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Institutional Groups

 Commission on Higher Education (CHED) - the key leader of the Philippine Higher
Education System effectively working in partnership with other major higher education
stakeholders in building the country’s human capital and innovation capacity towards
the development of a Filipino Nation as a responsible member of the international
 South Manila Inter-Institutional Consortium (SMIIC) - a group of higher educational
institutions in the southern portion of Manila whose purpose is to actively effect social
transformation by promoting the cause of education and by making quality and relevant
learning accessible to as many as possible.

2. Membership Groups

 Philippine Software Industry Association - drive the Philippine software services and
products to attain global leadership in market share, mindshare, and innovation.

3. Economic/Private interest Groups

Management Association of the Philippines – the country’s biggest organization whose

membership is by invitation only. It includes the pillars of the Philippine’s business community,
top management educators and outstanding government officials. Their mission is to promote
management excellence for nation-building

4. Public Interest Groups