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Jesus Moreno
Hi I’m Jes………..No—Jesus I’m kinda awkward—so talkin’ to the
Wait— Jesus Moreno ladies is hard
Hold on— Jesús Moreno I listen to Vicente Fernandez and Banda
My Name, Two names, two worlds El Recodo every chance I get,
The duality of my identity like two sides But don’t make me dance banda,
of the same book Cumbias
With two worlds, there should be plenty Or Salsa—I don’t know the steps
of room I’ve learned throughout these past years
But where do I fit in? 17
Where can I sit? I am a mix of cultures, a mix of races
Is this seat taken? Or is that seat taken? “Una Raza encendida,
There never is quite enough room is Blanca y Taina”
there? You can find me in the parts of a song, en
Two names, Two worlds una cancion
Where do I come from? You can feel my American Roots en la
Born in the Pacoima, Los Angeles Banda
California My Mexican screams en la guira
But raised in good ol’ Pacoima And the melodies of the lyrics are a
The Sound of Parents yelling at their reminder of my beautiful Spanish
kids, Police sirens in the morning heritage
Cheeseburgers, Starbucks and Olive I am American, and Spanish
Garden A Fanboy, an athlete, a nerd, a student, an
The sound from SixNine yelling introvert
And the rhythm from Juice WRLD I’m proud to say: Yo soy Mexican
I’m from the struggle for broken dreams I’m proud to say, I am me
Of false promises I am beginning to appreciate that I am
Of houses with 20 family members in a Una bella mezcla
house I am beginning to see that this world is
And 2 kids also a beautiful mix
The mountains and campos de el rodeo Of people, ideas and stories.
and rancho Is this seat taken?
And the apple trees Or is that seat taken?
I’m not the typical kid from rich family Join me and take a seat,
Nor am I a spoiled kid Here we’ll write our own stories
My head’s in the clouds, my nose in I am proud to be from guadalajara
Fortnite jalisco
I get lost in the stories and movies Inspired by [Two Names, Two Worlds] Jonathan