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Kaitlyn Kelly

P: 678-938-2524 * E: * Current: 534 7th Ave NE, Apt. 5101, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

• Northeastern University — Boston, MA Spring 2014-Fall 2016
• The University of Alabama — Tuscaloosa, AL Spring 2017-Current
• Fourth year candidate for a Bachelor of Science in Public Health with a minor in Psychology.
• Relevant coursework includes Anatomy and Physiology I and II, Microbiology, Epidemiology, Genes
and Nutrition, Chemistry, Human Development, Abnormal Psychology, Community Health, Health
Disparities, and NREMT-Basic Course.
• Cumulative GPA: 3.02; Course Credits: 117
• Honors: Northeastern University’s Excellence Scholarship. Early Acceptance to UA as transfer student.
• Extracurricular activities include active member in UA’s Open Hands Overflowing Hearts organization
and NREMT-B certification.
_______________________________________EMT SKILLS

• Bleeding Control/Shock • Medical Terminology Proficiency • Create Repertoire and Trust with
Management • Obtaining Accurate Vital Signs - Patients
• Spinal Immobilization (Seated and Blood Pressure, Pulse, Respiratory • Proficient in Patient Interaction
Supine) Rate, Pulse Oximetry, Blood and Family of Patient Interactions
• BVM Ventilation of Apneic Adult/ Glucose, Temperature, etc. • PIT Crew CPR
Child/Infant • Choking Interventions - Adult/ • Interventions for Pregnant Mothers
• Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation - Child/Infant and Newborns
Adult/Child/Infant • Utilization of EMT-B Airway • Proficiency regarding DNR Forms
• Cardiac Arrest Management/AED Adjuncts • Accurate and Detailed Patient
• Patient Assessment - Medical • EMT-B Medication Administration Reports
• Patient Assessment - Trauma • Childbirth Management • FEMA Mass Disaster Protocol
• Joint Immobilization • Can Provide Succinct and Accurate Certified
• Long Bone Immobilization Verbal Patient Report • Knowledgeable in Protocols
• Tourniquet Application • Recognize Pharmaceuticals and Regarding Crime and HazMat
• Oxygen Administration via Non- Their Uses Scenes, Rape Patients, OD’s, etc
Rebreather Mask • Maintain Personal Safety and • Fast Learner; Clear, Calm, and
• Long Bone Realignment Scene Safety Effective Leader; Team Player


Volunteer Health Educator for Peer Health Exchange, Boston, MA — 2016-2017

• Teaches inclusive health workshops for various high schools across Boston without funding for a health
program to provide them with a wholistic health educator to empower them to make safe and healthy
decisions in the future.
• Workshop topics include decision making, drug use, alcohol use, sexual education, peer pressure,
physical health, mental health, and specific resources to seek help for any topic mentioned amongst
Campus Ambassador for Pure Barre Boston, Boston, MA — 2016-2017.

• Actively expands Pure Barre’s reach through social media marketing and achieving a continual presence
on Northeastern’s campus.
• Consists of building relationships with other health related and volunteer communities, putting on free
group classes, and empowering young people to stay healthy with an emphasis on general health during
particularly stressful time periods such as exams.
• Often enables joint events to be executed between multiple volunteer efforts such as Fit University and
a local animal rescue shelter.
Vice President of Membership Kappa Delta Sorority, Boston, MA — 2016-2017
• Organizes events, contracting through both the University and the venue, and creates team bonding
events that allow the chapter to operate as one.
• Plans and executes the entirety of recruitment as well as all sisterhood events throughout the year.
Caregiver for Special Needs Children, Atlanta, GA — Summer 2015-Present
• Cared for, entertained, transported, and fed children ages 5 and 10 years of age.
• Gained experience caring for Down Syndrome children including potty training, teaching to read,
cooking gluten-free/allergy free meals, and teaching alternate behaviors for physical blows.
Disability Services Note Taker, Northeastern University, Boston, MA — 2014-2015
• Assigned two students to meet, came up with a plan geared towards their specific disability needs, and
discussed a helpful way to proactively take notes so that they could learn effectively.
• Created notes and outlines for every class period, scanned them into the database, and maintained
utmost confidentiality for these students.
Editorial Intern, “The Prospect”— 2013-2014
• Authored and co-authored multiple types of articles including health, fitness, stress management, etc.
Published articles up to seven times a month.
• Worked closely with the Editor in Chief to edit and prepare other interns’ articles for publishing as well
as promoting these articles and the company through social media outlets.
Editorial Intern, “The Smart Girl’s Group” Online Magazine — 2013-2014
• Ran a health and fitness blog, researching and publishing articles once a week on a topic that was
pitched and chosen. Also marketed these articles through social media outlets.
Editorial Intern, dk Gallery, Marietta, GA —2011-2012
• Researched and wrote articles outlining an artist’s particular style, staff biographies, and website
introduction pages.
• Started as an unpaid intern at the age of 15 as a learning opportunity but later evolved into a paying
• Computer: Proficient in Microsoft Office Programs, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and publishing
software, WordPress. Proficient in marketing strategies. Also skilled in
• Interpersonal: Leadership skills, Team player, Ability to follow directions well, Leadership in high-stress
situations, Ability to conduct and interpret research, Calm and focused in high-stress situations.
• Laboratory: Proficient in plating microorganisms, pipetting, chemical handling, safety protocols, lab
protocols, and data analysis.