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Focus area Learning objective AREs - Assessment Activities Global dimension Resources and

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10 Properties  To research  Can give reasons for the 1. Discuss how we have found out  Child led so
and changes materials of the suitability of a material for about different materials and what dependent on
of materials a particular job based on its they do in the past – research and group choices
future properties
scientists. How and why do we need
 Knows how mixtures might
be separated e.g. filtering, to keep researching and inventing
sieving, evaporating new things?
 Knows how to recover a 2. In groups, research a new material
substance from a solution that is being invented now. Make a
 Understands that presentation to share with the class
dissolving, mixing and
identifying the following:
changes of state are
reversible, and that there 1- scientist who is researching it
are exceptions 2- the name of the product
Understands the ideas of 3- what it will look like,
hardness, translucence, 4- what will be its properties
solubility, conductivity and 5- what it will do,
response to magnets
6- where it will be used
7- how it will help the world in the
future etc.
3. Present to the class and discuss
them. Decide on which they think will
be the most beneficial to the world.

4. Look back at the ‘What we think we

know about…’ poster and assess
what they did know to what they
know now. Complete the statement -
‘I’ve used this learning when …”.