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Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Professional

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4 Years My Self Mumtaz Ahmad (Born 15 December 1990) is a former Physiotherapist of
Jharkhand and I’m also integrity and my simple lifestyle .
27 Born to Muslim family in Lakhipur (Jharkhand).

Personal Details

Father’s Name: Mumtaz Ahmad Marital Status: Single

Birthday: December 15, 1990 Nationality: Indian
Gender: Male
Parmanent Add: Vill- Lakhipur, Po- Amdiha, Ps- Chandankiyari, Bokaro-828134 (JH).
Correspondence Add: Indraprasth Colony Jora Talab Bariyatu-834009 (JH).


BPT (Bachelor In Physiotherapy) Graduated, July 2018

IIHER (Indian Institute of Health Marks 60%
Education & Reasearch), Beur Division 1st
Magadh University
Patna, Bihar
DPT (Diploma In Physiotherapy) Graduated, July 2014
Patliputra Medical College Dhanbad Marks 60%
JSPC Board Division 1st
Ranchi, Jharkhand
10+2 Graduated, July 2008
Sindri College Sindri Marks 43.6%
JAC Board Division 2nd
Ranchi, Jharkhand
10th Graduated, July 2005
Mazdoor High School Sindri Marks 52.4%
JAC Board Division 2nd
Ranchi, Jharkhand
Professional Qualifications and Affiliations

 DPT (Diploma In Physiotherapy) Patliputra Medical College Dhanbad , Jharkhand .

 CRRI (Compulsory Rotatory Residential Internship) Rajendra Institute of Medical Science, Ranchi.
 BPT ( Bachelor in Physiotherapy) IIHER (Indian Institute of Health Education & Reasearch), Beur, Patna

Career Highlights

2005 2008 2014 2018

 Matric  Intermediate  DPT  BPT

2019 in Progress..


 sports injuries - Ligament tear, Golfers elbow, Tennis elbow, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
 Back Pain - Lumbar Spondylosis, Sciatica, Scoliosis, disc Prolapsed / Slip Disc,Piriformis Syndrome, PIVD etc.
 Shoulder Pain - Frozen Shoulder, Rotator cuff Injury, Shoulder Impingement etc.
 Knee Pain - Osteo arthritis, Sprains & strains.
 Rheumatoid arthritis, Gouty arthritis, Plantar fascitis, Calcaneal spur
 Paralysis, Hemiplegia, Stroke, Facial palsy / Bell Palsy, cerebral palsy
 Post surgery exercises, Cardio Rehabilitation
 Anti stress and relaxation programs
 Pre and Post Natal Programs
 Postural Correction
 Physio-Exercise advise

October 2014 – 2018 Current Work Experience

Physio Care
Physio care clinic
Ranchi, Jharkhand
I’m worked as a Physiotherapist with Physiocare since 01st October 2014 To till date has been a valued member of
our physiotherapy team during these a year.
During his tenure at Physiocare, he remained involve in a lot of community work for patients recovering from
accidents, illnesses and injuries. He has a set array of patients who prefer to be treated by him and have provided
much commendation for him to the management of the Clinic.
At Physiocare, he was responsible for the following duties which he carried out with absolute exactitude and by
following a set code of physiotherapy ethics:

 Develop treatment plans for patients suffering from physical illnesses and injuries
 Assist patients in rehabilitation after assessing and analyzing individual patients
 Ensure the efficacy of physiotherapy programs by changing them according to observations
 Treat patients using a variety of exercise programs along with electrotherapy and mobilization
 Ensure that all physiotherapy activities are overseen by employing supervisory duties
 Discuss illnesses and injuries with patients and play an active role in educating them
 Organize Manipulate/ massage and cryotherapy at sessions

As part of the Physical Manipulation Program of Physiocare, i proved to be a cut above his peers by introducing
hydrotherapy and acupressure techniques for patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

Work Citation or Certification

Certificate Of Appreciation During Heathy FUN FITNESS Program (Special Olympics Bharat).

Computer Proficiency

CLP (Computer Literacy Programme) from IGNOU

 Word 2010
 Excel 2010
 Power Point 2010


 Hindi
 English
 Bengoli
 Urdu

 Reading spiritual book’s  Writing Artical

 Photography  Sketching
 listening kishore Song’s  Singing
Personal Interests & Hobbies
 Dr. Devendra Kumar Munda PT  DR. N. N Jha PT
Physiotherapist Physiotherapist
Department of Physical Medicine Department of Physical Medicine
and Rehabilitation (PMR) Rims, and Rehabilitation (PMR) Rims,
Ranchi Ranchi
Contact:- +91 7856095473 Contact:- +91 9431767825

I, Mumtaz Ahmad, hereby declare that the information contained herein is true and correct to the best of my
knowledge and belief.

Mumtaz Ahmad Ranchi, Jharkhand
6 December , 2018