Tameer Associates, Gujrat
Problem Solving Active participation in designing, responsible for maintaining of all records,
Knowledge &
striving for learning and self-development, Motivates and facilitates employ-
Sharing Cost ers, maintain discipline, any other work assign by head or associate head.
Conscious 03-07 2018 Project Architect Design Expert, Sialkot
Coordination Budget Responsible for quality, environment Responsive Architecture Design on all
Management projects with timely completion which includes Shopping Mall and Cantt. Mall
Negotiation Self- in Sialkot.
Starter 2017-2018 Jr. Architect Tameer Associates, Gujrat
Evaluation and implementation of design tools and techniques through the
Professional right way of guidance.
affiliations 2017 Jr. Architect MJMA, Gujrat
since 2017 M. Arch. UMT Lahore, Pakistan
School of Architecture and Planning (SAP)
2012-2017 B. Arch. University of Gujrat, Pakistan
School of Art, Design & Architecture (SADA)
2007-2010 DAE in Civil Technology GCT Rasul, M.B.Din
PBTE Lahore, Pakistan
Research projects/proposals:
2017-2018 Identification of Decay & Deterioration in Maryam Zamani Masjid, La-
hore Pakistan Researcher
Worked with Professor Dr. Yusuf Awan from University of Management &
Technology. Lahore Pakistan
2018 Vertical Gardening: Effect on air flow and temperature, Pakistan Re-
Worked with Professor Dr. Yusuf Awan from University of Management &
Technology. Lahore Pakistan
2018 History of Masjid Architecture & Its Impact on Context, Lahore, Pakistan
Worked with Associate Professor Ayesha Mahmood Malik from University of
Management & Technology. Lahore Pakistan
2016 "Regeneration of Lahori Gate, Wazirabad” Historic site of Gujranwala
region in Pakistan Research Assistant
Worked with Professor Dr. Abdul Rehman and other team experts from Uni-
versity of Gujrat, Pakistan
2013-2014 An Experimental Visualization of Gol Chowk, Sargodha, Pakistan Re-
search Assistant
Worked with Associate Professor Nauman Manzoor from University of Gujrat

• Dr. Yusuf Awan - (Dean of School of Architecture & Planning (SAP))
• Nauman Manzoor - (Associate Professor at SADA, University of Gujrat)
• Ayesha Anwar - (Associate Professor at SADA, University of Gujrat)
• Mustahzir ul Hassan - (Principal Architect at Tameer Associates, Gujrat)