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might require a certified copy of the is totally impossible (there is no such thing payer so it approves your application.
document but that certification can not as an “anchor baby”. The “Anchor Baby” The driver license part is just smoke
possibly establish that the document has ploy is required in order for the government and mirrors to entice you to
any connection to the applicant. to hide the birth by citizenship scam from “voluntarily” make the application to
those born free on this land). use State owned property. The same
When we are born Nature provides us birth certificate presentation is required
with arms, legs, fingers and toes and all So if we are not born into citizenship how of an applicant to be issued a state
other body parts. Nature does NOT then do we become citizens? issued ID card where there is no driving
provide us with a “name”; a “name” is an privilege involved to obfuscate the true
artificial attachment attached to us At the time our parents create and register purpose of the birth certificate
initially, by our parents, but that our names they do not consider that our requirement.
attachment is only “pending”, does not names are valuable property or that because
become “our true legal name” until we they made up our name that they own those When you apply for your franchise to
reach the age of 16 years and make an names, but is the name “McDonald’s” use the government owned name you
official “voluntary” application to the valuable? And does the McDonald’s name thereby agree to follow all the rules the
State, for a franchise to use that name, have an owner who issues franchises to government may make in regard to your
which in the meantime, has become applicants who want to use it to make a use of its property, being “your” name.
property owned by the state under profit? Who is it that makes a profit off of You thereby “voluntarily” agree to
Arkansas Codes, Title 18-28-202. your use of “your” name? Is it not clear that submit your self to every manner of
such “profits” are taken by the State of government micro management of your
We are taught in school that the 13 th Arkansas every time you use “your” name life; to apply for a permit or license to
Amendment and Section 27 of Article 2 in any “official” manner? engage in any activity the government
of the Arkansas Constitution both decides it wants to regulate, always
prohibit involuntary servitude, and we Although it is presumed that your parents with a fee or tax. You must apply for a
are also taught that everyone born in the created and registered “your” name there is government issued license to marry,
United States is automatically a citizen nothing on the face of the birth certificate and then submit your children to all
by such birth. We are not taught that we that clearly indicates who the creator and or government rules, inoculations and to
were born free and sovereign over our original owner was. Under Title 18-28-202 send them to government schools so
own individual selves but, as the the State of Arkansas becomes the owner of they can be indoctrinated as you were.
Constitutional provisions mentioned both “your” name five years later (every state has
prohibit involuntary servitude, how could a similar law). Having been appropriately Under the 14th Amendment, as a citizen
we possibly be born into citizenship? indoctrinated in government schools, when of the United States, you have no
After all, there is no denying that a claim you reach 16 years of age you trot yourself protection under the Bill of Rights
and acknowledgment of citizenship down to the local Revenue Office to apply unless the government allows such.
constitutes an acknowledgment of a for your driver license and present “your” The most critical of those protections
superior political authority. b irth certificate w herein you are are clearly applicable only to the People
unknowingly actually applying to the state of the United States.
The Constitutional provisions prohibiting for the state to issue you a franchise to use
involuntary servitude constitute an that state owned name. Of course the state “People of the United States” and
acknowledgment that citizenship by birth is eager to acquire another “voluntary” tax “citizen of the United States are two

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entirely separate political designations. The Truth About Your Name
The Preamble to the Constitution very Your Birth Certificate and
clearly establishes that the purpose of the Your Citizenship
Constitution was to secure the blessings
of liberty to the People of the United Why do you have a name, a birth
States and their Posterity, the word certificate and, how is it that you
“citizen” is glaringly absent from the actually became a citizen of the United
Preamble and the Bill of Rights. States, and WHY? Are you aware that
being “a citizen of the United States”
A “republican” form of government is and being “of the People of the United
where there are two political classes - States” are not the same?
those who make the rules and those who
follow the rules. China, North Korea and We generally have no reason to ever
the United States are all “republics”. think much about these matters, we are
taught as children that our mom and dad
Those of us born here on this land were made up our name when we were born
born free, as the People of the United and entered our name on our birth
States, as joint tenants in the Sovereignty. certificate, filed it with the government
We, The People of the United States and that was all there was to it, nothing
have been duped and swindled out or our all that special or significant, or at least
birth right heritage by those who hate that is what those operating the
freedom and liberty for the common man. government behind the scenes want us
As citizens of the United States we have to accept and believe, but there is much
no lawful Constitutional standing to more to it than meets the eye.
complain. The First Amendment right to
redress applies only to the people of the We never stop to consider that there is
United States, go read it for yourself! nothing on any birth certificate to
connect it to any particular individual.
This flyer was written by, printed and If two or more 16 year old young adults
paid for by Eric Williams of Yellville. If were to exchange birth certificates prior
you would like more information or to applying for a driver license the
would like to read more of my thoughts Revenue Office Clerk would issue
on these matters or on how to eliminate driver licenses to the applicants with the
all taxes or contact me please log on to: applicant’s picture and personal information from the birth certificate
My email address is: the applicant received in the exchange.
Talkshoe Talk Show #27767
Mondays 8:00 PM (724)-444-7444 Revenue Office Clerks never ask
applicants to provide proof that the
C:\Wpdocsx\The truth About Your Name Birth birth certificate presented has any
Certificate and Citizenship - 2b.wpd connection to the applicant. The State
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