A special Being

I close my eyes & there you are I think that what you are painting Is the most beautiful that someone has made for me Why you want to understand? It is true the colors you use I like them How do you do to look into my eyes? & take out the colors of my soul? That paint is very beautiful But I don’t want you to finish it It’s true every artist finishes their master pieces I am not what people can appreciate so easily & incoherently give form In fact I don’t have any form Why you paint me in that way? Just someone special can see through me Don’t do it I’m not so transparent I don’t want you to see my secrets, dreams & feelings Why you insist?

It’s is something beautiful but painful To see with your eyes as I look I’m not a soul wandering But could you paint where could I go? If you can do that You could be that special being

A technological feather goes with me tonight Asking me what are you doing I just say don’t cry I do not have words to write Because I do not know what are you doing Near, near, near All I think of you is that More, more, more Everything I will do is for you You thought that treating me cruel I would step away But you were so wrong I give a step to you to hug you It does not matter If distance could be even a large future Feather cry I have words for you As Melia told me once Keep writing while you watch This world from far I do not see you now

Memories stay But I want to erase my past To forget that bitter moment you made me pass Making me loving you You do your best To keep alive in your dream While I am dying To make real my dream What you see Is what you get Those words so right Snow can be a warm kiss too Your words are so cruel But if there is someone Who can understand your darkness That brave one is me Oh! Yes, you have destroyed my ego But if you want to destroy me darling Try to destroy my soul Your words just make me reach you easy Pain, decadence, darkness can be written with a word ASAGI That name is marked in my soul But the black hole of my soul does not swallow you,

Words, on air can be like sand through our fingers But my caress for you is like a wrong piano note You feel it I know Even when the distance kills me To get what you want What you asked me My kind side is fading Now, I wonder, could you handle my darkness? I do not even know how deep can be emptiness Less how hate can be lovely But I am already to know the meaning Of each word spoken in the whole eras of the world I love white roses While you embrace red ones Did you know red roses mean blood? Now you embrace my blood you have drunk Every time now that I think of you I want a drink of blood You know I would not dare to touch you So first I will satisfy my thirsty before meeting you This can be the most horrible beautiful feeling I could ever had But that is why I embrace you So hard in my soul

Dust is what I watch in the loin of my books Because I have forgotten how to read I forgot it because I forgot how to watch How to watch other things that are not you Hope you like me When I get to see you You will give me red roses While I will giving you thorns Hope you do not get afraid & dare to touch what you have create A beautiful cold heart washed With dark purple thorns

Between Sapphires & Seeds
Touch me with your shine Let the feniz that lives in your soul steals me a kiss You are sweet as honey, delicate as a rose but dangerous as it thorns With one of your look I rise to heaven but for real you are my hell The feathers of the feniz of your soul touch my soul everyday But with a touch it burns me leaving just something superficial So much charm I have not seen before Your sweet words vibrates in me like the sweet song of the wind I want to be the rain to touch your face & lips I want to be one of your ideas to know your thoughts I want to be your hands to touch your fragile body I wish to be one of your smiles to illuminate the world for ever

I could be the music that feeds your spirit Just to show you that your beauty goes more through that in some time someone could imagine But I’m just a simple mortal that becomes happy just watching you everyday & trying to be something that is not real

Broken heart
A heart that palpitates not always do it for emotion it does it for inertia, How is it possible that a muscle that contracts so many times? Can feel what people call LOVE It is incredible as the brain plays emotionally with us, In fact it is for it, that we carry out our feelings Just rational people know to what I refer... To live it isn’t necessary the love or the sex although for many it is fundamental And for me... for me it has never been, because I have not Belief in Santa Klaus much less in love, it is certain you can End up appreciating a person for like speech or for other things, But today the true love doesn't exist, just the love for interest You thought clear the interest of being love by somebody but not... That’s not the truth You give me I give you that it is the fundamental rule that all carry out

Cold Eyes
Every time I see your picture I ask myself Is this true? Are you being honest? Cause I’m being honest I see some changes in your being but I can’t see too much Could you let me see more beyond your letters? Is this a game? If it is, am I playing? No, I’m sorry I don’t play I smile with your notes, do you care? I treat hard myself because my body & soul doesn’t obey me Every time I smile that costs me ten tears & I guess, I’m sure these tears come from my soul But you can’t see them, right? It’s better like that You have your world & I envy you that Your being, your friends I envy each word you say, each move you make & each breath you take I’m being honest, I’m not falling in love with you But what is this then? You don’t know, I don’t know, who knows? It’s a mystery, all I want is you here for ever It’s a hard wish to get granted You can’t treat me as I treat you That is so sad, I feel it here comes other tear I’m sorry but this one shines like the moon, when she met the sun It is sadness? It is happiness? No, it’s not happiness I just know the word but I have lost the feeling

You say fly high right now & I tell you how could I? My wings are broken & the last feathers are falling away Maybe if you give me your words &honest acts, maybe all can change Can we have a diary? Could you write me there what you really think? I guess it’s ok if you don’t want but just be honest So I could change my cold eyes & gift you a warm look & a smile

Cold whisper
A sigh I hear I know it comes from far It is yours right? I want to think it I do not want to get cold tonight Writing flowing words My hands get frozen I wonder if I can touch you with them Or if you will fall apart You lay in your darkness Do not worry dark colors Can be beautiful too I know it for my soul A reason for me to continue writing These flowing words Well, I just want them to get near to you At least in a cold whisper You send me your warm sigh I am sorry; you know I am not like this But coldness is what flows in my body That is why I desire your warm hug

A dream is not just a dream I am proud of it Because you are my dream That came to reality From reality you can expect anything But from dreams you can idealize Whatever you want & if you desire, you won’t get hurt Pain with me won’t exist At least you won’t allow it But if appears I will kill it With my cold hands I do not know if I am still alive I feel I breathe But there is something I do not have yet Oh! Yes it is you I know you think of me, I feel your warm hug If you were not I would be freezing know So I do not worry, it is the weather that plays with me Here is cold, my body is frozen but my soul gets warm for you In place with light, darkness can exist But does light exist in darkness I must say yes I meet you there

Contract with the Devil
A Vampire soul with a Naked Rose
Working my mind Working my spirit Working my heart To be by your side Tonight I kidnapped God to make my will I pierced more stars in the sky To illuminate our first night Just hope Chronos don’t mind it & left me this precious time With you Me that has always dreamt with someone like you Dreams are dreams But haven’t you think that life without dreams Is worthless? Now I see that to be a dreamer is useful To make not even my desires real To make yours come real Smile, play, laugh & sing That is your essence That is for what I live & God gave me time

Stealing Chronos watch Just to give me what I always wanted A piece of happiness A piece of you I have accepted at last My nature Lover, dreamer but as it must be A bloody being I must live in the dark But for that you are my ray of light Pure light Could be a song Could be a whisper Could be a moan This is my chronicle This is my nature What I always hide But in this moment is what I embrace Because with this I am going to be by your side No problems No sins Exist in this life You believe in God as I do Oh! If God give me a gently hug someday I will know the true meaning of eternity One with true love, One with true passion

Full of desires Empty of mistakes Being like this I can do some spells To in some way make you get near Here come some drops when I say "Ancient God and Goddess, I invoke thee. Waters from the sky, Let it be. I command thee now, to thee all. Listen to my desire, Rain fall!" In that moment you run To hide your body from the water Ignoring that is me Wanting to touch your pale & soft skin With a cold caress As my hands are That is not my fault Would like to give you a warm hug But all you think you see was taken Just leaving an iceberg by body I am so sorry but to be with you I must be like that With a soul on fire Trapped in an iceberg Here is when I am going to discover If my dream is totally real If it is you

Then it is you the one who break this iceberg Taking in your hands what belongs to you Since you were born Stealing the contract I made with evilness Converting what I am in what you dreamt & showing me that you are all I dreamt Cradles You were born In a cradle of gold While I was born In a cradle of cold How different can lives be To some yours is a dream For me is the future But darkness is here To get to where you are I create boxes To sell my dreams To the best buyers Once I saw a man To buy one of the boxes When he saw what was inside He gave it to monsters of the night I remember The man said

So much for this? This is worthless I saw that the man, He just did not know how to use it Dropping the most beautiful heart To the deep darkness After that I walked With my frozen tears in my hand Because they were already Hard & cold as ice When I made that I got to a different land In which even the most little dream Is significant Then I bought one of those boxes That was different to mine Something beautiful appeared Was a nightingale Why that box was so special & for me, what that meant? Was so little But so valuable That nightingale was special Because of his voice While my dreams was nothing

Because were words & facts Then what I made Was to place the nightingale Next to me, to see if my boxes Could be special as him With the pass of time My boxes became special Special for someone At the land of the sand & same with the pass of time The nightingale became an angel Making me want to be covered With his wings But For some reason he flew I keep creating boxes For when he comes To trap him & take him with me Big difference between lives You were born in a cradle of gold While I was born in one of cold Creating me as the Ice Queen

What hour, what day I don´t know what´s happening with you I love you, but you take advantage of my feelings I can´t support too much your cruelty, you cross all the limits I have patience, But you don’t even care, What do you have in your head??? Haven’t you seen that I’m there for you in any moment? Or even on this way of invisible I am for you It’s bad that you pretend that you love me, It’s true and you know it better than anybody Don’t follow me deceiving I don’t have more time to continue playing To the ingenuousness Open the eyes. Something good It’s escaping of your hands & I don’t think you can catch it later

Dark Roses in Light
The darkness rolls by your cheek as a drop of water How small but how deep, if I don’t take care I could drown Open your arms & receive me Give me that hug you have never wanted to give before Those cold eyes can’t see through my heart because they are blind by the light You have grown in this world that is not yours Let me ride you to where you really belong Take my hand & end your curse with me Dark roses in light never shine, as they never grow God is by our side Don’t fear, it doesn’t matter if I have to climb all those thorns It doesn’t matter how much time it takes I'm going to reach you Feel this, my heart in your hands Listen to this, I love you I want you I need you Love me & I'm going to protect you through the eternity This is a promise I made to my ancestors before coming for you You are…You are that rose I always wanted So beautiful, so elegant, so cold but so warm How could I resist I understand it, its just love

Dark roses how can they open their eyes to see where they are growing If they are being blame of having such a weird beauty For some is light, for you is darkness Just your eyes understand this God have gave me time to reach you Chronos has stopped his clock Look at me I'm the ray of light in your darkness But I don’t dare to hurt you I just want to love you Look into my eyes You must choose, come with me Let’s reach that place, let’s go where we belong Catch this promise catch the future

Dead as the snow
Cold as the snow Desiring at least a tear To give some warmness to this face I place the hand in the heart & the only thing to feel is an empty beat In the search of a word of affection Jus I find bad words Converted in bad thoughts I will always ask myself Why the worst beings always get the best? I do not even desire to transform I had change so many times & I had forget how it does it feels To have a feeling I feel something, hate & anger Like that are the rocks That I step to guide myself In a road I do not even know, that I can not see I stroll well being cold as the snow It means just one thing I am dead

You are even a kid And that of anything will serve you It is hour of grow up, appreciate what you have Look around you, you are not alone You deserve all the good things of life I know it Change, take a look to future Isn’t just about present I say to you like a friend, understand it I wanted to be by your side like a person But you didn’t want it To meet it’s not to lose And with you I learn many things Although you are not gonna believe it It’s true A kiss Take care

Here I am
You trapped doll Curious & mystique Sing to me Play for me your best symphony That tear rolling your cheek Is for happiness right? If its not you could break my heart Long journey & finally found you Still doll on your music box Trapped in your dreams Trapped in your nightmares No pain no more Take a look to the window of your soul Look at me Here I am I am the prince who is going to rescue you You never lost the hope As I never did At least both lovers of darkness Lie together in this symphony

The light of you heart Told me where to find you The tears of your soul Were the rain so I love Do not cry no more Hug me & show me for what you waited for Kiss me & let me feel that heaven I could not met without you Talk to me, give me those word for what I traveled so far Here I am Here is you Prince Here is your dream That has come real as today mine comes alive

An accident of nature The mistake of humanity That is how it born The most terrible creatures Hidden They fear the pain The betray The most powerful pain Are freaks in everybody minds When they ignore they are the freaks For thinking like that Why normality exists? Because, because Mistakes like that Must be seen with eyes of mercy Immortality exist In each heart´ But, what about those that are hidden? They are convicted to die forever

No one know them No one think about them They are the forgotten By God & his creation I hide because no one can understand What is real pain? No one think of me So I prefer to die forever No one will miss a being like me Someone that could not live Thanks to the creations of a God Blame him? Could be But I blame the God That is in the dirty hearts I do not blame the God I know

How could that be?
Lying here in my thoughts as if it were My own blood Lying here asking myself About our existence Humanity can be The dream of each Vampire But how that could be? If humans are bitten by them? Darkness, neither a ray of life Light, neither a sigh of peace Were do we belong? Do I belong to your heart? Your heart A heart that only knows about lies Who told you all those lies? Who dared to turn your heart into a thorn? Beauty can be an illusion Illusions hide the reality Reality just can be seen by your eyes Eyes cold as ice but so lovely

Love, ahh! Love A sweet feeling that can caught each human heart But how could it be? About a vampire heart? You, me…they The descendant of the rose Just they know that love Can be so beautiful & elegant as a rose Heaven if it that exist Why I can´t love? If love is more simple That reaching heaven? Here I lay Drowning in my thoughts If I were Drowning in my blood Here lies The only vampire That could felt true love For a human A human that was more beautiful Than a rose Thinking about that Maybe I felt in love with an illusion

I could
I’m here, look at me, what do you see? What do you want to see? I’m the reflection of your feelings I could kill your loneliness I’m in love with your soul Imagine me apart of you, don’t break your heart You are like no one more can be You remember…me I see your non born tears Don’t make them born that could kill your smile I see you wanna go somewhere, where will you go? After all I will follow you cause no one can’t help you, from you. You are the one who see through my eyes Don’t be selfish & let me see your soul You can’t escape to the truth You can’t escape I’m talking but you don’t understand I repeat but no, you can’t hear me I touch you but why you don’t feel it? I kissed you, did you felt it? Yes…I felt it…cause was me.

I hate you
Today is an ugly day Today it’s the perfect day For the funeral of my heart Now my soul wears on black Well I know its true, Now what do you think, And I never received that black rose I always wanted to be happy You always found A perfect occasion To turn grey my smile Don’t you??? I see that happiness doesn’t exist I write what I can’t say you don’t deserve my words I sign an ode Cause I’m good dead enough for you Today is an ugly day Today it’s the perfect day For the funeral of my heart Now my soul wears on black

I’m bored and tired
I wanna play, Do you want to play with me?? It would be something interesting Let’s see if you can play the way I want Let’s try, but you are not So smart to catch the idea I’ve been telling you how to play this game But you don’t hear me, you don’t see me I’m in front of you my darling I made many things for you Have you thought about me sometime??? I don’t think so Cause you don’t have the brain for that And the heart to feel that You are my poison of life But I’m tired of drink it You are hurting me You are an acid love Gemini why you aren’t a Sagittarius??? I say it ´cause you act like a Scorpio

Well it seems like just Capricorn understands that You don’t have heart And you have that awful fear to create one You don’t even trust in you, right??? Let’s keep it on this size I’m the one for you and you are the one for me Understand that My darling my baby

I’m forgetting you, goodbye
When I though you were loving me The reality was you were leaving me Baby, join me in the cry of the rain ´cause today you killed all the emotions I had for you I’m gonna miss you, But I can’t keep pretending, that I’m gonna be with you for ever Because you don’t want and I can’t I’ll keep your secrets, they are going to be safe with me I fought for you too much, And I get tired, im gonna leave it, This heart it’s tired and its dying You couldn’t keep him beating That is so sad and today I understood at least The meaning of sadness Oh baby you can’t imagine how I loved you And I can’t imagine the way you didn’t care Babe you were the one, Now I can’t do anything to save those feelings ´cause the tomb of my heart it’s getting really deep And my soul it’s trapped with a lot of chains

How could you kill that person who loved you like anyone could??? You are free, you, me, all of this, How beautiful you are but I can’t keep with this lie So babe all the world it’s yours, you won’t have to share it with me I tried to share mine with you, but you couldn’t see it Cause you never wanted My darling look into my eyes and say that everything im saying Its lie Oh! Yeah everything I said its true and you know it Cause I never lied to you Your touch keeps cold into my soul Gone with the sun my first love and only love When I though you were loving me The reality was you were leaving me This heart its tired and its dying You couldn’t keep him beating

Hello my dear! Today you are in front of me, Or front of your death??? I even don’t know I dreamt with you by mi side Why you made it so hard??? It was just a word you had to say Just a little thing like that Come closer Don’t be afraid you have fears Come closer When you told me I understood But you never ask me in which way Today you are gonna lose all that fears my babe Why the face my love??? I dreamt with you I’m just gonna cut your neck It would be a pretty scar What are you saying? I can’t hear you, Talk to me a little loud I love the flavour of your blood As your dead look Maybe I am insane but I was crazy about you Now you are dead So now you’ll be my eternal love I loved you but why I hate you

Join in me in death
Try to catch me while I fall, Let’s see if you can save me of death No you can’t So join me in death my dear Your heart it’s so pure But my soul is so cold Well life show me that I don’t deserve your words Or even one of your looks Come hold me, Say to me that, I ever wanted to hear Kiss me before you leave That will be the salt in my wounds I’m a solitary soul I’m a solitary soul I’m a solitary soul I’m a solitary soul I think that it has been like this all the time And nobody cares So this is the last time I do this Last time I disturb you Look at me now I pray for death

Just live and let die True words, forgive me my weakness And I swear it everything I said was true I wanted you in my life Look at me now I pray for death I wanted you in my life Look at me now I pray for death

A big bear White as snow Pure as heaven Cute as he is I met him Thanks to a wonderful person That one is here no more But left me something That one didn’t left me something That one left me someone Far away But at least exist Sweet voice Soft skin Shine as moon light & adorable as a rose Could sound if I were Talking about a teddy bear But I’m talking about Jui

Jui? Who is Jui? Jui is Jui Thousand people in this world Thousand of feeling for each one Thousand of emotions to discover Thousand of words I want to say to him Yes, Jui is not a bear Yes, Jui is not my Teddy Bear Yes, I like that boy But yet I don’t know how to say it How to say it? I like you? How to say it? I want you? No, that is not the way I’m misery No, it’s just so hard For me to talk the way he does Maybe I could say Daisuki Or maybe I could say Jui aishiteru

I guess if I say that He will show me his tongue If he were my Teddy Bear He couldn’t do that awful act But however If he is smiling Or if he is mad I like that boy All I desire is Never see his tears Never see him on knees Never see his heart broken Because…because Jui…Jui Could be a man But he still has child soul Could be that The reason for me Of liking him so much Of wanting to have him in a crystal box Juira That’s the name of a big white bear That my lil brother Gave me once

Juira The first part of the name Is Jui Ra is for…RosA that means Rose Rose Roses Are important for me Jui is important for me Jui doesn’t talk to me Jui is mad with me Maybe… Maybe He saw I’m… I’m a weak girl That shows what I’m a not for real But I just… Do what I think must be done I smile When he is happy When he wants something with his heart I think about doing what is impossible When I feel A tear is rolling down his cheek I want to break the world to get near to him

Distance, yes distance Isn’t just that He is beside wonderful people But why he is not by my side? Oh! Yes, because… I’m a lie for him I’m the worst person in this world Even the most insane person for him Maybe…Maybe I’m masochist I still writing to him But I’m happy ‘cause I know he reads what I send to him All I want is Him to shine Him to fly high…more…more…high It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t want me However I’m gonna be cheering him From here Cause we are very far…from each one Honestly Maybe I’m weak But I’m going to Make an effort to see him even if it’s just once

I see he is right I’m simply But just seeing him once I’m gonna feel happy Happiness…a feeling I felt when I talked with him few times I felt happy Just talking with him Now I’m sit at bed writing Now I look to my left side & I want my furry doggy to be Jui I want Jui To be here I want Jui To be happy Jui? Who is Jui? Jui Is Jui

This is the first time I write so much in paragraphs Of four lines Could be a song or not

Ah! Could be an apologize But I’m tired of giving apologizes After all he won’t ever going to believe me If Juira Gives me other chance I know everything Could be different Different for him Different for me But I don’t want to annoy him I don’t want him to have troubles I guess If he is happy I can Be too. Jui How can I say it? Maybe… Jui Aishiteru!

Just for you
These words afraid to be pronounced Many act reduced to a little moments of silence I see you and you make me feel new things But I’m afraid to cross my limit Because you are forbidden, I just can love you in my dreams And in shorts present moments I hope you understand I want you I love you I adore you And this words are gonna stay Like our secret You just can trust in a few people And never rot to be sorry, It’s for that reason that I’m not sorry For admitting you this Maybe you will think something like Let it be But keep it on mind, are just words Because you prefer other person show it to you I’m afraid that you go away And not be able to see you again You have already become partly essential Of my life

It doesn’t matter what can happen I’m gonna be with you, No one could love you the way I do, No one could sigh you so many times as I do But the only thing for I wait its that when you decide to leave It’s that you can say to me that three little words I LOVE YOU

Just written words
(The reality)
More words are written As people continue lying Nothing more can go wrong in this world I could never lie to you (again) Since I know my religion I pray to God That you can love me as I do Our dreams are going to become a chain Lies can makes us weak as strong With those lies I have become stronger So nothing go wrong & my soul just desires to touch you Injustice, Malice, Hate, Death Pass by our sides You don’t see it but I smell it everyday That is why I do not want to live in this world I just want to smell roses by your side

Time separate us But I am going to travel through space To catch you To rape your soul to make strong my words As is my soul Now the candles in my dark room Keep me warm Just because you are unable to do it But who said I sometime felt warmness? I know you are covering me, ignoring my intentions You are in your dream While I taste reality So cruel & cold I wonder if I can do to you all I desire I just know about cruelty being heartless For you I desire things change I just want to love you Not to hurt you I use to be a thorn in people eyes But I want to be a rose petal in your soul You are powerful as I have my weakness But if you fall Even if I must fight against evilness I won’t care just to see you shining around me

The time comes closer You & Me are going to meet at last Think about your words & acts Because a wrong movement could make me Desire to return to my darkness & I’ll take you with me

Last Change
My happiness is dark I’m free, I’m happy I won’t change again, this is my wish Stay the way I’m now, for ever Because I want it and I deserve it No more hi, hello, just have a good day Nobody cares about me, why should I care about the others. No way, no more, that’s not me I’m a selfish person and this is the way I like I don’t talk, I won’t give my opinion I’ll just do what I want I don’t care if you like it or not Take or leave it Maybe you are not important for me I hate the last me Welcome to the new me

Letter to an x-best friend, x-love & x-person (xxx)
You lay me down that day, can you see??? My soul wears black I just wanted to be by your side But you didn’t care Now you can go to hell with your doubts and thoughts Maybe I’m not a good person as the other people think You were my angel now you are bull shit You frozen my heart, not with words, you know how I’m alone maybe this would be a good way to be, Many people told me You are cruel Today I say to you Even being your friend you didn’t care I don’t know, what’s the meaning of love I tried to find it with you, but you just played with me… Excellent game don’t you think??? I’m gonna forget you, this is gonna be easy Cause I was nothing for you And thinking on this way

Things are gonna be more easy Love is like a poison separating me from you Today I understood that love can turns into hate… Love is an awful pain but Hate is something beautiful like my dead look I don’t know, what I’m doing

You lay me down that day, can you see??? My soul wears black I just wanted to be by your side But you didn’t care

Mad vin rouge party dans Tango land
You in the ground fall sleep Reading your best song While I am ready To write my next tale A trumpeter sounds Letting know to the dancers of Tango The king has arrived But no one can see him The king dances the Tango of Donato But he looks & do not finds a couple Which kind of destiny has the king? He was not made to dance Come one king, Lets try singing a Tango Different to you But could work to find that one

In a strange land where Tango is just allowed The king ask to a drink Of Vin Rouge The drink of kings The king starts to sing While the cat of the wrong notes Says behind the meow “Amour” The king thinks about doing something But he already saw That he is a rose Tainted with the Rouge of the Vin A girl appears dancing The notes of the rose When she sees him She wants to keep him The king rose afraid says no & the girl cries He say don’t But I could sing for you The girl smiles & I can dance to you She says Both start the Mad vin rouge party dans Tango land

& lately both fall into the arms Of the naughty Tango That one that can truly Make strangers fall in love Like that was the dream Of the king Rose While he was reading his song Under a tree with his Chimi on knees Like that was the imagination Of the girl While she was writing the tale With a rose in her bed For The King of RosesAsagi

Magic Tale
In different parts of the wide world We find ourselves separated Telling to others our feelings In different ways You say it in your songs Your world should be perfect like a tale I write it in my stories Fantasies with a realistic touch However, like that are our lives You moving in your world incapable of visiting me While me in my dark world Just in dreams I can tell you my stories A promise a valuable when it comes from the soul Like the one the one I engrave in mine Opening road I see myself To be by your side Just by your side I will be capable to watch the most beautiful landscapes With me you will be able to look your reflection in the crystalline water Watching at last that is me your love reflection With you I will be able to play the notes of a nightingale

Two beings that create perfection Lay separated Ignoring That just they can create a magic tale in reality That is your next song This is my love story

My Obsession
That is what I want After all this time, I have decide it I know what is going to be the most important for me In this world As well as it comes from the world Is called mundane For that reason is something material But in which you will place your feelings I want you to gift me The most beautiful music box With the most beautiful tune That will give me your being totally In that way if you can not reach eternity I will have a memory Of the being that once Was & will be the most important for me In this life like in eternity All is & will be darkness For that reason give me that mundane joy That light, to not let my life be monotonous

It is true your voice is sweet Soft like breeze That is why I want your melody The one that must come from your heart Just with one of your melodic whispers You steal me a smile With your agitated breath You steal my most deep & darkest desires Although I won’t have you forever Since God has played us different cards I will keep you alive In my heart, my mind & in my body Words can be just words As dreams are just dreams But someone once said To be strong you must have patience & hope For that I will be patience & I am going to give you time to create that melody I will have hope So that melody is going to be the one I desired We create our own destiny With the help of dreams When we wish with the heart Our desires become stronger & our lives take the direction we aspire

Being like that & understanding what life is Nothing will go wrong I am an incomplete being Because I lack my obsession The song for me that comes from your heart

My Rose
Ahh! So delicious Ahh! So malicious Ohh! So beautiful Ohh! So you! Every time I watch a rose, I'm watching you Every time I touch a rose, I’m touching you Every time I feel a rose, I’m feeling you Every time I kiss a rose, I’m kissing you God gives you life Friends give you warm Music gives you happiness Now let me give you all of this Your skin looks so soft I wonder your heart is so Your lips look so sweet I know your being is so Do not be selfish I want to admire you as musician I want to want you as friend I want to love you as man

When you say stop, my mind stops When you say stop, my lips stop When you say stop, my heart stops & when you say stop, I die You know I am what you really think You know I'm the one who can walk through your dreams You know I can do whatever I want without being as you You know I tell you the truth You are that rose You are that musician You are that friend You are that man I did lie because I was afraid I did lie because I want you so bad I did lie because I want to love you I did lie because I don’t know your reaction Now I dare to be honest Now I dare to tell you what I want Now I dare to show you my soul Now I dare because I don’t have anything to lose The bad thing, I'm a dreamer The bad thing you are a star The bad thing you are so far The bad thing I can’t catch you

The good thing, I work to make my dreams become real The good thing I can become other star The good thing I can follow you The good thing I can dream I reach you being a star so I wouldn’t be far away from you again I'm just a dreamer that wants to have a rose I'm a dreamer that wants you to be that rose I'm a lover that wants to meet love I’m a lover that wants to get love with you If it’s a sin to follow you I want to be a sinner If it’s an illusion to have you as desire I want to be a visionary If it’s a crime to steal your heart I want to be a fugitive If it’s like this I want to be the worst person for having all I want & for giving you what you need Anything is valid in war Anything is valid in love Anything is valid when you want So I want to challenge you in this war of love You are a red rose I am a white rose The world is our garden Let’s create the most beautiful landscape, humanity have never seen

My time
Once upon a time In a crystal box, lived a dreamer That always wanted to bring to reality those dreams Peace, love & kindness That dreamer once said If I make my dreams real People could love me That is all I want That dreamer waited One day decided to break that crystal box Because the dreamer thought If I stay here I won’t get what I want Nice dreams, that could be seen easy to reach A pure soul with a frank mind Nothing like this could cause any pain at all That was what I thought The dreamer started to walk At the beginning could not saw the step that was giving But one day, The dreamer stopped

The dreamer moved the head & later asked Where I am going? Where should I start? Those were smart question Because was a dreamer That always wanted to have friends But life never granted that wish For that reason the dreamer left that crystal box Those were not dreams Those were feelings That the dreamer wanted to feel So This is my time I know where I do have to go I know how I do have to walk This is my time to breath To live, To think To exist Because I am that dreamer

Onegai Koi
Gomenasai for hurting you Gomenasai for leaving you alone Gomenasai for not talking when I felt angry Gomenasai for not being capable of touching your heart Demo… Arigatou for the moment Arigatou for saying I missed you Arigatou for hugging me Arigatou, hountoni arigatou for being always there Demo… I used to miss you? Hai I used to lie you? Iie I wanted you like my little brother? Hai I wanted you like my eternal love? Iie Demo… Onegai, don’t cry Onegai, I’m here Onegai, hold my hand Onegai, stay for ever

(For my Gothic Beauty Perish)
Passion, Desire, Madness & Life A soul fervently in love with the unreachable Like that is the being that caught my attention An Angel totally different from the others In this era, in this world Where real & unreal it touch This being arises like other one But people can’t ignore this weird beauty Today, he desires the world can feel The impact of a body giving life But just shinning His wish will be granted What he doesn’t know is That he being a Gothic Beauty A Dark Engel has been always by his side He just doesn’t know That’s why the journey begins He has begun to shine Because he has seen that everything dies

If he asks, what would you do if today was your last? Me as his Engel I would answer I don’t care until you let me touch your shine & let my thoughts get clear with the rain That’s why I want you to be my rain This Gothic Beauty & this Dark Engel begin This long voyage Someday they will let see each other & they will talk about what they have found & they will see that, they are what they were searching

(For my Gothic Beauty Perish)
Friendship! What’s that? I look around I don’t have friends I don’t have anyone around me I look to the sky There you are, even when the strong shine of the sun blinds me Yours doesn’t hurt me Because is a soft & comfortable light Who are you? Even when I don’t know I know you must do a promise to me As I’m gonna do it to you Promise me Never leave, never walk more far away from you are Promise me You are going to be that special being that I had couldn’t ever find I promise you Be there for ever just for you I promise you Be that unconditional being that you could never find in other place

Today is raining Today I’m going to sleep for the whole eternity Tonight I’m going to have you because Tonight I’m going to see you in my dream Listen to these words While I watch you from the sofa Look to the window The drops are falling against it Touch the window You can feel how the sky cries Look your reflection in the window Just the candles give you light I look at you scared by the storm I look at you like a child I look at you so fragile I look at you being so beautiful Now I stand up I want to grab you from your waist I walk to you To feel your warm skin

Why is so hard to make this possible? Is just in dreams where I’m going to see you? Why is so hard to have you here? Is my destiny to sleep for ever to have you in my life?

Rose on Fire
(Birth of a Vampire)
A friendly Hi A sweet note for a life I close my eyes & imagine about your voice saying it Your whisper is coming closer Facing my world My iceberg is breaking & I do think you can stand in my ground I am now sure That you were playing Causing a wound That today is still open I have seen no one can Be where I am I have seen no one can Go where I have to be Is tonight when I took your heart I want to steal it Because I am running & no one can’t catch me

Oh! Yes it is a precious rob But it is fair To steal that rose To burn it Obstacles are in all places Even you have seen them Life is cold Like us I see your doubts in my words You have time to think But it is you & only you From who I expect a decision I see you in my dreams I can touch you I can show what I am I can feel how you are Your skin is so cold So delicate That if I touch too hard I could break it You are so cold But who said that our road is easy to cross? I have found a wall that doesn’t let me keep running However I won’t let go my precious rob

I have you in my arms & you can’t let go Because you don’t want & they have the warm you have always wanted If you leave this chance where will you go? Who will keep you like the most valuable treasure in this world? You can’t escape Because in my words you find your own reality I don’t desire to see your tears But out there exists people who desire it a lot My dear Rose trust me, if someone make your tears roll Won’t live too much to taste the salt of your cry All I desire is God, give me the enough time To give to my rose all the pleasure & love That has been searching all life I am on my knees praying To this desire be granted I want to take you in my arms To touch you & kiss you like no one made it before Take me in your arms I know you want to know What does it feel? To be loved

Here by your words Today by your cruel acts I know who you are & I know where I have to go Since I was a child I dreamt to have someone like you I’m still being that child Because I want to keep you as a dream Tonight births the most passionate being That one you thought could exist just in dreams The most horrible nightmares come to life Why not your most beautiful dream can’t come to life too? I see my life & I can see too That my wishes are being granted Because I am still here But with a reason & it is “YOU” In this moment I open my eyes I touch my chest & feel my heart Like a rose in fire It is a soul with ardently passion Who thought this kind of passion could exist Wanting to have the world in the hands Just to reach someone? It is nonsense

No, everybody could thought that But not us You once said: You must choose come with me Right now I say: For you is why I am here Who could thought That in your moment of cruelty Something beautiful could born That is because no one understands, just me I want your cold hands to touch me I want to feel your caresses You want to be hold to feel eternal protection You want to be loved as I want to love you Take my hand This is just about you & me No one must interfere Time is passing & Chronos has no mercy What in a time was a dream Today is a fact With your cruel Hi I with blood in my fangs say Hello

Singer Star
Every time I look at the sky A star sings to me My heaven becomes brighter in these moments …Of Darkness With that sweet sound I remember the warmness of you words I have a reason now …To become shine as the star If I want it I must Make time walk So the sand will fall …My time life begins to run I have a star that sings to me That star is you Like a beautiful nightingale …I keep you in my soul You broke my crystal box Causing me pain But now …That pain is just sweet memory

Today & forever My days are just nights I am breaking my chains …To touch that star Your voice Your words That is my road to you …You, my singer star

Story & Love Letter
Everyday I lose my mind thinking about what I am gonna do with my life. Why you always appear in my thoughts? I feel like I’m losing you. I think is more than enough the world distance than to have to battle with that loved person & its curious because that person is my friend. I’m afraid to lose you but after all I’m afraid to lose someone I don’t even know well but I feel like I’m losing your warm. I make this question myself day by day: Am I jealous? Yes, that is the answer because I can’t have all you want & all you have. & all you have is easy to resume but hard to get & to feel. Now you know about what I am talking “LOVE” A simple word with a lot of feeling, meaning & full of desires. You showed me an other world, showed me a world full of smiles & hugs, I get really happy every time I see you but now you don’t even have time to talk to me. Sometimes I wish you were a guy like other one, seems like all I want it’s you, yes I’m being selfish. I want you Gay Guy, you have your own world & you feel what all people & even Vampires like me desire to feel, I could be all you need but world made us like this. Forgive me for me it’s not enough to hug you or to kiss you cheek. No! It’s not enough, I try to forget how is your smile just to hate you & get you off of my mind & soul but you just look deep into my eyes & say “Don’t hate me”.

& with your hug I forget all those bad things I was thinking. Emotions are becoming into feelings but it’s with a forbidden person. I’m falling, I’m messing with me because I don’t want to feel this for you, I just want you like my Teddy bear. I want you but at the same time I don’t. You have your own way, you are following your heart but…what I’m following? I lost my direction, everything it’s too bright. I try to return but you are holding me too tight, I feel too much pain, I want to follow you but if I keep following Ill find the death. I traveled all the world & I finally I met you but I am not what you are looking, no I can’t touch you, if I do it my soul could break & that is all I have to survive. I’m saying the truth but this kind of truth doesn’t have to be mentioned. I wish I could freeze my soul & get you there & when I try to touch you freeze my body in that way my mind could learn that you can’t be touched by me. I would like to scream “I LOVE YOU” & later say softly “Like my little brother”. Now I know what feelings are & I hate them for sure, I want to say “Let me go” but you maybe hold my hand then I’ll return to you & I’ll give you a hug that no one in you entire life could give you. That hug will hurt but will just for a short time because with that my soul will get frozen for ever. So remember this for ever if I don’t say it again. “I LOVE YOU” (Last tear for you.)

Symphony of my soul
This is not a symphony played or heard before Hope you can be so smart to understand it Humans are unique in their own style Is that why it is hard to find someone like you Because with your sympathy & pride Even a day of storm becomes a shinny one for me You are gentle & honest That shows good feelings that’s why you are so special Do not dare to lie to me Unless you want to break my dark heart In so much highness & knowledge it hides An ingenuousness not equally & that makes you fragile But valuable at the same time Can be possible that in this being it hides so much affection affection? If it is, let me catch your attention & let me dance with you Just one song maybe you like it. This is the symphony that daily my soul plays Every time it sees you.

The Perfect Landscape
A hill A tree A hand Paint & a brush Drops playing in a face A lock of black hair that touch sweet lips A rose in delicate fingers that for it thorns make them bleed Time that is not changeless about devouring moments Musical notes that break my thoughts Perfume that I just recognize Textures that I dream Words not yet spoken Today the sky is the most beautiful More than the sky of 100 years ago But The ambience is not better A world in charge to corrupt Because of the time But no one is to blame Right, Chronos Master of Time? The visible lights Are not from the city

Those lights Are the stars In the top just one tree With a nightingale in one of its branch Singing something that no one more could sing Because the nightingale has not yet born That thought That will bring peace Or maybe eternal happiness Has not been idealized Wind, earth, water & fire Element of one being A powerful one? No, a human that reached to touch the reality But, There is always a but There is something in descried No, is someone In the top of that hill Next to that tree Where lays the nightingale There is the ideal person Realizing a prayer Looking at the sky While the drops of the rain play in the face A lock of black hair touching the lips

That person looks at the sky The moon smiles gentle Is not a void Is just love It rains while the moon shows her face The wind carries perfumes that just that person knows The nightingale sings while attracts the most beautiful desires with his song Like that is how it born the perfect landscape Landscape just descried but two Landscape full of desires that has not clever to surge in the darkness Landscape although dark is the most beautiful Landscape although weird is a desire that will come true Oil that is the fragrance The sing of the nightingale is the tune of a Music box That lock falls in my lips because I am sleeping in my arms Drops that play in my face well then I am crying That is how it feels when you desire with your whole soul & you know that it lacks a lot For you to ask that desire & Be granted That is the perfect landscape That is my perfect landscape That is my dream To watch the owner of the hand that will paint that beautiful painting

The Time
You sweet girl Who just now the flavor of your tears Give me your being & I’ll give you what you have always wanted Hold my hand & end your grief Dry your tears & taste the flavor Of happiness Here I have a gift for you It’s a rose a beautiful one Accept it & you will be accepting my promise I promise to finish your pain I promise to bring you love I promise to bring you warmness I promise to love you without regrets Oh! Sweet child Since I know you I have seen your tears Until the point that I can taste the salt of your pain Oh! Sweet child forgive me for being so weak

Here I have a gift for you It’s a little box Accept it & you will be receiving my heart I swear to be honest always I swear to treat you as my most valuable gift than God could ever gifted me I swear, to kiss your eyes every night for not letting you see nightmares while you sleep I swear to you that I am going to be with you no matter what happens My loved girl How many times I dreamt with holding your hand Walking with you Making your most precious dream real

This is for
You don’t mean anything for me. We haven’t share feelings because we haven’t. If we try you could mean a lot for me. It’s hard i know, just close your eyes & think you hold my hand. I’m gonna help you. Believe in me. That is all i want, a bright side in my dark world. You are mean with me but you don’t see I’m like you… So cold, so beautiful, handsome & cruel. A cruel description for a glamorous human being. We are in different parts of this wicked world. We can’t be together but we can get close. Details, roses, perfumes, rings those things are not enough for you. You… All you need is someone like me but… Not me.

Vampire Ring
In the infinite space Not outside, inside I watch your breathing Wanting to be the air In this cage of glass I want to spread my wings Now it doesn’t matter if there is pain Just want to be there I get closer every second Time you waste with a laugh without meaning My wings can cut yours So beware I now have just one chain A ring That one that unites my soul to this body Making me remember I have a past Sometimes is good to forget things Because sometimes is just pain I do not want to remember how I meet you Because you like me know that was painful When I get to my dark heaven

I will call you Because you wont feel me coming I would like to but I am not making noise Just like my ancestors Here I am with a legacy To show the white darkness Of your warm heart You know You are just a dream A dream with a hidden nightmare You are that cute smile with broken lips From the far away I see your ring That one who attach Your soul to your body Why is a who? Because that far away Is just a mirror In which I watch my chest every day & there I see you I am that ring The warm being With a freak soul When I get there You won’t feel me

I will call you But you will have to close your eyes With flesh cold like ice With a color dark like night With ted lips like blood I just wait to mark your being The far away At every breath Becomes A near distance Dark snow makes now An insane laugh Because you belong to me Since I birth You with flesh white like snow You with dark hair like the night You with eyes so deep like real love Just wait to see your creation Winter, spring, summer & even Autumn Are against us No, are against me But who said I can not control myself?

Summer can burn your flesh Winter can freeze your feelings So me with a burning heart & a cold soul I am going to teach you what I have learn All this time Praying My prayers were not in vain Like my existence that I thought it was Tick-tock Those are the words of the clock Mine stopped long time ago Now I write a sad but true story You wear the eyes of blood While I wear the white darkness every night You will dress my pure blood While I will wear your eyes of dark light God search for vengeance in my soul Devil search for love Its curious the time now I realize my dreams while your dreams becomes nightmare Your time is running through my hands Like water But I can freeze it like Ice If you ask me gently

You are my ring My legacy is my chain A curse is my body & my soul is made of Ice Vampire ring Unique & beautiful Without you would not be reason For keep living in this Galaxy I always asked myself Which one was my mission here? Just take care of the ring My only reason to keep walking

That person who is gonna steal my heart is too far, It’s horrible to feel alone even when you think That your friends are gonna be with you In that inconvenience and dark moment In the seek a person gets my attention, But not enough to want to share the rest of my life, I’m not selfish, It just that person it’s forbidden Many people knows that I love my beautiful one, But that one ignores in which way, The only thing that I would do its wait And wait for you to decide what are you gonna do with your life at all In the seek a person gets my attention, But not enough to want to share the rest of my life, I’m not selfish, It just that person its forbidden

Warriors in the Stars
Finally the time is here The moment I have always waited since I birth I see my warriors in the stars Following me from the all sides of the universe We begin to shine Look to the horizon there is the future Shine with me The chains broke flying like phoenix Hold my warriors the hands of the braves To see if their souls are pure & if they can follows us To see if they can be like us A travesty for them will be easy We already fought the hardest wars With the leader Let’s shine all of us Hold your dreams tight your heart We will sacrifice to let you get your most precious dream They & I are the warriors that walk in the stars Here is the change look at the paradise opening the gates

Just a true leader knows the way Thorns exist no more Our swords are our words Let’s shout our fantasies Put your feet on reality Having on mind the most magical tales Your place is in a soul The soul of the perfect one Warriors of the stars Keep walking Keep shining The battles are the beginning to our throne The wars are all ready finished With courage & love They will taste our blood with poison Showing our victories without words just facts

What is a heart???
Fly away, fade away Walk slowly, talk slowly Never do another mistake You are human, do you have a heart??? Tell me what it feels to have one Hello, I’m the black widow Take care, close your heart, I don’t want to burn it, Yours is so warm But I don’t know where is mine I tried to create one But it’s hard I remember that I had one some time But someone killed it At least any one can try But not me, it’s too late I smile to tragedies You say love I say hate The world it so big But so small at time What are you thinking, what are you seeing in my eyes??? Yeah it’s true, they don’t shine

It’s a dead look, yeah it’s my look What’s that im hearing??? You call it heart right?? And for what that does it serves???

What we want
Come to me I can not live if you are not here with me I have tasted some flesh but to discover one thing I have become the most selfish being in the Universe I have understand that I can say I like you, I love you Without feeling it If I say to others it is not true But if I say it to you It is true I have seen I do not want to hold them I do not want to be held by them I do not want to kiss them I do not want to be kissed by them I do not want to need them I do not want to be needed by them It is because I just want to hold you I just want to kiss you I just want to need you This is because you have become The most important being in this universe I do not want others

I just want you I am becoming selfish But when is about you All my decisions change But it is because With you I am totally secure of what I am doing That is why Do not take too much time In my soul there is not place without you I can not live if you are not here with me Come to me I prefer to die than to lose you You are that light that shines upon me & obstacles disappear having you in front of me My heaven now takes form But I want you to try to catch me I am giving my strength But Do you dare to give yours? To show me that what I am doing It is the best way for us? Show me what you want What is what we want? Come to me Do not take too much time I live more thinking about you

But I die without knowing your desires Come to me & tell me what is what you feel You must see & understand That in my soul there is not place to others If you are not there

I feel good when I know about you, I reach to the sky when you touch me, I down to hell when I see your tears And I go to heaven when I see your smile “You are so beautiful, You don’t need to say a word to make me feel fine Your silence tells me what you don’t wanna say, And shows me your thoughts” With one of your looks I’m down your feet, Just a word and I’m alive, Babe you are so crazy but so many times you are so quite, That I don’t know what to think baby you are the one Every time you disappear I die But when you say my name I return to life That’s power embracing us Without you I can’t breath, Don’t let me down Never leave me and if you do it, Kill me before you leave

“You are so beautiful, You don’t need to say a word to make me feel fine Your silence tells me what you don’t wanna say, And shows me your thoughts”

You & a Kiss
I want to know what do you hide in your smile, in your thoughts & in your acts, Since I saw you by first time, I began to understand a lot of things & there began to appear new feelings like “Anxiety” Now I’m sure that knowing you, you have gift me something special “Inspiration” any expression you make me, it’s inspiration for me, I want to know ¿How you made that that many have tried to make in so long time & you have made in so short time? Now what I most want is a kiss of you but I’m shy & I couldn’t know how to express you my feelings, all I know is that I’ll keep inspiring myself with your lips of which wise words & coherent notes sprouts Now the moon is witness of that my feelings are getting clear every time more & more but I don’t want to fall in love… I haven’t made it… But could be nice to make it with you… Are you ready to catch my heart?

You are
Do you love me? You love me not. Does anyone love me? Everybody loves me not. Do I love me? I love me not. Does that one loves me? That one loves me not. Everywhere I look I can’t see a heart beating for me. Every time I think of you my soul gets more frozen. Everyday I walk alone, just my shadow follows me, like every one hundred years. Every moment I look for my reflection on the water… But I can’t see it because you are my sin. You are that one who birth for show me love… Don’t say you love because is not in the way I want. You are that one who gives me a bright smile everyday… Don’t say don’t leave because however I wont. I give you my hands to touch you, when you feel alone. I give you my eyes to see where no one more can. I give you my heart use it as stone for your favorite ring. I give you my soul for when you need to know the truth. I miss you…I miss your smile. I miss you…I miss your touch. I miss you…I miss your hug. I miss you…could you stay with me?