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E-Recruitment Process in HRMS

E-Recruitment Process starts from creating the position in IHRIS and reaches upto an applicant becomes an

Positions are created in IHRIS based on the Organizational hierarchy and it can be occupied through Internal /
External fulfillment method. Positions data created in IHRIS is linked to HRMS through an Interface file. The required
information in HRMS such as Job Title, Experience required minimum and maximum, reason for creating the position
such as Newly Created Position / Replacement are created.

There are 3 types of Replacement they are

1. Replacement due to Departure
a. Dismissal
b. Retirement
c. Resignation
2. Replacement due to Transfer
3. Replacement due to Absence

E-Recruitment Process Flow

Raise Requisition
o Raise Requisition is used to get the requisition created in the IHRIS System and it can be edited for
the purpose of entering the details such as the Job Title, Qualification Details, Experience Details,
Professional Skills, Language Skills, Personal Skills, and Status Details.
o The details entered are saved and can be in the Planned list till it is send for approval process and
once decided to send it to approval we can click on Save and Send to Approver so the Position
details are send to approver and email is triggered to every approver for the same.
o Even if number of posts is to be modified it can be done and new position can be created in HRMS
by click the Add Requisition Button.

Approve Requisition
o Approvers are 4 and the position which is being sent is to be approved by the first approver and
then by 2nd and so on and so forth. Every time the Approver either Approves or Rejects the Position
the mail is triggered to the next level approver.
o Mail contains the Link of the HRMS system by which the approver can login in from there itself.
o In the approve screen the Request for Recruitment document can be viewed in PDF format and
even the Approver’s Status can be viewed in PDF format.
o After all the approver approves the Position (Requisition) is moved to the next level that starts the
External Process / Internal. From the Method selected in the Requisition whether it is internal or
external the requisitions are being viewed.

External Process (Fill Position from Unsolicited applications from E-Job Site).
Analyze Requisition
o Analyze screen is used to select the recruitment source through which the unsolicited applications
can be accepted. It can be from print media, consultants, web sites, reference etc. So against the
requisition which source is applicable is selected and save and the process of adding the
applications in the application pools starts.

Applicant Details
o Link to the open the application form for unsolicited applications will be shown on IHRIS site and by
clicking on the position codes or requisition details the candidate form will be opened where in they
candidate can enter there details such as Personal Details (Name, Address, Phone Number, Pan
Number etc)
o Educational Details
o Professional Details
o Job Profile
o Personal Skills
o Language Known
o Additional Information such as (Driver’s License Details, Emergency Contact Details, Passport
o After the candidate has filled in the form they have to atleast attach a CV or Covering Letter along
with that form which will be uploaded and maintained in the system for the future use.

Upload Applicants
o Use to upload mass applications which can be done by the internal HR team by arranging the
required details in the template format and uploading them in bulk along with the CV attachment
which can be done in a zip format.

Scrutinize Candidate
o Once the Applications are collected in the application pool based on the desired date of
appointment which is mentioned in the Requisition details the HR can scrutinize the candidates
based on the certain criteria’s it can be Qualification, Experience, Age, Salary and Job Title etc. After
the Scrutinization is completed the Line Manager gets the Mail notification for the approval

Approve Scruitnization
o List of Candidates against the Position code, job title the Approval list will be shown to the Line
Manager after he / she logs in the system and the Line Manager are viewing the Request for
Recruitment and Candidate’s Profile details the approval can be provided either it can be approved
or reject. After the approval is given the mail triggers back to HR for scheduling the interviews for
the short list candidates in the process of Scrutinize approval.

Schedule Interview
o Interview schedule can be based on the Type of Interview to be conducted such as Technical,
Behavioral, Psychometric Test and the Interview Date, Panel Members based on the HFM code
hierarchy and Time on which the interview needs to be scheduled is save and the mail notification
is send to the Candidate along with the attachment of the test papers or other details which they
need to get at the time of interview, Interview Venue and Date is also mentioned which is also send
to the panel members to prepare them for Interview.

Interview Feedback
o After the interview is schedule the Feedback is awaiting for either hiring or sending the candidate
for the next round of interview or rejecting the candidate at that level itself. Interview assessment
sheet also will be provided for giving the Manager the clear detailed report for Interview feedback.

Offer Checklist
o Checklist items can be selected based on the organizational hierarchy such as for few Job Titles
Salary Details of Previous Organization is must for others it may not be required and if it is
mandatory or not can also defined from masters. Uploading of various documents in different
formats is also provided.

Job Offer (Offer Letter Generation)

o Offer can be given in the screen which is created in the IHRIS system can be shown and it is editable
the HR can modify the same if required it is based on the Organizational Based and for which we
need to added the components and its values in the master screen once and later on based on the
orglevel combinations it can be fetched. The attached document can be viewed in the screen before
accepting the offer. Remarks or Notes can be entered by the HR along with the candidate at the
time of preparing the offer.
o Offer Letter can be generated for those candidates whose offer is being accepted and for the
rejected candidate the process end there. They are stored in a separated rejected pool which in
future can be recalled any time.
o Offer letter will be as per the formats provided and can be even mailed to the candidate after the
approval is done.

Salary Approval
o After the Offer is made the Next level manager either can approve the offer or reject the same.
Those candidates whose offer is approved will be required to complete the joining formalities such
as getting the documents required as per the Job Title and it can be scanned and attached in the
next level. Rejected Offers are stored in the Pool.
o Mail Notification to the respective Appointment Checklist Approver is being done.

Appointment Checklist
o Checklist items are based on the organizational hierarchy and the document attachment for
completing the joining formalities are done in this screen.

Appointment Checklist Approver

o Checklist Items and the details is being verified and approved by the approver and send to IHRIS for
the Employee Code and Cost Code Generation and make the candidate an employee.

Employee Code Generation

o From IHRIS the Employee Code Generated will be verified and checked in the system for duplication
and will be entered against the candidate by the HR and at this time itself the data push to the
respective payroll domain for the salary processing.

Appointment Letter
o Finally the Appointment letter along with the Ecode generated is printed and the formats are
different for different org levels which can be configured in the masters accordingly and can be
modified any time as required. The Appointment Letter is generated in PDF format and it can be
mailed to the respective candidate if required separate mail button is provided.

Close Requisition
o Close requisition screen displays those requisitions which are closed and even those which are
opened and if the requisition is not required to fill the applications can be closed from this screen.

Employee Master
o Employee Master is used to view / edit the Employees details which is flowed from the e-
recruitment process and the employee can be searched either by org level basis or E code or Name.
This screen is like a report seen for a particular Employee about the Personal’s and Payroll
Information as well.

Internal Process (Filling the Position from Existing Employees)

Internal process is given first preference to Internal Existing Employees and if not filled from there can be
searched in the unsolicited application pool.

Employee Search
o Employee Search screen is used to search the candidate who are applying for the specified position
which is generated in IHRIS once the Internal Position is created the mail is send across the
employees those are existing in the system and after the certain period of time the employee who
are interested for the same can send across there details such as Ecode, Qualification, Org Details
etc to HR through mail and those candidates only will be shortlist whose application reaches to the
HR team on time.

Scrutinize Candidate
o Hr will then short list those candidates which match the criteria for filling the internal position and
will send to the Line Manager for Approval.
Scrutinize Approval
o Line Manager will approve those candidate be viewing the History details of the employee. Line
Manager may even reject the application of the employee if he / she does not finds it suitable as
per the conditions mentioned to fill the position.

Schedule Interview
o The Short listed candidates are informed through mail about the schedule interview for those posts.
Even the panel members will get the mail notification on the same. Interview Assessment sheet will
be mailed to the candidate to fill the required information about themselves and they need to
submit the same at the time of interview.

Interview Feedback
o Interview Feedback is the stage where the employee is be approved and selected by the Manager
based on the Interview Assessment Sheet review done by there respective HOD’s.

Joining Checklist
o Employee needs to submit some other latest document of there’s at the time of joining checklist

Salary Revision
o In this screen it is decided by the HR based on reviewing the remarks given by the reporting
authority about the employee and in the screen it is decided whether the position is mutual
transfer or it is just a transfer against a new position created or employee is being promoted to the
respective location along with the revision in the salary. Or it is just a Salary revision with the similar
position. In this the previous salary format will be attached for reference.

 Transfer
Based on the Salary Revision type if it is a transfer then transfer letter will be issued in this

 Promotion
Promotion letter gets generated in this screen for those employees whose salary is being
revised on periodic intervals and even promoted to new location or designation.
Promotion Letters can be generated.

 Increment
Employees who are just having the increment in the salary can get the incremental letters
so the purpose of this is to create the Increment Letters.

Close Requisition
o Close requisition screen displays those requisitions which are closed and even those which are
opened and if the requisition is not required to fill the applications can be closed from this screen.