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A data mart is a condensed version of data warehouse and is designed for use by a
specific department, unit or set of users in an organization. E.g., marketing, sales.
It is often controlled by a single department in an organization. Data marts are
small in size and are more flexible compared to a data warehouse. Data warehouse
has come into being because the file structure of the large mainframe core business
system in inimical to information retrieval.

The purpose of data warehouse is to combine core business and data from other
source in a format that facilitates reporting and decision support. In coming years,
data warehouse have evolved from large, centralized data repositories to subject
specific but independent data marts and now to dependent marts that load data
from a central repository of data staging files that has previously extraction data
from the institution’s operational business system. Data marts need less
implementation time compare to data warehouse system. It is faster to implement
data mart as you only need to concentrate the only subset of data.