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Theology 121, Social Teachings of the Church
1st Semester, SY 2018-2019 CARLOS M. HECHANOVA JR.

I – MULTIPLE CHOICE:Choose the WORD of the best and correct answer to complete the sentence.

1. The Roman Catholic Church proclaims that human life is ______.

A. sacred C. valuable
B. limited D. vulnerable
2. God created man and woman in His “Image and Likeness.” The source of human
A. dignity C. life
B. person D. relationship.
3. The Rights of every Filipino stated in the Bill of Rights of the 1987 Philippine
Constitution. In case of any violation against the Filipino Human Rights then, it is the
duty of the state to implement the “Due Process of _______.”
A. Law C. Prayer
B. Suffrage D. Freedom
4. The Christian family known as the _______ of love and life.
A. cradle C. place
B. home D. source
5. The Sacrament of Marriage of the Roman Catholic Church is the foundation of
Christian ________.
A. Family C. Community
B. Society D. Solidarity
6. Solidarity is understood as the fundamental principle based on ________.
A. sharing C. togetherness
B. communion D. equal distribution
7. The meaning of an African word “UBUNTU” is, I am because ____ are.
A. we C. they
B. you D. there
8. How can be one of us be happy if all the other ones are ______?
A. sad C. selfish
B. greedy D. insensitive
9. The Lord has anointed me to bring the good news to the ______, to proclaim
10. ______ to the captives, to give new 11. ________ to the blind, to 12. ______ the
oppressed and to announce the Lord’s year of 13. _____.
A. poor C. sight E. mercy
B. liberty D. liberate F. forgiveness
14. According to Pope Francis, “Together, we pledge our commitment to raising
awareness about the __________ of creation.”

A. sacrament C. caring
B. stewardship D. loving

15. The Church and Government must go together for the true _______ to the people.
A. unity C. education
B. service D. empowerment

II– IDENTIFICATION: Below are the list of the Seven Themes of the Social Teachings of the Church.
Identify them by writing the letter only:
A if it belongs to the Human Dignity, Family and Solidarity
B if it belongs to the Universal Distribution of Goods and Private Property
C if it belongs to the Man: Peace and Violence (Non Violence)
D if it belongs to the Preferential Options for the Poor
E if it belongs to the Integrity of Human Work
F if it belongs to the Integration of Creation
G if it belongs to the Church and Politics

1. Marriage 8. The Sacraments and Bill of Rights

2. Respect of Human Life 9. Education and Laws
3. “Birds of the same feathers 10. Climate change, destruction of nature
flock together” and pollution
4. Charitable activities and 11. Let us protect with love all that God has
sharing of goods to others given to us (Pope Francis)
5. Equitable distribution of inheritance 12. Physical and intellectual labor.
to heirs. 13. The human workers in the field
6. Rebellion and War and offices.
7. Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, 14. The life of Mother Teresa of Calcutta
Martin Luther King and the Pope 15. The Good Samaritan

III - ANALYSIS: A group of Grade 12 students are having a meeting to decide on ways in helping out
the recent victims of calamity brought by typhoon Ompong. Write VERITAS for the students who are
inspired by the Themes of Social Teachings of the Church and SCIENTIA for those who are not.
1. Mocha: With so many Government agencies and NGO’s (Non-Government
Organizations) helping them and we have our own flooding problems around.
2. Teresa: Let us ask our classmates to gather and donate some instant food, dry
clothes and blankets for the victims.
3. Gloria: We do not need to go around anymore. Let us give money from our extra
allowance and be done with it. It is the work of the Government, not ours.
4. Lenny: It is a very nice publicity. We can contact the local media to publish this
5. Harry: Yes. Let us also bring a photographer with us so we can have our pictures
taken as we distribute our relief goods.
6. Mary: I still have some amount of money as my personal savings. I plan to buy a new
dress this coming December but the victims needed help and due to this reason I am
contributing all of it for them.
7. Senato: Are you sure, you will do it? You will sacrifice a new dress for those people
whom you do not know. You do not have a new dress and what would you wear
during the Christmas party? Do not do it. Let the Government do their duty for they
are paid to do it.
8. John: I will also give and help in soliciting contributions and distributing these goods.
9. Lorrane: While you are soliciting and gathering contributions, I will coordinate to the
responsible agencies so that we can have a list and idea about the situation and
status of the place.
10. Precious: I am going to organize some vehicles for the transport of the goods in this
noble cause.


1. Write the Augustinian Advocacies
2. The Elements of Marriage
3. The Elements of Legislation
4. Write at least Five Legal Identity of the Church

V– ESSAY: (30 pts.)

1. If you are the President of the Republic of the Philippines. What are you going to
do in order to solve the problems in pollution, poverty and respect to human
dignity? (15 pts.)
2. As an Augustinian student, how would you apply the three core values in
responding to the present issue of fake news and scandals in our present society?
(15 pts.)

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Director for Theological Studies and Formation