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Lesson Reflection (Completed after EVERY lesson taught)

Lesson - unit/page Animal adaptation Student teacher Maryam Bin ThaniH00327121

MST Ms. Dibsi School Rak Academy BC
6F 18 of October 2018
Class Date
10:30 to 11:10
Overall aim and context of the lesson

Students will be able to identify and classify animals living in different habitats such as; giraffe,
lion, camel, parrot, polar bear, crab and chameleons (African savanna, ocean, desert and

Select (S):

 The lesson was about how could animals adapt in the environment (how an animal is
suited to where it lives).
 Animals are different than the human, and they have specific types and tricks that help
them survive and stay alive.
Describe (D):

The lesson was for grade 6, we discussed about adaptation and how could animals adapt in their
environment. Since I was preparing the lesson plan I tried to focus on classroom management,
achieving the learning objectives and deliver the information in a clear and easy way. At the
beginning I asked student questions about adaptation and I showed them pictures for different
animals such as; lion, giraffe, parrot, camel, polar bear and chameleons I also, connect each animal
to the environment that they below to such as; African savanna, desert, snowy arctic lands, ocean
and rainforest. During the activity, students were well prepared, engaged and good listeners.
Analyze (A):

I think that students responded because the lesson was creative and interesting, all students were
able to create an animal and relate it to the environment by using different materials such as; papers,
plastic eyes, and fur. However, I was trying to connect the lesson to student’s prior knowledge so,
I asked them about human and how could we adapt to hot and cold habitats. Each student in the
class was able to participate during the lesson.

Appraise (A):

I think that I achieved the goals by giving students specific instructions before each part in the
lesson, explaining the lesson in simple and clear way, guiding student to follow roles by motivating
them with green points as a rewards, build the communication skills with students in the class and
check their understanding by asking them questions after each part For example; what did you
learned ,what does adaptation means? And How could animals adapt to the environment?
Transform (T):

I think that students could make a research at their houses of different animals and learn how they
adapted in the environment because there are lots of animals that we never heard about before. This
may improve students knowledge and give them the ability to explore the nature.