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Lesson Plan 5

Student Teacher: Fatema Altenaiji School : Rak Academy – PYP

Professional Development Plan

Goal): implement a consistent lesson where the students build their knowledge through guided investigation about concept

(Strategies Used):

Plan well for the lesson using the 5E's and prepare all the appendix needed for the lesson

Prepare questions to ask for students based on the bloom's taxonomy levels

Use higher order thinking, process skills, hands on, and problem-solving strategy for lesson

(Evidence) of achievement: lesson plan, the products, power point, Jigsaw products puzzle, I see I think I wonder columns

Grade Level: 2 Subject: Science Learning Outcome (ADEC code and words): not provided for this level

Title of Lesson: A brief description of my Lesson in my own words:

Products This lesson is the introduction to products establishes what are products?
and how students will figure out the jigsaw of products picture and use
higher order thinking, process in I see, I think, I wonder strategy

The problem that students are trying to solve or investigate: The outcome or product of the students’ investigation:

What are products and how they share thoughts about jigsaw Explore some different products, what they see, think, wonder about it

Essential Question: Guided Questions:

 What are products?  Where they come from?

 How they are made?
Learning Outcomes (including strand and substrand)

 Strand: How we organize ourselves

 Sub-strand: products

-The stages that the students will use to investigate the problem:
Stage Teacher Role Students Role Aim of this Questions Process skills Literacy skills
section of the
Engage: Teacher access the student's prior Students will Access and elicit What do you Predicting: making Speaking & listening:
knowledge and helps them become discuss about student's prior think this coke is reasonable guesses as they listen to the
engaged in new concept by displaying and response to knowledge made of? What based on previous teacher and discuss
different kinds of products (vegetable, the questions of Engage them about this toy? knowledge during her displaying of
coke, clothes, toys) and ask students some the products and introduce Where you think Communication: as products,
questions about it the concept this vegetable they discuss with brainstorming,
come from? teacher prediction
Exploration Teacher provide students with a jigsaw of Students will Explore What products do Observing: observe Speaking as they
a jumbled picture relating to products. work together questions and you see in the the jigsaw picture discuss and
and provide them too with the 3 columns to make and possibilities picture? What do and record what communicate their
sheet after exploring the picture to fill in I jigsaw and fill you think about they see exploration about
see, I think, I wonder the three the picture? What Communicating: jigsaw picture. As well
columns you wonder discuss together as writing when they
about it? what they observe fill the 3 columns
Explanation Teacher focuses student's attention on an Students Demonstrate What is this Inferring and Speaking: through
aspect of engage and explore experience. response and conceptual product? Why we communicating: discussion
To directly introduce the products concept discuss with the understanding call it a product? through using and
by presenting a power point slides going teacher as they through Do products explaining that
deeply with different kinds of products, in are being more applying what come in different products in things
different sizes, and colors. As well as engaged with they conclude colors and sizes? that people use
explaining where some products come the concept from the
from? And what they made of? exploring phase