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Conclave: Accelerating sustainable development through

Question 1: What sustainability initiatives have been taken by Lenovo? Give examples of
other organizations?

Mr. Amar Babu gave insights about the initiatives taken by Lenovo:

Objective of Lenovo:

To have a balance between environmental sustainability, social sustainability and economic

sustainability with effective initiatives taken for both short term and long term goals.

Key Initiatives put-forth for sustainable development: (Including Examples of


Key Note from CEO Lenovo : ( Sustainability for the Next Generation)

In a world that is increasingly challenged by constrained energy resources and the

environmental threat of climate change, Lenovo also accepts the call to action. Having
established benchmarks and targets for global carbon footprint reduction beginning in 2007,
they are leading by example in committing to absolute reductions in the emissions of
greenhouse gases from their own operations. They also are driving and facilitating similar
reductions in their supply chain and customer base through the implementation of a
comprehensive climate change strategy. Working with the Carbon Disclosure Project, their
measurement approach addresses all aspects of our business and sets aggressive objectives
and targets to help gauge our performance and to insure the company stays on track.

The company put-forth two major initiative that would support the term sustainability as
given below:

AGENDA 2020:

 Generating 30MW of renewable energy by the end of year 2020

 Reduce CHO emissions by 40%
Effects of Generating Renewable Energy:

All vitality sources have some effect on our condition. Petroleum derivatives—coal, oil, and
gaseous petrol—do considerably more mischief than sustainable power sources by most
measures, including air and water contamination, harm to general wellbeing, natural life and
living space misfortune, water utilize, arrive utilize, and a worldwide temperature alteration
outflows. Be that as it may, sustainable sources, for example, wind, sunlight based,
geothermal, biomass, and hydropower additionally have natural effects, some of which are
huge. The correct kind and power of natural effects fluctuates relying upon the particular
innovation utilized, the geographic area, and various different elements. By understanding the
present and potential natural issues related with each sustainable power source, we can makes
moves to viably stay away from or limit these effects as they turn into a bigger segment of
our electric supply.

Effects of Increase in CHO emissions:

Initiative’s taken by Lenovo would reduce the adverse effects mentioned below:

Air poisons are substances that antagonistically influence nature by meddling with
atmosphere, the physiology of plants, creature species, whole biological communities, and
also with human property as agrarian harvests or man-made structures. We list atmosphere at
the highest priority on the rundown to mirror the way that worldwide environmental change
has been perceived as a standout amongst the most essential natural difficulties to be looked
by humankind in the 21st century. In this setting certain atmosphere driving specialists—the
most critical one being carbon dioxide—which generally cause no damage to living life
forms, ought to be added to the rundown of "exemplary" contaminations, alongside such
mixes as oxides of nitrogen or sulfur. Then again, atmosphere look into has connected certain
mixes since quite a while ago perceived as air contaminations (for example dark carbon) to
the warming of atmosphere, accordingly giving one more motivation to their control.

Examples related to sustainable development:

 Implementation of PCC (Post-Consumer Recycled Content): Usage of plastic

content in the products manufactured by Lenovo has been reduced since 2005. The
usage of PCC have reduced the content of plastic in their products which helps in
 Tackling E-Waste: 649 metric tons of e-waste collected, 1447 waste pickers
 Continuous Improvement-Energy Saving Initiative: The company implemented
the suggestion given by the blue collar workmen present in the shop floor by inducing
the suggestion and saving 1.1 KV (a month’s electricity- cost effective measure). The
initiative involved the implementation of monitors for testing the manufactured line
which included: CRT Monitors, LED monitors, Switches (KVM), ETMS (single
monitor to test the manufactured products.
 Returnable Packaging Solutions in ASHOK LEYLAND: Usage of one time
carton is eliminated for dispatches and RPS (returnable packaging solutions) are
implemented where the same material can be reused for dispatches according to the
specification from the customer (Suggestion by blue collar workmen) – Savings of
about 10 Lakhs to the organization.

Question 2: How will technology ( AI & ML ) impact future of Jobs?

Mr. Sirish Singh gave insights about implementation and scope of AI & ML.

Critical areas where AI & ML are a scope for future prospects of Job:

1. Weather Forecasting: Artificial intelligence and deep intelligence, can help

atmosphere scientists and trailblazers try out their speculations and arrangements
about how to decrease air contamination and other atmosphere benevolent
developments. One case of this is the Green Horizon Project from IBM that breaks
down natural information and predicts contamination and also tests "consider the
possibility that" situations that include contamination decreasing strategies. The
examples give a broad view about the job prospects in AI
2. Biodiversity and Conservatism: AI and related innovations can help stem the loss
of biodiversity and secure our future by gathering basic natural information, with the
goal that preservation endeavors and assets can be conveyed productively and taken a
toll viably. To understand the full extent of what is conceivable will require a planned
exertion from every one of us, including industry, government, and the scholastic and
not-for-profit segments. It won't be simple, however by applying the intensity of AI to
encourage the two people and our normal frameworks flourish, we can help guarantee
a superior future.
3. Oceanic Technology(Coral Reef Studies): AI has become an important support for
ocean development, whose significance lies in injecting thinking abilities of forecast
and simulation, urging the improvement of traditional research methods, giving
composite capacity of ocean stereoscopic development in greater scope, more
complex environment and more diversified main- bodies’ involvement.
4. Air technology: AI is stipulating the air technology and creating more job
opportunities for the future.
5. Weather and Disaster Resilience: Advancement in technologies such as sensors,
machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are helping communities better prepare
for and respond to disasters. Advances in machine learning, computer processing, and
artificial intelligence could improve predictions by processing data at a scale that was
not possible in the past.
6. Drone Technology: Artificial intelligence removes the manned part of the drone
industry. Companies are working on making the drones work on AI and perform
better than humans. For Example: Researchers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory
put to test the human skills in competition with an AI-powered drone. Jobs are evident
in this field.
7. Forestry Initiative: Driven by factors such as shifting cultivation (slash-and-burn
agriculture), fuelwood demand, logging, mining, infrastructure development,
population growth and migration, rates of forest loss are defined and corrected by AI.

The job criteria’s and the scope mentioned above give greater opportunities for the future.

Question 3: What are the sustainability initiatives undertaken by the government? What else
can be done?

E- initiatives taken by the government:

1. Digital India
2. IAM – Identity and access management key initiative
3. DBT - Direct Benefit Transfer
4. PFMS – Public financial management function
5. E- Procurement
6. E- Publishing

India has played an important role in shaping the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Therefore, it is no surprise that the country’s national development goals are mirrored in the
SDGs. As such, India has been effectively committed to achieving the SDGs even before
they were fully crystallized. For example: Firstly : “Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas,” which
translates as “Collective Effort, Inclusive Growth” and has been popularized by Prime
Minister Narendra Modi, forms the cornerstone of India’s national development agenda. To
fast track this agenda, the Government of India has just released a draft Three-Year Action
Agenda covering years 2017-18 to 2019-20. In parallel, work is in advance stages on a 15-
Year Vision, which will also include a 7-year Strategy. Reflecting the country’s long-standing
federal tradition, these documents are being prepared with active participation of the States
(sub-national Governments). Secondly: A noteworthy example of a crosscutting initiative is
the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) which is the world’s largest financial
inclusion programme. By leveraging PMJDY, Aadhaar (biometric identity system) and
mobile telephony, the Government has disbursed a cumulative amount of INR 1.62 trillion
(USD 25 billion) to 329 million beneficiaries through Direct Benefit Transfers.1 This has
helped to significantly enhance the efficiency of Government programmes.

Further Sustainability ideas that can be implemented:

1. Sustainable Public Transport

2. Investing in green tech
3. Sustainable Housing
4. Sustainable Lifestyle
5. Green Agriculture

Question 4: How can Technology be further leveraged for sustainability initiatives for the
Planet ?


A clever building is any structure that utilizations computerized procedures to

consequently control the building’s activities including warming, ventilation, cooling,
lighting, security and different frameworks. A shrewd building utilizes sensors,
actuators and microchips, with a specific end goal to gather information and oversee
it as indicated by a business capacities and administrations. This foundation helps
proprietors, administrators and office chiefs enhance resource dependability and
execution, which lessens vitality utilize, enhances how space is utilized and limits the
natural effect of structures.

Structures that aren’t associated are similar structures they were decades back. They
have given the fundamentals: protect, temperature control and security at a similar
productivity level for quite a long time. In any case, more up to date structures, or more
seasoned structures that have been changed over to keen structures, are continually
evolving. They are living beings associated with a system with wise and versatile
software. At the most principal level, keen structures make inhabitants more gainful
with lighting, warm solace, air quality, physical security, sanitation and more at bring
down expenses and natural effect than structures that are not associated. Keen places
of business, social insurance offices, doctor’s facilities, instructive offices, stadiums
and numerous different sorts of brilliant structures exist far and wide. Navigant
Research evaluates that the keen building innovation market will create worldwide
income of $8.5 billion out of 2020, up from $4.7 billion out of 2016, developing at a
compound yearly development rate of 15.9% over the conjecture time frame.

As new technical advancements keep on offering new types of spotless and green
power, the capacity to live with less has turned into a reality. Sun based, wind,
geothermal, and hydro methods for control make it conceivable to live off the network,
where reliance on normal sorts of intensity and vitality replaces the reliance on more
customary power frameworks. Regardless of whether you’re living in a remote region
or keen on vitality investment funds, characteristic power source developments are
accessible in various structures.

Some of the sources are:

 Solar Power
 Wind Power
 Biomass
 Tidal Power
 Geothermal

Regular, the world produces carbon dioxide that is discharged to the world's air
and which will at present be there in one hundred years’ time. This expanded substance
of Carbon Dioxide builds the glow of our planet and is the primary driver of the
purported. An Earth-wide temperature boost Effect. One response to a worldwide
temperature alteration is to supplant and retrofit current advances with choices that
have tantamount or better execution, yet don’t produce carbon dioxide. We call this
Alternate vitality By 2050, 33% of the worlds vitality should originate from sun
oriented, wind, and other sustainable assets. Who says? English Petroleum and Royal
Dutch Shell, two of the world’s biggest oil organizations. Environmental change,
populace development, and petroleum derivative exhaustion imply that renewable
should assume a greater part later on than they do today. Elective vitality alludes to
vitality sources that have no undesired outcomes such for instance petroleum products
or atomic vitality. Elective vitality sources are inexhaustible and are believed to be free
vitality sources. They all have bring down carbon outflows, contrasted with traditional
vitality sources. These incorporate Biomass Energy, Wind Energy, Solar Energy,
Geothermal Energy, Hydroelectric Energy sources. Joined with the utilization of
reusing, the utilization of clean elective energies, for example, the home utilization of
sun oriented power frameworks will help guarantee man’s survival into the 21st
century and past.

The Clean Agriculture Program means to meet shoppers requests for nourishment
created mindfully with negligible compound data sources. It depends on checking
produce for substance deposits, creating methods for limiting synthetic utilize and
advancing protected and mindful utilize. While the utilization of ranch synthetic
concoctions is a necessary piece of economical homestead rehearses, they should be
utilized so that unsatisfactory build-ups in deliver and the earth are stayed away from.
Victoria’s deliver as of now meets the plain exclusive expectations, forced broadly and
universally, for pesticides and observed through the National Residue Survey and our
own particular create checking. Short of what one percent of tests surpass built up
levels and this rate has diminished in the course of the most recent couple of years.
The Department of Food and Agriculture’s Clean Agriculture Program draws together
an extensive variety of activities which center around limiting concoction utilization,
while in the meantime advancing right utilize and transfer of horticultural synthetics.
The program depends on checking produce for compound deposits to recognize any
zones of concern.

The Clean Agriculture Program has the accompanying four components:

• limiting synthetic utilize

• advancing mindful utilize and transfer

• create observing

• advancing the idea of clean nourishment as a showcasing advantage for Victoria (and
Question 5 : How is Automation going to impact Work Flow?

Enhanced Efficiency : Mechanization streamlines your procedures without yielding

exactness or quality. At the point when your group can get to the exact information they have
to play out their occupations, proficiency normally goes up.

Increased Productivity: The best errands for mechanization are those that are tedious and
exhausting for human laborers. Computerized robots don't get exhausted – and can make fast
work of numerous pages or reams of information that could take a human specialist day to
get past. On the off chance that you have a work process that begins with customer and client
information, you'll encounter delays toward the beginning of undertakings if there is
excessively starting data to enter. A human administrator will normally set aside a more
drawn out measure of opportunity to get everything inputted and handle any preparing or
beginning time assignments that should be finished. Via mechanizing these errands, you can
enhance the speed of your whole work process and make it simple for your group to handle
more tasks every year.

Helped Accuracy : Computerized frameworks are a characteristic counterpart for any

procedure that require completely precise data and figures. Robots don't get exhausted or
exhausted and won't misread a word. Your 1,000th section will be as exact and solid as your
first. The exactness of a computerized framework not just causes with regards to believing in
your information, it improves the client encounter, lessens dissatisfaction and even enables
your group to process work process more productively than any other time in recent memory.

Simpler Collaboration and Tracking of Progress and Changes : Without mechanization,

your representatives need to precisely include data, finish errands and afterward make sure to
caution different specialists to move the task along or finish basic obligations. When you
computerize basic undertakings, they can be finished quickly and afterward the correct groups
or gatherings can be told. A mechanized framework doesn't should be incited to refresh or
track advance, will always remember to move an undertaking along and can monitor both
advancement and changes. Constant alarms enable you to have a flying creatures' eye
perspective of the procedure and your advancement so you can assign progressively or less
assets as required. Representatives will be better ready to work together when they can in a
flash access an undertaking or document and know it has all that it needs and that all
information is right. Your group can continue with certainty, realizing that they are working
with the most recent and most exact data about the venture or the customer. Taking care of
business, mechanization does not supplant human laborers, it upgraded their parts and made
their employments simpler and more proficient.
Upgraded Flexibility : Robotization is definitely not a one-measure fits-all arrangement; you
can pick and pick how you incorporate the most recent developments in mechanization so
they most advantage your business and work process. Cautious thought of which errands in
your distinctive strategies and techniques are the best possibility for mechanization can enable
you to benefit as much as possible from the innovation. When you choose which errands can
be mechanized, search for those that are unremarkable, tedious and that require a substantial
level of exactness without a great deal of inventive idea. From information section to basic
preparing and notwithstanding following of your archives, computerization works best when
you have given cautious idea to the best places to consolidate it.