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Lesson - unit/page Bullying week Student teacher Maryam Bin ThaniH00327121

MST Ms. Dibsi School Rak Academy BC

6F 18 of October 2018
Class Date
10:30 to 11:10

Overall aim and context of the lesson

- Students will be able to identify what does bully and buddy means.

- Students will develop their communication skills (sharing stories and experiences).

Select (S):

 The lesson was about bullying and how could students ask for help if they are being bulled.

 The lesson contains:

- What is bullying?

- Bullying can be: One person making fun of another, one person trying to beat up

another or group of people ganging up against others.

- What to do if you’re being bullied?

- Types of bulling

- How does it make you feel?

Describe (D):

The lesson was about bulling and what it can cause, what to do if you’re being bullied, types of

bullying and how does it make you feel? Since I was preparing the lesson plan I tried to focus on
time because the lesson includes lots of work that need time management and organization,

achieving the learning objectives and deliver the information in a clear and easy way. At this lesson

I used a discussion technique to develop student’s communication skills.

Analyze (A):

I think that students responded because the lesson was social, and opinions was sheared in this

lesson, so students was well prepared and engaged. However, I was trying to connect the lesson to

student’s prior knowledge so, I asked them about their stories and experiments with buddy or bully.

Appraise (A):

I think that I achieved the goals by using the exact time that I selected for each part of the lesson,

students were engaged in my class. However, I think if I used individual work at this lesson well

be better because the lesson was only in groups so, some students wasn’t able to share their

experiences or talk with others because they preferred written tasks than oral.

Transform (T):

I think that students could write paragraph about bulling that include introduction, body and

conclusion to engage them and check their understanding of the lesson. Students also, could create

a poster that share ideas about stop bulling and teacher will put it in the corridors.