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Sustainability Approach

Liz Fashion Industry Limited has rapidly grown into the scale it is today by recognizing that
sustainable expansion of business is only achieved when compliance and corporate social
responsibility are ingrained in our process and vision.

Vision Sustainability Statement

Sustainability statement
Liz Fashion is committed to increase awareness and understanding of environmental
sustainability and for all employees and workers to put sustainability into practice in the
workplace, living environment and broader community.
Priority Areas and Sustainability Policy
Improve Employee Lifestyle.
Liz Fashion Industry Limited have a beautiful high rise residential building, gym room, indoor
and outdoor sports facilities, canteen and others facilities.

Positive Impact in the Community

Liz Fashion Industry Limited continuously contribute to improve community at nearby mosques,
schools, and aid in road repairing, bridge and traffic.

Positive Impact on the Environment

Liz Fashion Industry Limited is committed to continuously reduce CO2 emissions in a quest to a
more sustainable environment. Liz Fashion Industry Limited has an Effluent Treatment Plant
(ETP) and hosts events regularly such as Environmental Day and tree plantation.

Positive Impact on Nation-Building.

People development, financial development, educational development.
Promotional Framework
Employee Training
 ISO 9001:2015
 Leadership & Decision Making training
 Team Leader Skill Development Program
 Technical training for Line chief
 Human rights training
 Computer security training
 5S training
 Safety training for all employees
 Chinese Language and Learning Program
 Company COC and Compliance training
 Skill, development training for A.S.M.O
 Product quality improvement training
 Skill development training from abroad

Talent hunt
Liz Fashion Industry Limited recruiting fresher’s, Customize Management trainee (CMTP),
Management trainee (MTP), Garments production trainee (GPTP), Career Fair at BUET, DUET,
RUER, KUET, NSU and other universities in Bangladesh.
Applied in factory 5S, ISO 9001:2015, six sigma, ERP system, Performance-based framework
used for promotions for freshers.

We ensure sustainable compliance by providing best working environment, clean and
hygienic workplace, proper safety and security and healthy lifestyle for every employee.

We are committed to increase awareness and understanding of sustainability for all
employees so that they can put sustainability into practice in the workplace, living
environment and broader community.

Code of Conduct
The Liz Fashion Industry Limited Code of Conduct (hereinafter referred to as “CoC”) is a
written collection of basic rules that all company employees should observe and serves
as a set of behavioural standards.

The CoC applies to directors, executive officers and all employees (of any employment
status; the same applies hereinafter) of (1) Liz Fashion Industry Limited, and (2)
subsidiaries, and (3) parties (including officers and employees) that have agreed to
observe the CoC in a contract made with Liz Fashion Industry Limited.

Code of conducting Basic Principles

1. Customer Satisfaction
We shall endeavour to provide customers with high-quality products and caring service
that surpasses their expectations and earns their trust.
We shall pursue high quality and reasonable prices from the customers’ point-of-view
and provide compassionate services and products that offer value.

2. Respect for human rights

We shall respect the basic human rights of all people and shall not commit acts of
discrimination or harassment that may undermine a person’s dignity.
We shall value diversity, and each and every person, and shall not discriminate against
anyone for any reason, including on the basis of race, ethnicity, nationality, birthplace,
age, gender, religion, sexual orientation or disability, or any other unlawful reason.

3. Legal compliance
We shall understand the customs of each region where we conduct business, comply
with all applicable laws and regulations and conduct ourselves in a socially acceptable
We shall strictly comply with local law & others international laws if required by

4. Work Environment
We shall not commit a wrongful act or act in bad faith at work and shall maintain a safe
working environment.
We shall strictly obey all laws concerning workplace safety and health and pay attention
to the physical and mental health of each and every person and shall make every effort
to establish and maintain a healthy, safe and hygienic work environment.

We shall refrain from activities that have a negative impact on the workplace, such as
engaging in immoral, illegal or corrupt activities; including the ingestion, handling or
being under the influence of illegal drugs or illegal gambling. We shall also make every
effort to prevent these acts.

5. Human resource development and fair evaluation

We shall develop all employees to enable them to fulfil their potential and we will be
meritocratic in our evaluation of their work.
We shall hire individuals and develop employees who are capable of exhibiting
leadership skills, regardless of country or region of origin.

6. Appropriate information management

We shall respect the importance of personal and confidential information and will strictly
manage it to prevent leaks and to avoid using information wrongfully or inappropriately.
We shall strictly obey laws regarding information obtained in the course of business,
properly keep all records concerning our business activities and will disclose it only at
the appropriate time and in an appropriate manner.
7. Exclusion of antisocial groups
We shall not have any affiliation with antisocial forces or groups that pose a threat to the
social order or to public security.
We shall not make use of antisocial influences whether for our personal profit or for the

8. Protection of company property

We shall make proper use of tangible and intangible company property and protect it.

9. Environmental conservation and contribution to the community

We shall always consider our environment and shall be committed to preserving it so
that the next generation can live a wholesome life.
We shall recognize the environmental impact of all our business activities from
procurement of materials through to provision of products and services to customers
and will strive to reduce it.

We shall work to raise awareness of environmental issues and to reduce our

environmental impact by saving energy and natural resources and by reducing waste.
We will strive to incorporate environmental activities in our everyday work routines.

10. The distinction between professional and personal lives

We shall separate our professional life as an employee of Liz Fashion Industry Limited
from our personal life and always draw a line between them.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Liz Fashion is committed to support common good causes, effect positive social
impacts, and make the world a better place. Social responsibility is at the core of our
corporate culture and the heart of our operation. We have weaved an ethical, socially
responsible business model, and devote real money, time and efforts to various ethical
labour practices, social welfare initiatives as well as environmental sustainability

Ethical Labour Practices

Liz Fashion provides employment opportunities to more than seventeen thousand
Bangladeshi workers, 76% of which are female workers. We are committed to treat our
employees fairly and ethically, safeguard their rights, and promote their welfare by
providing all-round facilities:

Dining Facilities
Each production floor in our factory is connected with a well-equipped dining hall to
facilitate workers to relax and enjoy lunch during the breaks. Besides, safe drinking
water dispensers are available throughout the factory premises.

Living Facilities
Two 10-storey modern residential buildings equipped with kitchen, dining hall,
entertainment and gym facilities bring the comforts of home to the staff members and
their families.

Prayer Facilities
Separate prayer rooms for men and women facilitate workers to perform spiritual rituals.
Health Care
 The workers and their family members enjoy free medical treatment and medicine
provided by full-time doctors and nurses at the medical centres in our factory.
 HERhealth RMG Nutrition Project is organized to improve worker’s health in
collaboration with the implementation partner Global Alliance for Improvement
(GAIN), the project coordinator Changes Associates Ltd., the health partner
International Center for Diarrheal Diseases Research Bangladesh (ICDDRB), the
child care partner Shobujer Ovijan Foundation (SOF), and the evaluation partner
Innovation for Poverty Action (IPA).

Child Care
Our day-care centres set up in the factory premises, staffed with certified child-
caregivers, and equipped with modern facilities, provide free and quality child care to all
the workers and staff members.

Safe and Congenial Workplace

 The factory premises are protected with high fencing and CCTV surveillance, with a
sufficient number of security guards manning all visitor and vehicle checkpoints, under the
Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) project.
 The factory is equipped with central fire control system as well as ventilation and cooling
system, and workers are provided with protective equipment such as masks.
 Workers enjoy free insurance coverage.
 Fair Labour Association
 Grievance Handling System
 Social Dialogue Program
 Folk music is regularly played at the workshops
Personal Development
Our modern training facilities offer all-round training programs designed for continuous
professional development of the workers and staff members.

 Refreshers and Helpline training

 Training programs for sewing operators, helpers and quality inspectors
 Technical training for Line chief
 Garment Production Training Program
 Project Management Training
 Leadership & Decision-Making training
 Team Leader Skill Development Program
 5S training
 Chinese Language & Learning Program
 English and computer skills training
 IT Training
 Computer security training
 System Engineering Training Program
 Liz Workers Training (Monthly
 Corporate Staffs Training
 Skill, development training for A.S.M.O
 Sales Forecast Workshop
 Supply Chain Training & APICS (American Production and Inventory
Control Society) Training Program
 Account Management Training
 Safety training for all employees
 Fire safety training
 Production safety measures training
 Production improvement training
 Product quality improvement training
 ISO 9001:2015
 Manufacturing Excellence Program
 Company COC & Compliance training
 Career Development Plan (CDP) Program
 Skill development training abroad
 Human rights training
 Fresh Graduate Development Programs
Fresh graduates of universities, mostly industrial and textile engineers, are hired and
provided with much needed trainings that work as support system for them to grow into
leading roles smoothly.

Management Training Program for Fresh Graduates

In order to facilitate graduates to have a better understanding of the garments industry

processes, each graduate has to spend several days at each department and learn the
best practice in the industry through training and seminars in this 2-month program. The
curriculum covers project management, supply chain, manufacturing management,
quality management, inventory management, Lean, Enterprise Resource Planning,
Corporate Social Responsibility, etc.

Production Industry Engineering Training Program for Fresh Graduates

In order for the graduates to better understand actual sewing process, specialized
seminars on production related topics are offered in this 3-month program. The
curriculum covers IE basics, pre-production preparation, production monitoring,
troubleshooting, performance evaluation etc.
Inventory Management Training Program for Fresh Graduates

The month-long program focuses on how to manage inventory system and control

Women Empowerment
 Female welfare officers provide consultancy and employee awareness
 Women in Factory Initiative (WiFI) offers foundation training, advance training, and
learning sharing meetings etc
 Women Empowerment Project (WE) organizes workshops and factory visits in two
phases, with phase I from January 2015 to September 2016, and phase II from
January 2017 to December 2018.

Rewards and Incentives

 High performing staff members are awarded with a variety of rewards, ranging
from material rewards, zero interest home loans, to training opportunities in China.
 Workers with perfect attendance records are awarded with attractive prizes such
as fridge, TV, microwave oven, cooking pot and tiffin box through trimonthly
 During festivals, workers are offered with free groceries and food items, such as
beef and mutton for Eid.

Chinese movies show and photo exhibitions, sports tournaments and picnics are
regularly organized for employees, enriching their cultural life and building strong bonds.

Social Welfare Initiatives

Liz Fashion donates money, products and services to support its neighbourhood to
reach the most underprivileged in Bangladesh.
We repaired an old bridge in 2014, and built two new bridges in 2016 and 2017 in the
neighbourhood for local people to safely cross the canals flooding in the monsoon

We installed street lights along a stretch of road spanning two kilometres in the
neighbourhood for the safe movement of local people.

Liz Fashion is keen to support Bangladesh universities to prepare graduates with the
skills necessary for employment within the garment industry. We signed MOU with
University of Dhaka for educational and training collaborations in July 2017. The
Conference with Faculties is organized annually for faculties from top ranking
universities in Bangladesh to visit our industry for day-long programs.

To facilitate school education, starting from 2016, we donate Tk. 10 lac every month to
Darkarajika Monastery to purchase food and daily supplies for the 670 orphans of its
orphanage, and donate school shirts, pants and shoes for the 700 students of its school
on a regular basis.

When natural disasters strike, such as the Rangamati landslide in June 2017, we
extend our helping hands to people affected, providing them with emergency food

Money is provided to local underprivileged people for their medical treatment and
operations since 2016.

Every year we donate a handsome amount of money to different mosques to support

their development.
Environmental Sustainability Programs
Liz Fashion is highly focused on the environment and put friendly green business
practices into action.

Our effluent treatment plant with advanced technology turns waste water into clean
water and recycles heat for power generation

Green Technology
In collaboration with Chinese environmental experts, we are introducing energy-efficient
green technology and facilities in our factories, meanwhile exploring avenues through
which latest green technology can be introduced and applied for environment protection
in Bangladesh.

Clean Society and Go Green Projects

Besides maintaining a clean and green environment in our factories, we have taken the
initiative to the neighbourhood through Clean Society project and Go Green project.
More than a thousand trees have been planted in the surrounding open areas of our
factories since 2014.