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Third Avenue Design Vision

Transforming downtown’s most
traveled corridor
How Third Avenue Compares

Seattle Vancouver Minneapolis Denver
Third Avenue Vancouver
Granville Mall Minneapolis
Nicolet Mall Denver
16th Street
Third Avenue Granville Mall Nicolet Mall 16th Street

Bus Only at4Peak
Lanes Bus2Only
Only 2 LANES
Bus Only (Electric)
Bus Only at Peak Bus Only Bus Only Bus Only (Electric)
Commuters on Third Avenue Pine Street Plaza
52.4k 52.4k
RidersRiders 52.0k Riders
52.0k Riders 12.4k
12.4k Riders
Riders 45.0k
45.0k Riders
of Buses
215 = 215 Number of Buses
Number = 89
of Buses = 89 Number
Number of Buses==60
of Buses 60 Number
Number of Buses
of Buses = 80= 80

A Long-term Vision to Create an Inviting and
Attractive Third Avenue for All 19’ Sidewalk Width Width
19’ Sidewalk 30’ Sidewalk Width
30’ Sidewalk Width 35’
35’ Sidewalk Width
Sidewalk Width 36’ 36’ Sidewalk
Sidewalk Width

The hallmark of successful cities are great streets — ones
that balance the competing needs of users, encourage
social interaction, are well-maintained and memorable. Number of Riders
Number of Riders Number of Buses
Number of Buses
Seattle 52,400
Third Avenue
Third Avenue

A Street for Everyone Partners Vancouver 52,000 89
Granville Mall
52,000 89 Granville Mall
Minneapolis 12,400 60 Nicolet Mall
Third Avenue is a critical north-south The Downtown Seattle Association, the City of Minneapolis 12,400 60 Nicolet Mall

transportation route in downtown Seattle. It is the Seattle, King County and a consulting team are Denver 45,000 80 16th Street
Denver 45,000 80 16th Street
gateway to the city core, carrying approximately coordinating the project’s preliminary design San Francisco 40,000 170 Market Street
San Francisco 40,000 170 Market Street
52,000 people per day. Over the past decade, several and implementation. DSA is also convening a task New York City 115,000 150 FifthAvenue

planning efforts yielded incremental improvements force of government agency staff, business owners,
New York City 115,000 150 FifthAvenue
Los Angeles 55,000 72 Wilshire Corridor

to Third Avenue. However, underlying issues residents and property owners to provide advice Los Angeles Daily On-boardings
55,000 72 Wilshire Corridor
At Peak Hour (Both Directions)

persist, and conditions are inconsistent and often and oversight. Daily On-boardings At Peak Hour (Both Directions)

feel unwelcoming and unsafe.

Client: Downtown Seattle Association Project: 3rd Avenue Transit Street Inforgraphics Design + Branding

Client: Downtown Seattle Association Project: 3rd Avenue Transit Street Inforgraphics Design + Branding

Strategies for Success
The Third Avenue
Design Vision is a
Urban Design Transportation Private Properties and Retail Parks & Public Space Management & Stewardship
comprehensive approach
Third Avenue will be reimagined Third Avenue is an essential hub Buildings with lively ground Well-managed public spaces The Third Avenue Design Vision
to transform this busy
as a distinct and iconic for downtown transit, acting floors add energy and dynamism cultivate a welcoming sets a common approach across
urban corridor into one street, incorporating high- as an arrival and departure to their neighborhoods. A shared atmosphere and attract a wide government and the private
of America’s great streets. quality materials and design gateway for tens of thousands understanding with property range of people during more sector. The project will identify
emphasizing its importance to of people every day. This vision owners will help activate the hours of the day. Leveraging opportunities to make rapid,
downtown. Transparency, color, will preserve transportation Third Avenue streetscape parks and plazas along visible changes via smaller projects
light and greenery will enhance capacity to and through the heart through improvements like Third Avenue and improving and major improvements through
the sidewalks and invite foot of the city while providing a facade upgrades and pedestrian- underutilized spaces will foster long-term initiatives. Investments
traffic. Reducing clutter and safe and welcoming pedestrian friendly enhancements. vibrant public life. to upgrade infrastructure will pair
sightline obstacles will boost environment. with coordinated management
storefront visibility and create a and maintenance to support long-
positive urban atmosphere. term success.
Peer Cities Offer Models for Improvement
Similar downtowns are shaping key transit streets into vibrant places for people.

Photo: Rick Chung

Denver, 16th Street Vancouver, Granville Street

Rendering: James Corner Field Operations Photo: Thomas Lê Ngô

Minneapolis, Nicollet Mall Portland, 5th/6th Transit Mall

Recent Accomplishments

• Launched pilot activation of Pine Street Plaza • Repaired or removed dysfunctional
• Regular cleaning with All Terrain Litter newspaper stands
Vacuum and Green Machines • Removed an unused bus supervisor kiosk in
• Fixed broken transit screens front of the post office

• Filled in tree-pits with rubberized filling to • Cleaned Pioneer Square station entrances
improve walkability, safety and cleanliness • Removed dysfunctional phone booths

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