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May I proceed, Your Honor.

The testimony of GRACE P. YAN is being offered to prove that on or about 3

o’clock in the morning of 11 April 2016, at 100 San Antonio St. Molino II, in the
City of Boor, Philippines and within the jurisdiction of this Honorable Court, that
accused Rodrigo D. Dee, did then and there, wilfully, unlawfully and feloniously
raped the person of Grace P. Yan, by inserting his penis into the complainants
vagina, through force in intimidation.

Preliminary statement:

Ms. Witness, kindly states your name and other personal circumstances

I am Grace P. Yan, Filipino, of legal age, Married, teacher by profession and with
address at 100 San Antonio St. Molino II, Bacoor City.

Q When is your regular menstruation period?

A Every second week of the month. Sir

Q For the month of April 201, when was your menstrual period start?

A On April 9 2016, sir

Q When was the last time you have sexual intercourse with your husband
before the rape incident happened.

A On March 21, 2011 sir because my husband went to Sorsogon City to visit
his father who was hospitalized for 3 weeks.

Q What date and time did your husband arrived at Bacoor City?

A April 10, 2016 (11:00am)

Q When was the last time you have sexual intercourse with your husband
after the rape incident happened?

A April 17, 2016 because I have menstrual period From April 10-15, 2016

Q What date and time did Rodrigo D. Dee arrived in your house?

A On April 10, 2016 at around 5pm sir.

Q What was Rodrigo requested to your husband?

A He requested to stay for one night which my husband acceded.

Q What is the relationship of Rodrigo Dee to your husband?

A He was a distant relative of my husband

Q Where are you at around 3:00 o’clock in the morning of 11 April 2016?

A I am preparing a cup of coffee with my husband.

Q What happened next?

A My husband Chiz E. Yan immediately went to the market to sell Mangos.

Q What did you saw after your husband left to the market?

A Shortly after, Rodrigo Dee, who slept in our house, went out to buy

Q What did you do next?

A I stepped out to fetch a pail of water. However, while doing so, Rodrigo Dee
came back with a Knife and poked it at my neck.

Q Did you shout for help?

A I tried once sir

Q Why only once?

A I could not shout again for help because Rodrigo threatened to kill me
including my only child (8 months old) who was then fast asleep.

Q What did Rodrigo do next?

A Upon reaching the house and still with the knife at my neck, Rodrigo Dee
undressed himself, pulled down my shorts and underwear and forced me to
lie down.

Q What did you pleaded to Rodrigo?

A I cried and pleaded with Rodrigo Dee “ Maawa ka sa akin”

Q Did you fight back?

A I fight back but no avail because he was too strong and he threatens to kill
me including my child.

Q What did you see from him when he undressed his brief?

A His penis was erect, sir

Q After Rodrigo Dee undressed his brief and his penis was erect, what else
did he do?

A He lie on top of me, sir.

Q Where was the knife while Rodrigo D. Dee lies on top of you?

A The knife was on his right hand.

Q What else did Rodrigo D. Dee when he was already on top of you?

A He raped me already, sir.

Q How did he rape you?

A He placed his penis into my vagina.

Q How did he place his penis into your vagina?

A He made an up and down movement.

Q Was he able to enter your vagina?

A Yes, sir.

Q How were you able to say that it was able to penetrate your vagina?

A Because it was painful.

At this juncture Your Honor the complainant is crying.

Q What was the position of your legs?

A He spread it, sir.

Q And how did Rodrigo do in spreading your legs?

A He used his left hand sir in spreading my legs.

Q You said that when the penis of Rodrigo D. Dee was already inside your
vagina he made a push and pull movement, for how long was he that on
push and pull movement on top of you?

A Approximately 2 minutes, sir.

Q What else did Rodrigo D. Dee tell you aside from telling you not to
report that incident to your husband?

A He said that if I will report the incident to my husband or police he would kill
me including my husband and my child.
Q Where the knife was at the time Rodrigo threatened you not to report
the incident to your husband or police?

A The knife was on his right hand

Q What happened after that?

A I was able to grab a small piece of wood and hit him on the back.

Q What happen next?

A Rodrigo Dee stood up and immediately picked up his pants and ran.

Q How about you, what did you do?

A I dressed up and went inside the comfort room.

Q Why did you go inside the comfort room?

A I took a bath, sir.

Q Why did you take a bath?

A Because I feel I was dirty, sir.

Q Dirty of what?

A Dirty of what he did to me, sir.

Q And what else did happen after that?

A No more, sir.

Q What did you feel when you said you were raped by accused Rodrigo

A I felt pain.

Q Aside from pain what else did you feel?

A I want to make revenge, sir.

Q What kind of revenge?

A He should die also, sir.

Q Why do you have that thinking?

A Because he destroyed my life, sir.

Q What is the reason why you did not immediately reveal the incident to
your husband?

A I could not reveal the incident to my husband because of the Rodrigo’s

threat against my life including my husband and only child.

Q When did you revealed the incident to your husband?

A four (4) days after the rape was committed, I was able to have the courage to
report the incident my husband.

Q What is the reaction of your husband?

A He became very anger with Rodrigo Dee

Q What happen next?

A My husband accompanied me to the Bacoor District Hospital for Physical


Q What is the name of the doctor who examined you?

A Dr. Jojo B. Makati, who is a City Health Officer of Bacoor City,

Q What is the result of the Physical examination?

A The medical report revealed that that I had "deep healing laceration at 3
o’clock position"4 on her hymen and Hematoma with swelling, posterior aspect of
left hand and right, contusion,

Q What happen next”?

A I was advised that Rodrigo Dee is liable for Rape under Article 266-A for the
incident which took place on April 11, 2016,

Q And what else did happen after that?

A My husband and I went to the Office of the City Prosecutor at Bacoor city to
file the appropriate changes against Rodrigo D. Dee.

Q Will you please look around and point to Rodrigo D. Dee if he is present
in this court room.
A witness pinpointing the accused

Pros Agunday

Your honor, the victim is pinpointing the accused Rodrigo D. Dee.

You Honor, I am now terminating the direct testimony of the Witness.