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Read the following A.

English contest
caution for question 1 C. school success
B. the First Prize
D. speech contest
8. How often is the
5. Shinta sent Dedi the English programme
card to… the contest. held?
A. tell him about A. Once a year
1. The caution means B. invite him to join C. Once a month
that we must….. C. congratulate him B. Once a week
A. be friendly to for winning D. Once in two weeks 12. Which train leaves
marine wildlife D. inform him about after Rapih Dhoho train?
B. be careful when the winner of 9. Who can join the A. Sancaka-1
swimming Read the following program ? C. Pasundan
C. attack the sharks caution for question 6 to A. Any student in B. Penataran
D. confirm the risk 7 school D. Agrowilis
With great happiness B. Every student in
Read the following CITRA TIARA school 13. When does “Gaya
caution for question 2 Announces her Graduation C.from
Sumarno and his Baru Selatan” arrive at
and 3 “Jaya Junior Highfriends
School” Senen?
Come to celebrate her achievement
D. Those who A. In the morning
From : Monroe (+62851856485284) On June the 7th at 1register
to 4 pmtheir names C. In the evening
At Raya Indocuisine Resto
Neil. We have a lot of math assignment for tomorrow. B. In the afternoon
RSVP by June the 1st to Ramadhani
What about studying together at my house at 3 p.m.? D. At night
On 0851856485284
Call me if you can’t
6. We must contact…if Read the following Read the following
2. Where will they do we can come to the party caution for question 10 caution for question 14
their math assignments ? A. Citra Tiara - 11 - 16
A. At school B. Ramadhani Jl. Kebon Kopi
C. At school library C. Raya Indocuisine July 6th, 2013
B. At Neil’s house Resto
Dear Emy,
D. At Monroe’s house D. Jaya Junior High
School My family and I went on a trip to Solo. We went on Monday
3. “We have a lot of by car and stayed at my grandparents’ house.
On Tuesday we went to Tawangmangu. We enjoyed the
math assignment for 7. “…Citra Tiara scenic view of its waterfall and had lunch there. They served
tomorrow.” announces her traditional cuisine like wedang ronde, tempe bacem, fried fish,
The underlined Graduation…” and fried chicken. After that, we continued our journey to
Taman Jurug.
word probably means…. The underlined 10. What is being
The next day we went to Kasunanan Palace. We saw a lot of
A. homework word means… advertised?
historical heritages in the palace. After that, we went shopping
C. lesson A. publishes A.
to Music
market and Solo Grand Mall. I bought some
B. subject C. declares souvenirs
C. Head phonesfor my cousins. In the evening, we went sightseeing
the town.
D. test B. carries out B. Hand phones
On Thursday morning, we said goodbye to our grandparents
D. states D. Headsets
and wet home. I really enjoyed my holiday. It was fun. Do come
Read the following over and have a look sometimes.
caution for question 4 to Read the following 11. “….and get a pair of
5 caution for question 8 - earbuds…..” 14. What does the text
Dear Dedi, 9 The underlined tell you about?
word means….
Announcement A. Fun holiday in
Congratulations on your success to get the first prize A. set Solo
Jaya Raya Junior High School will hold a weekly English
in the speech contest. C. group B. Journey to
conversation program for the students of grade 7 and 8.
Glad to hear that
It will start on : B. chain Taman Jurug
Day : Saturday D. couple C. Historical
Date : January 18th, 2014 heritages
Time : 02.30-04.00 p.m. Read the following D. Lia grandparents’
Place : School Hall
4. Dedi was the caution for question 12 house
Register yourself no later than December 21st, 2013!
champion of … - 13
Don’t miss this valuable opportunity!

15. Where did Lia go on D. The location of using the BRT 25. The writer went
Wednesday? the bird park in the system cycling with her…
A. Tawangmangu industrial area B. Indonesia has A. uncle
B. Taman Jurug implemented C. cousins
C. Klewer Market 19. One of the most eight routes in B. brother
D. Kasunan Palace interesting places… every cities D. people
(paragraph one) The C. Indonesia has the
16. “…..traditional synonim of the longest routes in Read the following
cuisine like wedang world “places” is…. 2012 caution for question 26
ronde… (paragraph A. Region D. Indonesia open - 28
2) B. Town the newOnce routeupon a time, Roro Anteng and Joko Seger
A. eating C. City lived on the foot of Mount Bromo. After six years of
C. serving D. Area 22. “it marriage,
is often calledtheyahad not had any children. They prayed,
B. cooking pleaded
busway”to Gods for children. Their prayer was granted
D. drinking Theinunderlined
one condition. They should sacrifice their youngest
Read the following son
the Bromoto.. crater.
After sometime, Roro Anteng gave birth to a child,
Read the following caution for question 20 A. and
The itsystem of every year until they had 25 children.
caution for question 17 - 22 transportation
They lived happily and forgot about the agreement. The
to 19 B.
Bus rapid transit (BRT) is a term applied toBromo The
mount expression
a variety erupted signaling that the Gods asked the
One of the most interesting of public
to visitsystemin using buses to provide faster, their promise. But they didn’t want
of BRT to fulfill
more efficient
Singapore is the Bird Park. It is located service than an ordinary
in the industrial C. their
The youngest
Often son, Raden Kusuma, to be sacrificed to
area in Singapore, called Jurong.this Theisbird
park is by aboutmaking improvements the crater.
D. First cityto existing
twelve kilometers from the centre of the city, and it’s vehicles and scheduling. Raden
The goalKusuma
of learned about the deal his parents
easy to get there by bus or by taxi. these systems is to approach the had
service made.
quality of Meanwhile
rail the lava from the crater had
Read themade following
the people living near, the mountain suffered.
transit while
It is one of the largest bird parks in the world. Thestill enjoying the cost savings and
caution for
Since question
Raden 23
Kusuma was a kind and noble man, he
birds are kept in large cages, andflexibility
there areofhundreds
bus transit.of
The expression to 25 didn’t want his siblings and other people suffered
beautiful birds from many different parts parkBRT of theis mainly used in the Americas; in
world, including penguins, India, parrots,it iseagles,
called BRTS and (the additional because
Last ‘S’ of
Sunday him.
morning, Therefore he went to Mount
Bob and I went cycling. HeBromo
ostriches. There is a large lake system);
in the inparkEuropewithand a Australia,
is my and
it is sacrificed
younger brother.ahimself
called We startedto form
the crater.
home at The eruption
busway, while
restaurant beside it. There is also a very large cage elsewhere, it may be suddenly
called a stopped.
We went cycling to the Marunda Beach that located
which you can walk in to get a closerbus. look
In Colombia,
at the birds.TransMilenio aboutwas After that
1 kilometer onfrom4day,
ourthe Tengger
house. We rodepeople
the given
It takes about two hours toDecember
see all the2000 in the
birds. Youcapital city offerings
of Bogota
Marunda to
factory the crater, as Raden Kusuma
sinceto reach the beach. Many people had sacrificed
can walk around the park or ride opened
on a bus. several
The bestnewtime core, which has himself
cycling before.
We arrived at the beach half hour
to visit the park is in the early largestmorning
BRT. or late later. We saw many people at the beach. There was a
afternoon, when it is cooler. Although Indonesia’s bus system “No was not thewarning
swimming” first the From the text
beach but we
version of BRT, it has the longestchildren routes as of 2012
swam there,withignoring the sign.know Thethat Roro was
more than 200 kilometers (120 everywhere mi) overall,soincludingit looked very dirty. Anteng and Joko
Mangrove trees
17. How can you go to 170 kilometers (110 mi) in the grew capitaloncity
the of Jakarta,
right side so they made Seger…..
the scenery look
the Bird Park from and it has been implemented inbeautiful. at least six Indonesia A. let their son
cities. After taking arrest for about fifteen minutes,
the city centre? killed by himself we
decided to go home because the sun started to shine
A. By bus 23. The text above tells B. disliked their
brightly. Although we were very tired, Bob and I felt
B. By train 20. What does the text ushappy
about….because we seldom spent timeyoungest together.son
C. On foot above tell us about? A. Cycling to the C. really loved
D. By motorcycle A. Transmilenio in beach Raden Kusuma
Bogota B. The people at the D. sacrificed
18. Why do many B. Names of beach themselves to the
people prefer to visit vehicles in India C. Spending time at crater
the bird park in the C. Bus Rapid the beach
early morning? Transit in some countries D. The beautiful 27. What is the main
A. The birds are D. The opening of scenery at the beach idea of paragraph 3?
kept in large cages Transmilenio on 4th of A. Tengger people
B. The visitors can December 24. What time did they gave offerings to the
watch freely around arrive at the beach? crater
the park 21. The main idea of the A. At five fifteen B. Raden Kusuma
C. The weather is last paragraph is…. C. At fifteen to six had sacrificed
not hot in the early A. Indonesia was B. At half to six himself
morning the first country D. At six fifteen
C. Roro Anteng and B. shown Read the following D. coconut milk
Joko Seger made the D. given caution for question 35
Gods angry - 37
D. Raden Kusuma Read the following
broke his promises to caution for question 32
the Gods to 34
28. Roro Anteng and Read the following cauti
Chimpanzees live in the forest and open
Joko Seger have to on for question 38 to 40
woodlands of central Africa. They live in groups of up
sacrifice their to thirty animals and have a complex A flocklife.
social of geese
They flew down to a beach where a solitary
youngest son crow was
are able to use tools and are generally thought hopping
be theAloe around. The crow didn’t respect to
Vera Juice
because…. most intelligent of the apes them.
A. they have 25 Chimpanzees grow about For 1,6something
meters tall, with
a little more exotic you can try this one
children already slender, but muscular, arms, and Ingredients
legs. :
B. their youngest Chimpanzees spend the day 1-2 searching
cup Fresh for fruit,
nuts, and eggs as they move through
1 Carrot their territory.
son was a noble
They also often make nets of branches and leaves in
1 Green apple
man which to sleep at night 1 tbsp Aloe Vera pulp
C. they have A few tbsp.“How awfully
of coconut milk you fly!” he said to the swans. “All
is optional
promised to do that Methods you: know is how to flap your wings. Can you glide?
D. the Gods asked 32. The text tells us Firstly,Can you pineapple,
blend somersault carrot,
in the air?
andNo, you together.
apple cannot do that.
the couple to fulfill about the…of After Let’s
that, put have
the a flying
pulp of thecompetition.
aloe vera I’ll
leaf intoshow you what
it. Then
add flying milk
coconut reallyif is!”
you One besides
like, of the swans,
giving a young,
the taste it strong
their promise chimpanzees
will actually increase the anti-bacterial and anti-viral flew
male, took up the challenge, whereupon the crow
Read the following A. food upofand
qualities thisbegan display his flying ability. He few in
caution for question 29 C. body circles, swooped down like an arrow, and performed a
to 31 B. life variety of acrobatics in
the air. Then he flew down
D. intelligence
Elizabeth II, born on April 21, 1926, is the eldest arrogantly.
daughter of George VI and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. She 35. How many Nowkinds it was
of the swan’s turn. He launched himself
married Philip Mountbatten, a 33. Why
distant do many
cousin, in 1947; into the
materials do we air and began flying over the sea. The crow
the pair has four children. Charles, Prince flew after him, making all sorts of bad comments about
people callofthat
Wales, need to make the
Anne, Andrew and Edward. She is the first monarch his manner of flying. On and on they flew till finally the
chimpanzees are to exotic juice?
land was lost to sight. Water stretched endlessly on all
send her children to boarding schools in order to
intelligent? A. sides.
remove them from the ever-probing media. She has a The crow’s comments became less and less
A. They can search B. 3
frequent and finally, stopped altogether. He had begun
strong sense of duty and diligence. Her knowledge of
for fruits, nuts
current situation and trends is up to date. She possessesand C. to
4 tire. Eventually he became so tired that he found it
a sense of humour rarely exhibitedeggs in public where a D. 5hard to stay in the air. He had to struggle to keep from
dignified presence is her goal. B. They often make falling into the water. The swan finally said, “Why do
you keep touching the water, brother? Is that another
nets of branches to 36. What should we do
flying manoeuvre?
29. The text is about sleep after adding
“No,”the aloesquawked the crow, the fight was
A. Charles C. They have a veracompletely
pulp into the gone out of him. “I’m in trouble… a curse
B. Andrew complex social life mixture?
on my boasting! If you do not come to my aid, I’ll
C. Elizabeth II D. They are able to A. drown…”
Freshening the
D. Prince use human’s tools The swan had pity on him and took him on his
Mountbatten B. shoulders
Adding coconut to fly back to the shore.
30. Anne is one of C. Washing the 38. What is the best title
the….. of George VI 34. “Chimpanzees… carrot for the text above?
A. sons slender but D. Blending the A. A Flock of Geese
B. daughters muscular, arms and apple B. A Solitary Crow
C. grandsons legs.” C. A Boastful Crow
D. granddaughters The underlined 37. “….giving the taste D. A Strong male
word means…. it will actually.” Swan
31. “She possesses a A. fat (paragraph 3)
sense of humour C. thin The underlined 39. What is the main
rarely exhibited…..” B. slim word refers to…. idea of the second
A. hidden D. thick A. fresh pineapple paragraph?
C. found B. aloe vera pulp A. The swan gave
C. green apple the crow a hand
B. The crow 49. Arrange the
showed his flying ability 45. A. him following sentences into
C. The swan 41. The text tells us C. her a good text
accepted the crow’s about…. B. you
challenge A. herbal plants D. me 1. Martha lives together with us as home
D. The crow C. use of ginger 2. We named her Martha
challenged the B. ginger plant 46. A. always3. We have a nice pet
swans to have a D. ginger food C. seldom
4. She is very pretty with black and white fur
flying B. often
competition 42. What is the main D. never and green eyes
idea of paragraph 3? 5. It is a cat
40. What can we learn A. Ginger can also 47. Arrange these
form the story be used as a jumbled words to
above? complementary make a good
A. Don’t be boastful spice to dishes sentence A. 3–4–5–2–1
or you’ll be B. Ginger is used B. 3–2–5–1–4
My family - Carita
embraced regularly in C. 3–1–5–2–4
beach - I - went -
B. Don’t be strong cookies, cakes, D. 3–5–2–1–4
last holiday -
so you will be pies, and other
1 2
weak later desserts
3 4
C. Don’t challenge C. Young ginger
someone or plants are
and - to
you’ll be typically moist
6 7
defeated and fleshy
D. Don’t fight D. The root of the 50. Arrange these
A. 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3
because you’ll be ginger plant is jumbled sentences
cursed most often used into a good
B. 5 – 6 – 7 – 2 – 3
in cooking procedure text
C. 3 – 6 – 1 – 4 – 7
43. “…and become How to Operate a Mobile Phone
Read the following drier and more
D. 1 – 21.– Press
3 – 4 the
– 5number you want to call
caution for question 41 fibrous as they age.”
– 6 – 7 2. Press the “Call Off” button to end conversation
to 43 What does the
3. Wait until the signals are full
Ginger is a type of tropical plant. Itunderlined
is typicallyword
used in 48. Arrange these
a variety of cuisine around the world.mean?It can also be
jumbled wordsuntil
4. Wait to the other end says “hello”
used to add color an flair to gardens A. Become ripe
and landscapes.
make 5. aPressgood the “Power” button
The most common type of ginger used C. in
rotten today
is Zingiberofficinale. sentence 6. Start the conversation
B. Grow old
D. Get wet there - once upon a
As a root plant ginger can reach up to 4 feet high, with time - lived - step A. 5 – 3 – 1 – 4–6
a stalk containing clusters of small, yellow flowers.
For questions 44 to 46, mother - –2
When eaten, ginger has a spicy taste-though this dulls
as the plant ages. Young ginger choose the are
plants best typically
words to 1 2 B. 5 – 3 – 1 – 2–4
moist and fleshy, and become drier
and more
the text
fibrous as 3 4 –6
they age. her - with - a C. 3 – 2 – 6 – 4–5
One day, the princess played her golden ball.
beautiful girl
Unfortunately, the ball rolled into the well. She (44) –1
The root of the ginger plant is most often used in
….to cry. Suddenly, there was a frog 5who was 6 willing to7 D. 3 – 5 – 5 – 2–4
cooking. It can be grated, shredded, or even sliced over
help (45)….. .How ever, the frog asked the princess to –1
various items. It is a commonly used ingredient for
bring him to palace and to let him (46)……
A. 4 – 5 –stay 6 – close
baking, and is used regularly in cookies, cakes, pies,
to her. The princess agreed with his –request.
2 – 1 So the frog
and other desserts. This plant can also be used as a
jumped into the well and took goldenB.ball
2 –out1 –of3 it.
complementary spice to meats, fish, or even pasta
dishes. –5–4
C. 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3
According to Disabled World, ginger is often used in –2–1
44. A. stopped
the treatment of cure of nausea, motion sickness, and D. 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5
upset stomachs. In addition, ginger C. usebegan
has been found
B. tried –6–7
to be effective in treatment of cataracts, ammenorhea,
and heart disease. D. wanted