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[efile GRAPHIC print - DO NOT PROCESS | As Filed Data -| DLN: 93492135014528) Short Form ‘OMB No 1545-1350 com 990-EZ Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax 2017 Under section 501(c), 527, or 4947(a)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code (except private foundations) > Do not enter soclal security numbers on this form as It may be made public, eral Revenue Serice > Information about Form 990-E2 and its Instructions is at wiw.irs.qov/form990ez. | | se o 6 Gaming and fundraising events | Gross income from gaming (attach Schedule G if greater than $15,000) | 6a ° |b Gross income from fundraising events (net including $ of contrib | "fundraising events reported online 1) (attach Schedule GF the sum of such gross income and contributions exceeds $15,000). . | 6b Less direct expenses from gaming and fundraising events... [ 66 Net income or (loss) from gaming and fundraising events (add nes 6a and 6b and subtract line 6c) 6a o 7a Gross sales of ventory less returns and allowances... ss + | 7a Less cost ofgoods sold ee ee ee [TO ° © Gross profit or (ss) from sales of inventory (Subtract lie 7b from line 73) > [te ° 8 Other revenue (desenbe in Schedule 0) . fs 9 Total revenue. Add lines 1,2,3,4,5c,6¢, 7 and8 ss + + sess sss Of 9 109,815 10 Grants and similar amounts pai (Ist m Schedule O) ~ [ae 6,000 11. Benefits paid to or for members . [aa 12. Salenes, ther compensation, and employee benefits . [az 13. Professional fees and other payments to independent contractors . [as 31,083 &]14 occupancy, rent, utiites, and maintenance «+ « . [as 267 3/15 prntin, publeations, postage, and shipping . [as 12,754 16 Other expenses (describe in Schedule 0) . [as 13,933 17__Total expenses. Add lines 10 through 16 pon ollie ig isla laid iio CET? 33,987 18 Excess or (defi) for the year (Subtract line 17 From line 5) - [as 25,628 2 ]19 Net assets or fund balances at beginning of year (fom line 27, column (A)) (must agree with | endvof-year figure reported on prior years return) . [a9 25,00 $]20 other changes in net assets or fund balances (explain n Schedule 0) . [Re 2A Net assets or fund balances at ené of year Combine ines 18 through 20 _ [2 31728 For Paperwork Reduction Act Notice, see the separate Instructions. Tat No 106421 Form 990-EZ (2017) Form 990-EZ (2017) EEEDELE Salance Shocte (see the naractone rant Check ifthe organization used Schedule O to respond to any question inthis Pat... sss (A) Beginning of year Page 2 0 (@) End of year 2aCash, savings, and investments vv ee ee 25,900 22 Sir 2Bland and buicings ve ee : 23 24 Other assets (deserbe m Schedule 0) Phbbbbiiit 24 astotalassets B00 25 S78 26 Total liabilities (describe in Schedule O). = + 26 27 Net assets or fund balances (Iie 27 of column (8) must agree with ine 21) | 25,300] 27, 5726 [EEEEE statement of Program Service Accomplishments (se the navucons or Poti Expenses Check f the organzation used Schedule to respond to any question this Part HI.» Ol {Requrred for secton 502(¢) What 1s th " 7 > (3) and 501(€)(4) ake the organizator's primary exert purpose () and S010) ‘The pnmary purpose of The Charles Martel Society 1s to promote the study, dicussion and understanding of the z ions, opt Concept ofthe Naton State n general and ofthe Amencan Naton-Stae it particular, especialy i relation to others ) fnatoricel-geograpneal bological and cultural forces Describe che organization's program service accomplahments for each of ta tree largest program services, BF meacured by expenses. In a clear and cance manner, describe the services proviced, the numer of persone Benetited, and other relevent information foreach program tle 28 See Adcitonal Data Table (Grants 5) cludes foreign grants, check here». » > Cl [zeal 2 290] (Grants $ ) tf this amount includes foreign grants, check here». «> C1 30 See Additonal Data Table 50a] (Grants $ ) tf this amount cludes foreign grants, check here.» C1 3 Other program services (dercnbe im Schedule 0) « Tose (Grants 5) tis amount cludes foreign grants, check here». > Cl [atal 3 Total program service expenses (edd ines 28a through 31a) Fra EI wae ERSTE List of otfcers, Directors, Trustees, and Key Employees (iow ove sen tak sarpareaed oo he nsacions TTD Choc tre organzation used Schecule © to respond to any queston n this Pat IV a (2) Name and ttle (by Average | (c) Reportable | (a) Heath benefits, (0) Estimated amount hours per week compensation [contributions to employee| of other compensation devoted to position | (Forms W-2/1089- | benefit plans, and MISC) (if not paid, | deferred compensation enter -0-) MARTIN OTOOLE ls 00 3 President and Chairman JAMES EDWARDS lis 00 0 Executive Vice President ‘SAM DICKSON Is 00 ° Director WILLIAM REGNERY 5 00 ° Director Form 990-EZ (2017) Form 990-EZ (2017) Page 3 METER other tntormation (Note the Schedule A and personal benelit Contract statement requrements the instructions for Part V} Check fhe erganzabon used Schedule Oto repond t any question inthe Part Veet es ves [ No 33 bid th organzaton engage n any signiantactty et previously reported te the IRS? "Yes" provide a deal desrpton of och acouty ie Sesedae 9 we fo ne RE Nee rows = Wo 24 Were any signicant changes made tothe organizing or governing documents Ye" attach a conformed copy tre smered documents ftey tafe 9 change te orantatons rome. Othese, aap the charge on SeheduleO {ote matucnongyy “ns hcnange oi ve, tnenuse, extant cane, 3 we Sates uh os hose feprted on ines 2,6 anda, among thers)? 350 We b 1Pes,"to ine 35a, has the organzaton fed a Form 360-T forthe year? If*No” provide anapaetennsedeaieo [386 ¢ Was the organization a section $01(c)(4), 501(c)(5), or 501(c)(6) organization subject to section 6033(e) note reporting, and pro taxreguetyens during the year fear compete Schediie, Par i 35 No 36 Did the organzton undersea iqudaen, dsaiton,tarmnaton, or sgnfeantdaposton of nt axtets dung the yea? ins complete appicane pats ef Schedule See ee ee wo © Did the organization fle Form 1420-POL for ths year? a We b Section 501(6(3), $04 (0)(4), and 501()29) rgancatons Di the orsanzaton engage many secon 4958 Rosa been reported onary ots pr Forme 890 or S60-F2" "Yes" complete schedule L, Par 400 wo € Section 501(¢)(3), 501(c}(4}, and 501(c}(29) organizations Enter amount of tax imposed on organization Franagers of auauaitied parsons dui he yout under sectenst@i,a958, ona 4386 4 Section $01((3), $04(€)(4), and 501(€(29) erganzatons Enter amount of ax on line 40 remmbursed bythe organasoch . «A rganzaer, any ume arg he an yar mas te erganzaon a prt pohbe ox ster aos a 41. List the states with which a copy of this retry as Fed $$ daa The organcaton’s books arin cre of © MARTIN OTOOLE “Teephone no ® (770) 427-8467 Located at 247 Weston Ave NE Manet, GA zie +4 30060 a We 1t-¥ea enter the name ofthe foreign country: See the nstrucons for exceptions and fling requrements for FINCEN Form 114, Report of Foreign Bank and 43 Secon 4947()(1)nonexemptchartable rst ling Form 980-E2 m leu of Form 4041 ~ Check here eo land enter the amount of tax-exempt interest received or accrued during the tax years ss a3 | Yes | No 44x on rganmaton manta any ener ase uns dg te ya? es? Frm 80 must be came send otrorm 380.eE an amyae metctea mete | aay wo b atte ergata operate ce moe hsp fe ving eyes, Frm 99 mus be competed rhateod efor SS0-22 \ : Seamustvecomietes | gay No Dad the orcanzatonreceve any payments for indoor tanning serves dunmgthe year?” | ss ae We Yet ne hath organza led 2 Ferm 7202 reper has payments "prove an Deslonavonin shedulc On een ee " prewdea? aaa 45a Did the organization have a controlled entity wathin then meaning of section 512(0)(2 3 we 45a No 450 Did the organzation receive any payment rom or engage nay transaction wt a controled entty within the mesning Sr aecion SIH(e)I3) I en or 90 and Shedve Ray fees competed send Form 990-E2 (2017)